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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Sweet I Love You Notes - Romantic Love Letters for Him or Her

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1. Better for you
I open my eyes every morning thinking of you.
Lying on my bed, your thoughts flood my mind like the river.
How much you mean to me? I can't describe.
How much life would be without you? I don't even wish to imagine that.
You have opened my world to many possibilities.
Looking right at you, I can see all my flaws because you are my mirror.
I won't promise you that I will be a perfect one but I give you my word, I will keep fighting to be better for you, every single day we spend together as one in this relationship.
I love you and you know that I will always do.

2. My heart is completely for you
Everyday I get the feeling of touching the skies.
You are making that a reality because I'm more closer to the sky every moment we share together.
A wonderful feeling that cannot be compared to anything.
You are my sunshine in the morning and my sunset at noon.
Every of my thought revolves around you like the earth revolves around the sun.
My love for you is unlimited because my heart is completely for you.
If love is really blind then lead me along this exciting journey of love because I'm blind.
I love you will all of me.

3. I love to love you
I love to love you sweety due to the warmness it gives my heart.
The fusion of us is the best on earth. I love you, even the heavens knows.
We will be together, forever because we can't fit in with anyone else.
My love will always be for you, be with you and forever remain with you because the joy my body and soul feels is the best I've ever felt all through my existence.
I love to love you baby because you are the definition of me.
Your love is the light my world needs, the joy my heart wants everyday and the food for my soul.
I love to love you because you are the best in the world.

4. Let me be your everything
Let me be your everything. The one you want to talk to, the one you run to when there is no way to go, the one who makes your day.
Let me be your everything. The one who never gets tired of you. The one who will love you unconditionally. The one whom your smile brightens his world.
Let me be your everything. The one whom your well being matters to. The one who won't sleep without saying goodnight. The one who won't start the day without saying good morning.
Let me be your everything, the one who will love you back with all of him. I love you baby.

5. My Royal Treasure
My world, my treasure,
My happiness, my heart leaps for joy at the sight of you.
You brought happiness to my life again.
You took the pain and sadness in me.
Baby, you brought an unquenchable desire to love.
Your smile rocks my heart, it kills my frown, it brightens me.
You are my Royal Treasure. What would I do without you.

6. He rocks my world
Who is He?
A guy with full potentials
A man of resounding laughter
A man with lots of wisdom... I guess I'd call him the Solomon of my time.
His words are coated with Love, security, assurance and strength.
He's the joy and desire of every woman
His physique, like that of Samson.. Energize to save.
He's handsome... He rocks my world alone with his smile.
God bless the man I love. Chesby Nuel.

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