Good Morning Love Letter for Him or Her

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Welcome to our collection of good morning love letters that's filled with morning letter to my love and romantic good morning text to send to the love of my life.
The love of your life may include your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband or even side chick.

Whatsoever or whoever you wish to send some good morning messages to, there are loads of letters that will help you express yourself without getting confused with words.

put a smile on the face of someone special with this letters (both short and long) and make the day a great one.


I Wish You All The Goodness The Morning Brings
Good morning to you my love.
The queen (King) of my heart.
I wish you all the goodness, this new day brings along.

Short Good Morning Love Letter for Him
Short Good Morning Love Letter for Her

• Another morning, another day, another opportunity to live again.
I just want you to know that you're always on my thoughts as I woke up.

• I wish to kiss you so much in my dream. I woke up still having that feeling. Can you please see me before the day run out because I want to kiss your lips. Good morning.

• I'm super excited to wake up because I have a beautiful princess I've got to say good morning to when I wake up. I love you baby.

• All through the journey of dreamland, you have been on my heart. Awake this morning, the first thing my heart thought of is you. Followed by a smile. I'm looking forward to spending fantastic day with you.

• I found you when I lost myself in love. You are everything in my world. Good morning special one because you rule my heart. I can't wait for our future together.

• This morning comes with happiness and joy, all from the love you give to me. I can't dispute the fact that your love is everything I needed to survive. I love you, good morning.

• I call you my sunshine because you show up just when I need you, I call you my light because you light up my world.
I call you 'my own' because you are the one for me. Good morning baby.

• I feel alright every morning knowing that our love is intact, I look forward to the graceful memories we are yet to share. Good morning honey.

• This morning seems boring because I didn't wake up lying next to you.
The only spice I'm having right now is typing this good morning text.

• I've looked for a better half, my missing rib, but all through the search, nobody completes me like you do. No one fits in but you.
I spend greater part of my day wondering how life would have turned out for me if you never showed up. Always know that even if we pass through life's thick and thin, my devotion to you is unwavering. Have a pleasant morning my dear.

• A future with you is worth the risk, the stress and the challenges.
I never regretted choosing you over everyone because your love, care and loyalty is out of the world.
As long as the future is great with you, I'm ready to go any mile just to be with you forever.

• The day kicks off, so did my joy.
Waking up with a thought of your sweet love is more than discovering a goldmine.
I'm done chasing shadows because I've found the right one who compliments my life and make my world beautiful.
Have a beautiful day as you step out.

• I can't wait to be with you today. This gives me untold joy and expectations that our Union will lead to a beautiful future.
I declare all my love for you because I'm just too anxious to jump into this future and be with you forever.
I know you will have a beautiful day because you are beautiful. Take care of your self for me and smile always.

• For a full life of significance, your love is the only thing I need.
I can see my self touching the skies because your love is assured.
I can't even look at the future directly because its just too bright.
Your beauty compliments your good heart. You are doubtlessly the best person in the world for me this morning. Good morning my lover.

• I place your heart above your cute eyes and pretty lips because all it disposes is good vibes, blissful and sweet words my ears is hungry to hear.
You are more than a lover, you are my helper and my strength.
I salute your true and unbeatable love that you give to me all day.
Good morning my sweetheart.

• I offered to be yours and you offered double: to love me unconditionally and allow me grow while building my world and I'm not ashamed to say you are the only one who suits to be with me in my world forever.

• On my journey to my destiny, I found something precious and rare.
I found my destiny, you are my destiny. I know because ever since you became mine, I've actually felt everything turn around for good. Nobody can fit into my agenda of a blissful future, but you.Thanks for being my rock.

• You would have been better off without me but you chose to be called my own.
you'd have found thousands of cute guys in the world but you decided to stick with me.
What I want to give you, words can't explain, the mind can't decipher.
what I want to give you is more than love. Good morning my Darling.

• You are the best person for me because every part of my world accepts you wholesomely.
On this journey of life, all I ask of you is to stand by me, because with you, I can conquer the world and have a happily ever after.
Good morning baby, I love you.

• Even when I locked and hide my heart in a safe locket; you burnt and broke down the lock and treated my wounded heart.
That's why I'll always love you, this morning and all the mornings I open my eyes to...
Good morning love.

Good morning letter to my boyfriend
Good morning letter for girlfriend

If all you need is a romantic good morning love letters that i can send to the love of my life, or a sweet good morning letters to wake him/her up, then you will surely love the following messages.

• Mediating and reflecting on my life this morning I realized that you are the happiness in my life.
There is no pain greater than being far from you right now.
I wish to share my mornings with you, kiss your lips before facing the day's activities but no matter what, I'm still wishing you a good morning.

• I am dependent of your love due to the joy and happiness it gives me whenever I'm with you.
Whatever today brings, I will hurry through it just to come spend time with you.
If there is anywhere I want to be, it will be right next to you, in your arms. Good morning.

• I woke up this morning smiling because it seems like my realities now come back to me in my dreams.
You made this possible with your unconditional love that you give to me.
My life is now what I wished for, years before I met you. Thanks my sweetheart for always being the best, Good morning.

• Dear beloved, missing you is the most painful thing I've ever felt especially if I wake up in the morning and notice you are not by my side.
All I wish, is to see you when I open my eyes. Kiss you before going off. I want to start living these dreams I have about us rather than feeling pains.
I know you miss me too. Take care, good morning.

• I've felt loved and I'm glad I did.
I'm grateful for your consistent loving that engulfed my heart, suffocated the flawed side of me and bringing out the best in me.
Your love is pure from heaven. Just the thoughts of your love gives me unmeasurable wonderful feeling that I can't explain.
Good morning my lover. You own my heart forever.

• You have won me over and over in the game of love, sometimes the feeling of "I don't deserve a wonderful angel like you" soak up my thoughts.
While I can't repay you enough for the good things you brought into my life, just take the whole of me as I proof of my love for you.
I'm glad I finally found someone who's ready to watch me grow. Good Morning my dear.

• I pledge my undying love for you this morning and every other morning that follows.
All through life's up and down, I'm giving you my word, I will love and stand by you because aside being my lover, you have taken the second valuable spot in my life. (the position of a best friend)
Good morning.

• From the brightness of the sun, I know the future we share will be bright.
let's enjoy every moment of the day because we will grow old sitting right at each other's side.
Now I understand why it took me so long to find you. It's because good things are hard to come by. I will make merry everyday for I've finally found you.
Good morning.

• When you are mine, everything falls into place. Hours turn to seconds when you are around and nothing else seems to interest me aside being close to you.
I pledge my undying devotion to you because we have got a very bright future to share together. Good morning.

• You are my endless desire, the one close to my heart. You have filled all my emptiness and made my flaws, flawless.
You have made my world a paradise that I long to live in forever.
I can't forget that you have given me the best love in the world.
Good morning.

• Our love is more like a growing tree, despite its short duration had grown too much and will keep growing everyday till it bears beautiful fruits. Good morning.

• Let our love blossom again if its dead, let it boom of its still alive.
Whichever way, let's make things right, let's love again. Good morning.

• Smile for me every morning baby because you have won my heart. I can't think of anything aside of you.
I must admit, your love is beyond what I expected. It's really mind blowing.

• You give me so much joy that I can't estimate. I love you and you know that my love grows from my heart. I love you baby, you are the only one for me. Good morning my sunshine. I hope you smile today.

• You are my hope to smile today because you are the only one who knows my default and active settings. You always push me to the right places just when it's necessary. I love you dear. Good morning.

• I call you my partner because you are more than a friend.
The kind of love you lavish on me makes me feel like a celebrity. I can't thank you enough for being the best. Good morning honey.

• I will never stop loving you because nobody deserves my love than you. You fit me perfectly, like you were tailored to fit in and cover up for my imperfections.
I can't run this race without you darling.

• Embrace me and keep my fears away because you are my confidence. Stay with me, hold my hands, let's go through this like we always do.
I love you dear.

• From my end to yours, I'm saying good morning because there is nothing as pretty as the morning sun and there is nothing as beautiful as you.
You are my love forever.

ThisHappy new month Wishes and Quotes will be perfect for your lover
• We are meant for each other because we compliment each other.
You are just so amazing that I can't imagine losing you.
Its the best morning in the world, so enjoy this morning goodness.

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