90 Beautiful Heart Touching Love Messages For Him / Her

Love is beautiful because it lives in our heart. Expressing what our heart feels for our Boyfriend or Girlfriend is more touching while sending lovely messages to him or her.

Life is fun when we love. There is this excitement and the feeling that runs through our mind and head when we think about someone we love.

This love letters for him will make your boyfriend love you more

What about when we meet the one we love? We can never stop fantasizing about them, especially when they love us right back.

And if you wish to express what you feel for that special one, no need fiddling with words, Best Love Messages has organized the most beautiful love messages and heart touching love sms to express your feelings more clearly in a much romantic and cute way.

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Beautiful Love Messages
Beautiful Love Messages for Him
Beautiful Love Messages for Her
Most Touching Love Messages
Most Touching Love Messages for Him
Most Touching Love Messages for Her
Heart Touching Love Messages
Heart Touching Love Messages for Him
Heart Touching Love Messages for Her

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Now here are the beautiful messages;

beautiful Love Text Messages

Beautiful Love Messages for Him

Beautiful Love Messages for Her

1. It's been a beautiful feelings loving you, I ain't stopping because, I'm loving you, moon and back.
Just like a mom would love a child.
Nothing can be described like the love of a mom for a child. Sharing your feeling with your other half with a heart touching sms like this will sky rocket what he or she feels for you.

2. Your love has been heart touching, like the sunrise and it's set.
Your love has molded my world like the sound of the ocean waves over the little sea shells. I can't help but love you.
You want an ideal beautiful I love you notes? This is a perfect example. If you don't feel your partner's love like the sunrise, you should have a rethink and a restructure on your relationship.

3. Your love is beautiful, buried deep inside my heart.
The sky is bright and my mind is filled with excitement.
All this, is because of your love.
What else excite the soul aside love ? Other things gets boring with time. Step up your game. Show your boo how much his/her love has made your world beautiful.

4. Ever since you came into my life, my world has been free from gloom and glee.
You make my heart warm, you brighten my mood and I love you.
Searching for something deep to express how much your relationship with your lover has shaped you life? This beautiful message, is a sure bet to do that.

5. You are the fire in my soul, all the wonderful things you do for me makes me eager to live another day.
You got me for life because its either you or nobody.
Living another day is fun when you have expectations. Expectation can come in love. If you truly value what you feel for your boyfriend, or what you feel for your girlfriend is wonderful, then you have this text to send.

6. The sun has the daytime to shine, so will you have my heart to love.
For a blissful relationship, I'll pray we stay together as long as the star never cease to shine.
Since we were born, natural things like the sun, moon and stars has always exist. Show your lover that all you pray for, is for your relationship to remain strong for ever.

7. The day we met, has remained the best day of my life.
I have made a lot of friends but none has mean what you are to me.
I love you honey.
The first meeting of every relationship always have a story behind it, when some recall it as precious memories, others see it as normal part of life. If your first meeting with your other half was memorable. Then send this beautiful text message to him or her, to make him or her smile.

8. Look at the computer keyboard, U and I were placed side by side.
That's how the alphabets should be arranged because my love will never cease to exist as long as its you and me.
Lol, nice romantic, beautiful, best cute text to send to you beloved. This will melt any heart and touch every soul. In a humorous but sweet way. This is definitely my best text here.

9. The sky is dark doesn't mean the sun doesn't exist.
That I'm not right beside you doesn't mean, I don't wish for you.
I love you my beautiful.
This heart touching sms can be used when you are apart from you lover to express your emotions and reassure that you will be with him or her soon.

10. I will send you sweet love, morning, afternoon and night.
I love you and all I will do is make your dreams a reality by giving you love and care daily.
Sending this cute beautiful love messages will reassure your lover that what you feel for em is still intact, and you will offer em your love daily.
What a sweet way of expressing what you feel.

11. I may not promise to be with you forever.
I may not give you the world, I may not write your name on the sky, I may not be the perfect definition of what you want as lover. But I promise you that I will love and remain true to you as we work on in life.
Being true is essential in a relationship if you genuinely love your boyfriend or girlfriend. cute love paragraphs should be sent to your lover who you pledge your undying love for.

12. I promise to be your guardian angel, the one that makes you smile when you're moody.
The one that cares about you than itself.
The one that will love you until the end of time. I love you.

While we human doubt things, we still want to be promised. This is true cos your lover will rather hear you make him or her a promise than make a plain statement. Promise him or her what you already give them with this romantic text.

13. I will careless what people think of my love for you, I'll love you as long as the both of us share the air on earth.
This Short love message, said it all on a beautiful way to touch the heart of your partner. What more can you wish for than this.

14. Our relationship may be challenging, chaotic and impulsive.
I will never forget the fantastic, simple and romantic aspect of our love life.
I love you my dear.
Love can never be completed without romance and memories. Show your lover, how much you cherish what you both share despite your quarrels, with this heart touching messages.

15. If I send all the things I love about you, it will cost me my life earning to pay for data.
I love your eyes, smile, voice.
Those are the ones that shape my life.
Your lover should be golden, that's why this love text is written here for you. Grab this text right now and let your girlfriend feel what's on your mind.

16. When you talk, words are under your mercy.
When you kiss me, I wish my lips don't leave yours.
When you look at me, I wish you will do that every second because I love it and I love you darling.
Do you feel captivated by every of your lover's move? If yes, then this text is specially written for you.
Adore your lover, let him or she know that they command things in your world.

17. Everything about you were perfectly done, because when I fell in love with you, not even a feature of you were left off my love.
You rock.
Let your lover feel good with this beautiful message. Let them know that you love everything about them.

18. Youu marked a spot on my heart which can never be filled by someone else.
You hold the key to my heart and I'm happy because nobody else does it like you do.
You are my King (Queen).
Your heart is to be ruled by one person. King or Queen. Make someone smile with this heart touching text.

19. From the moment we had a bond, I know further moments we share together will be golden. I know.
If every moment you spend with your better half is golden, then this is the perfect message for him or her.

20. Even when you are miles from me and when you are inch away.
You are always on my mind.
No matter what people do, Nothing can alter what you mean to me.
Let that special person know that they belong to your heart and will always be on your mind no matter the distance.

Most Touching Love Messages

Most Touching Love Messages for Him

Most Touching Love Messages for Her

21. I Love You, Morning, Afternoon & Night
The business of the day can't erase the thought of you from my busy heart.
I'll always let you know I love you morning, morning, afternoon & night.

22. I Found Someone
I found someone new to love at this ever moment.
It will sound funny but this person is much lovable.
This person is you. I love you.

23. Your Love Is Warm As Ever
Your love is warm as ever.
Even in the cold weather. Its uncontrollable loving each and every inch of you every second and forever.

24. You are The One
We're forever joined together as one because you're the one my heart carves for.
You are the one my life needs.

25. Your Home Without Rent
My heart isn't just for loving you forever but also your home without rent.
I love you and I'm never doubting it.

26. The Best You've Ever Had
You won my heart with no stress.
I'm giving it to you without doubt. I pray, I be the best you've ever had.

27. You Own My Heart
I will never promise you everything on earth, but I'll promise you everything my heart brings out because you own my heart.

28. Best Moments
The best moments in my life was the ones I had with you.
So I'm not making a mistake in calling you the king (queen) of my heart.

29. You Already Live In My Heart
Each time I make a wish, I wish for us to be together forever.
I know it will come true because you already live in my heart.
I love you.

30. I Can't Live Without You
Since no human can live without air, I can't live without you.
I'll love you until no breath is left in me.

31. You're The Center Of My Fantasy
You're the centre of my fantasy because I love you way more than the sun than brighten my day and the moon that keeps the night awake.

32. Your Presence
I can't count the blessing in my life without counting you twice, because your presence in my life doubled the joy I feel daily.

33. A Day Without You
A day without the picture of your face is like a year in military detention.
24hours without the sound of your voice is frustrating because my heart beats all abnormally every second.
I miss you.

34. I Can't Describe You With Just Words
You're the one created for me because you complete every missing part of me.
I can't describe you with just words.

35. When You're My Love
Life is wonderful when love is present. The world is beautiful when there is peace.
I am me when you're my love.

36. Without You
My life wouldn't have been this wonderful with you.
I wouldn't have been this enjoyable without your love.
I'm in heaven, having you as my lover.

37. The Answer To My Life Questions
You're my perfection.
The answer to my life questions.
I'm truly lucky to have someone as sweet as you in my life.

38. Without You By My Side
It would have been a mess, I would have grew worst, It would have been undesirable to be me without you by my side.
I love you darling.

39. You are Everything I Need & More
You are everything I need and more.
Understanding, lovely, wonderful and best of all, you're the most beautiful angel I've ever met.

40. If You Are a Flower
If you are a prize, I'll do anything to take you home.
If you are Medal, I'll work hard to earn you.
If you are a flower, I'll water you to grow beautifully.

Heart Touching Love Messages

Heart Touching Love Messages for Him

Heart Touching Love Messages for Her

41. I love you with the all in me. My love is always for you.
My heart belongs to you. In my world, we will live together forever. I love you beautiful.

42. Your love brings out the best in me.
You give me the goodness I used to pray for. Thank you for loving me with your heart.
I will love you not like anybody but like nobody has ever loved you.

43. While counting the blessings in my life, I count you twice because you are a divine blessing sent into my life by God. I will love you till the end.

44. I refer to you as the source of every good thing in my world.
You are simply good in loving me. Everyday has something to live for because you live in my heart forever.

45. You have made my dreams a reality because my world is now magical, wonderful and fantastical because you are In it.
I know your love is pure because it will last forever.

46. The joy you bring to my life is not measurable. I wake up everyday knowing that someone special is out there loving me.
I know that not everyone enjoys this special care.

47. You bring smiles to my face and joy to my heart.
You make me so happy that you're the only thing I think of all day long. I love you honey.

48. I can't ask for anything more or less than you because all you are right now is the perfect representation of mg dream girl.
You bring my world to life.

49. You make my world come alive. You make me want to sing every moment, you bring happiness to my heart and I love you with all my might.
I care about your wellbeing we have a future to live together.

50. I wish to melt into honey because you're honey.
You are so sweet that I wish to be honey too, so that we will be sweet together and forever.

51. We walk close to each other because behind our hearts is a thread that bonds us close to each other.
I want to be with you forever.

52. My heart belongs to nobody else than you because you have the best hands to take care of it and the most beautiful heart to love it forever.

53. You have always been there for me during my stormy days.
You have always gave your all to me during my trying times.
What's more than love can I offer you? I give you all of my love.

54. I love you with three things, the smiles, the tears and the breath of all my life. I love you with the all in me.

55. I will stand by you no matter what happens.
We are bonded forever and nothing can break this bond.
Nothing can change my love for you.

56. All the thoughts of you in my heart sums up to one thing.
"We are perfect for each other".

57. Nothing measures our love. Nobody compared to you.
None on earth can be quantified with the goodness in your heart. You are simply the best.

58. Where's the door to your heart? I want to knock on it to be sure I still live in there because your love is too good to be true.

59. Knowing I am with you makes everyday seem to be Christmas. Each thought of you that crosses my mind reminds me that I have something valuable in the world.

60. They say love comes when you are ready, but that's not true because your love came like the winds and blew away my covers and here am I, completely In love with you.
Your lover will be grateful for this romantic I love you quotes


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