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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

You Rock My World Quotes - Messages for your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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1. For you are Mine
you rock my world with your charming love. Beautiful smile and unavoidable eyes.
Everything you bring is happiness. My heart is joyous for you are mine.

2. You rock my world baby
With time, your love became bigger than i thought.
The special kind of feeling in my heart when we spend time together cannot be compared to anything. You rock my world baby.

3. I'm sure that you rock my world
From the first day i saw you, my heart got blown away.
I knew it was love but i wanted to be sure, so i made sure i see you everyday.
Now im sure that you rock my world.

4. Your love rocks my world
I'm glad you showed up in my life.
Your presence gave me the strength my world needed to keep alive.
Your love rocks my world.

5. You give me happiness
Everyday I think of spending most of my time with you because you give me happiness.
I love you forever because you rock my world.

6. You make my world worth living
With your sweet love, you rock my world. With your delicate care, you make my world worth living.
I wish you know how much I love you.

7. I can't forget to love you
Everything I do this days gives me inner joy because you have made everything I do worth doing and I can't forget to love you because you rock my world.

8. Special one in my life
I thank God for the special one in my life. I thank God more because of the beautiful things I have accomplished with the aid of your love.

9. Everything in my heart
I will love you everyday with everything in my heart because you rock my whole wide world. I love you.

10. My angel
I love you more and more.
Everything about you fascinate me. Every word you say makes me strong. I love you my angel for rocking my world.

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