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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sweet Dreams My Love Quotes - Goodnight Messages for Him or Her

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1. All I wish for you
The night is a moment I've got to send you sweet wishes while starring at the moon and stars.
Sweet dreams is all I wish for you as you rest your head to sleep.

2. A lot of things I want to wish you
Wishes come true when you wish them with pure intentions.
My love for you is pure, so are my wishes for you.
A lot of things I want to wish you tonight and one of it is to sleep tight and have sweet dreams my love.

3. The sweetest of dreams
I love you with my whole heart and I wish you life's goodness with all of me.
Tonight, I wish you the sweetest of dreams as you sleep.

4. Join me in dreamland
A wonderful day is getting your sweet love and care all day long.
A complete night is dreaming of me and you together.
As you sleep tonight, be assured of joining me in dreamland.
Sweet dreams my dear.

5. Have the sweetest dreams
I love you everyday and miss you every night.
One day, we will be together to tell each other 'goodnight' while starring at each other but tonight, have the sweetest dreams when you sleep.

6. Goodnight & sweet dreams
Can I say goodnight to a lovely Angel without wishing you sweet dreams?
Can I wish you sweet dreams without a goodnight?
I'm giving you both goodnight and sweet dreams.

7. Without you
Recounting events of the day, I remembered how it would have been empty without you.
What a boring day it would have been without your motivation.
Thanks for being there for me. Goodnight and sweet dreams.

8. How you make everyday of my life
Lying on my bed, all I could think of is you.
Playing like a tape on my mind, your sweet thoughts and unforgettable memories.
You make everyday of my life worth the struggle. Goodnight my sweetheart.

9. The best among the rest
Goodnight to the only one I can think of all night long without getting bored.
You are the best among the rest.
You are the star shining bright through my window. Sweet dreams honey.

10. My thoughts tonight
Everything I do, I think about you.
I always make a spot for you to fill in every of my activity.
Right now, the spot is in my heart and you have been on my thoughts tonight.
Sweet dreams my love.

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