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Best Friendship Texts Messages: Quotes for Friends

Best Friendship SMS Messages and Quotes: In the course of human existence, we must have friends (those who understand perfectly our flaws and ugly pass but still stick around to be with us. Those who saw our weakness but vowed to be the source of our strength).

Celebrate every June 8, 2017 as best friend's day. Send cute friendship messages to that special friend.

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3.0 Best Friends Day Text Messages and Wishes

4.0 Cute Friendship Messages and Quotes

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The word Best Friend or Friendship has mostly been used in appropriately on persons who fall short of the word.

Best Friendship Messages and SMS

1. Our friendship is pure, all the moments we spend together will forever be buried in my heart.
Friends forever.

2. Sometimes people break up, love ends but friendship doesn't end. I love you my dear friend.

3. Roses are red, violets are blue and our friendship is forever.

4. When the world goes still, you have the only shoulder that I can cry on. Thanks for being there for me.

5. We've been close to each other, fought each other and cry together.
I don't think I can do this with someone else.

6. I will make any required sacrifice to keep you as my friend.
You are the best friend I ever had.

7. I won't stop caring about you because you taught me how to care.
Thanks for being that friend everyone wishes for.

8. True friends are hard to come by and hard to leave.
We'll remain friends.

9. True friends are the ones who give you reasons to be good.
I wonder how I would have done this alone.

10. "Friendship really matters"
I only realized this since we became best of friends.

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Best Friendship SMS Text Messages

11. Best friends are pictures, place them on the best spot in your life.

12. A good friend is one who's aware of our short coming but loves us anyway.

13. A friend can be compared or interpreted as the masterpiece of nature.
(They are special).

14. Our friendship remains a sheltering tree that sheds us from the hardness of life.

15. Have friends that makes watchers jealous and discard watchers that spoil friendship.

16. Friends are the ones who pray for you to grow, not the ones who wish you ill luck.

17. True friends stand with you, even when they are aware that what's ahead looks impossible.

18. Special friends are the ones like quilts that never loses its warmth.

19. Watchers hear what you say, just friends listens to what you say but a best friend listens more to what you didn't say and understands every bit of your emotions.

20. Friendship is like a ring which has no end nor beginning.

True Friendship SMS Messages

21. Treasure the real friends you have.
You may regret if they leave because they are one of the essence of living.

22. Friends leave footprints in your heart but true friends never leave any prints because they're forever in your heart.

23. Life is dry without love.
The world is empty without humor.
Living looks impossible without good friends.

24. Living is fun with friends because, special friends stay together and never say goodbye.

25. Having a faithful friend is worth than having all the money in the world, because money finishes but friends remain till death.

26. You don't find good friends easily so if you have any good friend. Cherish them.

27. Friendship mostly turns to love but love doesn't return to friendship... Just a simple fact.

28. With good friends, joy is multiplied by two and also griefs divided by two.

29. You know a true friend when he or she stick around on your worst day, trying to cheer you up.

30. Only true friends warms the heart, strive to make you happy and spend hours figuring how to make you smile.

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Best Friends Day Text Messages and Wishes

31. Books, just like friends should be few and well chosen.

32. Make your life a house that your heart can live in. With a door that is open to receive friends and a garden full of memories of many good things.

33. Telling you that we'll be friends forever is a promise I don't know how or when it will be fulfilled but must be fulfilled.

34. If you are a flower, I will let you grow and won't pick you so that you'll remain with me forever.

35. Friendships comes with a lot of challenges and decisions, but I will do anything for you because you have given me the courage to be your friend forever.

36. Sometimes, all I wish for is filled in you. I don't think anybody can replace that place as my best friend.

37. A wonderful friend like you is a gift Gold can't buy, a rare blessing that is very true like its made in heaven.

38. I'm not scared of getting lose or broken anymore because I have a good friend like you.

39. Our friendship has drifted apart before, I think that's why its stronger and more valuable now. I love you my friend.

40. True friends are always meant to be in your life no matter what.
Its never a coincidence.

Cute Friendship Messages and Quotes

41. Its not easy doing it alone, that's why you were given to me by God as a special friend.

42. Atimes I wonder what I've done to deserve you as my friend.

43. I'm annoying, I'm selfish but yet you stick with me. Now I've changed and I'm never letting you go.

44. Only if good friends like you are all over the face of earth, life would have gotten a lot more definition.

45. You have been like a star, I don't always see you yet, you have been there for me. Always.

46. If true friends like you were created with pricetag, I don't think I would ever afford such a precious friend like you.

47. You're the perfect definition of friendship.
You're just calm, understanding and simply loving.
Hope you got the best out of this

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