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Sweet Good Evening Love Quotes - Evening Messages for Him or Her

Sweet Good evening love quotes

Beautiful good evening quotes

Cute good evening messages.

1. You  have been on my heart
All through the day, i feel several kinds of feelings.
Sometimes i feel like screaming and the other time i only smile to myself.
You have been on my heart all day. Good evening.

2. Rays of the setting sun
The evening will fill up your glass of life and make your worries and fears of the day disappear.
I wish you the best out of this tantalizing rays of the setting sun.

3. Much more than a feeling
You have always been my number one, morning,  afternoon and evening.
My love for you isn't just a feeling.
It is much more than a feeling. It will stay forever.

4. The sweetest of wishes
The evening prepares you for the beauty of the night.
So pull your daily troubles aside as the best is about to come.
I will send the sweetest of wishes to you as soon as i see the stars.

5. How wonderful my day was
Evenings may mean little or nothing to some people but not for me because its that beautifully cute spot between the harsh light of the day and the darkness of the night.
The spot to reminisceon how wonderful my day was with you.

6. Remember, i love you
Enjoy your evening with open heart because this particular moment may not come again.
Share love and show care to those that matters.
And always remember, i love you.

7. Perfect moment to relax
Evenings are the best moment of the day only if you observe.
The morning is filled with hurries and afternoon, slow and dull. But the evening? Perfect moment to relax.

8. You are the balance
I love you like the evening sun, just mild more than the moon that brings just cold breeze.
My love is on a balance level and you are the balance in my life. I love you.

9. Closer to you this evening
Evenings are the perfect explanation of one being closer to his dreams.
I'm closer to you this evening because i can't think of anything else.

10. Like the evening
You are there for me as the sun rise and set, when the stars appear and disappear. You will still be there for me when the clouds gather and wither.
You have always been for me like the evenings. I love you.

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