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Monday, 25 May 2015

Bae I Love You Paragraphs - Paragraphs for Bae

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Paragraphs for bae

1. If I could wish for one thing, it will be to be in your arms right now because being with you feels so amazing.
I am happy to have you in my world.

2. Having you in my world makes my days more better and better.
I can't wish for anything than the beautiful love I get from you everyday.

3. When I met you, I knew right there that I've found the one who completes me.
Nobody is better than you because you are totally amazing and I love you.

4. Loving you is just like breathing, I do that everyday to survive.
Losing you is like dying because I will lose myself if I lose your love.

5. I love you everyday. I love you more when you are far from me because I miss and think about you with the passing of each day.

6. What I feel for you is divine because I love you with the whole of me.
Each and every part of me loves every part of you. That's true love right?

7. I enjoy this wonderful feeling of being loved by you.
Everything you do is for my good and in gratitude, I will give you my undivided love for ever.

8. You make my life bright even when i can't smile.
You complete me even when my whole world is shattered. I love you dear.

9. You are an Angel for understanding my complexities and still love me.
We will have more happy days ahead because I'm giving in my all in loving you everyday.

10. We will never outgrow our love for every new day I feel an entire new love for you.
Our days are bound to be happy forever.

Bae paragraphs to say I love you

11. I love you for what its worth because I can't love anybody else.
My love for you is stronger than the wind and softer than a baby's skin. I love you bae.

12. If me loving you is wrong, then I beg to be wrong on this one because I want to love you forever.

13. I can't describe how much you have made my world.
All the emptiness i feel has been swapped for happiness.
I love you bae and will always do.

14. People may never understand why I'm in love with you but you should know.
I am in love with you bae because you are the most amazing person on earth.

15. I can't promise you that we will never have stops and pauses in our relationship but I promise for every stops and pauses, I will double my love and make it up to you.

16. We will always be together because we are meant for each other. I look forward to more memories of us together. I love you bae.

17. We are meant to be because we are not good for anyone else.
For now, the scariest thing in the world is not seeing you all through the day.

18. The power of our love is strong. You are an angel in my life because no one can replace you in my heart and nobody can attempt to take your place in my world.

19. I never knew I needed love till you came my way.
I feel alright everyday since I now share you world. I love you bae.

20. We were always meant to be because the depth of my love for you scares me. It will scare you if you get to see it with mere eyes.
Just open your heart and feel it. I love you bae.

Cute paragraphs for her

21. With you by my side, I can achieve everything I dream of, baby you are my future because you have the potential to boost any man's dream. I love you baby.

22. I'm loving you over and over because it's comforting and warming to have a jewel like you following step by step all through the ups and downs of life. When I say I love you, I really do.

23. You may never know how much life you have given me, everyday and forever, I want to live with you because my heart is on fire and it burns for you.

24. Today, I'm appreciative to God for an amazing girlfriend in the world. The lady with the softest of hearts in the planet. Don't doubt what I feel for you.

25. I couldn't ask for more, yet you came my way.
You give me the best of you that I can't repay.
I will love you forever baby.

26. For striving for our happiness with me, I name you the greatest fighter on earth. My love for you remains unquestionable because its forever yours.

27. I'm honored to have met you at the moment my life needed you. I am happy that I can rely on your love. You give me unimaginable joy everyday. Thank you.

28. Your dedication to us, your warm kisses and your unquantifiable care, showered on me everyday has kept me in your cage of love. I don't wish to get out.

29. You fulfill me with love and support. I'm nothing without your wonderful presence. You spice up my life everyday.

30. You have loves me all through, I hope I can complement your life as you wanted, because there is no other way I can repay your kindness to my life.

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