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Good morning love letter for him or her

Say I Love You this Beautiful Morning to your lover with a this Good Morning love letters, good morning letters for him or her.

Good Morning Love Letter

• Have a Wonderful day
Kick start your day with your precious eyes opened to beauty.
Your mind opened to changes and your beautiful heart opened to love.
Have a wonderful day my love.

• A beep from my Heart
This blissful morning, I will withheld the sound of my voice but will send you a beep from my heart.
Praying for a wonderful and fulfilled day for you.

• Bag of Blessing from God
As you awake to see this message.
A bag of blessing from God has been unwrapped to make your day a success.

• A friend worth keeping
I wake you up to a new day.
I wish you the goodies of life this day because you're a friend worth keeping till the end.

• I'm smiling up from my bed
This morning knowing that
You re there for me. Good
Morning to you my love.

Good morning love letter for her
Good morning love letter for him

• Open your beautiful eyes to the smiling morning sun and say goodbye to dreamland because its time to make those dreams a reality with someone who wishes you the best of this new day.

• I woke up to this new day with a smile, feeling warm deep inside my heart.
I'm sending you some of this feeling to brighten your day and keep you beautifully happy all day.
Good morning.

• Welcome to a new day.
With a new task; One is appreciating the beautiful morning and the other is loving me.
Good morning.

• As you open your eyes to the ray of sunlight, courage and wisdom has been added to your mind and body.
Make use of them and have a great day ahead.

• We live in vain unless we love.
We love in vain unless we care.
We care in vain unless we show it. So wake up with love and care from me on this brand new day. Good morning.

• The sun calls on us through windows and curtains.
Beaming so strong and reverend without minding if we want to sleep more but you have to wake up my dear.
Good morning.

You Are The Reason For My Smile This Morning
My love for you grow with the sunrise and gets stronger with each second.
You're the reason for my smile this morning.

I Woke Up This Morning Smiling
I woke up this morning smiling, because I had a beautiful dream about you & I'm still smiling because we about make the dream a reality.
Good Morning to you my love.
Good morning letter for her 
Good morning letter for him

• A morning filled with Inspiration
I welcome you back to earth with a smile.
A heart full of happiness and a morning filled with Inspiration.
I wish you a nice day ahead.

• Your presence brought nothing than good luck.
Your smile brought nothing than joy in my life.
Your love brought everything including your presence and smile. Good Morning Sweetheart.

This Fresh Morning
This fresh morning, all I wanna do is cuddle you and smell your sweet scent, my hand rubbing your back or your stomach.
With me whispering to your ear.
'I Love You.'

I Wish You All The Goodness The Morning Brings
Good morning to you my love.
The queen (King) of my heart.
I wish you all the goodness, this new day brings along.

• Even when I locked and hide my heart in a safe locket; you burnt and broke down the lock and treated my wounded heart.
That's why I'll always love you, this morning and all the mornings I open my eyes to...
Good morning love.

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