Long Sweet Text Messages for Him or Her

Check out our collection of Long sweet text messages and cute long messages for him or her that can fit into any cute, sweet or precious moments of your relationship.

Give your lover (Him or Her) a romantic treat with romantically written messages and make them believe that what you guys are sharing is true.
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Long Sweet Text Messages
Long Sweet Text Messages for Him
Long Sweet Text Messages for Her
Long Sweet Messages for Him
Long Sweet Messages for Her
Long Cute Messages for Him
Long Cute Messages for Her
Long Texts for Him
Long Texts for Her

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Have a blissful relationship as you shop for a nice and sweet long messages for him or her.

Long sweet text messages

Long sweet text messages for him

Long sweet text messages for her

1. You are always a Darling because I don't know what I like about by you but you're on my mind day and night.
Maybe its the way you say my name or how you make me feel when you come around.
I can't say but I'm 100% sure I'm in love with you.

2. You make my life complete whenever I'm around you.
Love can never be a lie because I've fallen deep in love with you and wish not to be pulled up.
You're an angel in my life.

3. My love for you is beyond explanation because you rule my heart.
You are my king and my heart is your kingdom. I wish you rule it forever.

4. Our life will be filled with joy and happiness because this relationship is blessed In heaven.
Even in your Absence, I feel your tender love in my heart.

5. My love for you grew like flowers, Beautifully with bright leaves.
I hope you take out a second from your busy day to notice that I've been loving you all my

6. You will be forever special to me because no man means so much to me like you do.
i have realized that life with out you isn't worth living.
I love you my man.

7. I am loving you forever because you have this special way of turning around a terrible day.
Deep inside your eyes, I see pure beauty with no disguise.
You make my heart beat rise.
That's why I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.

8. I will only stop loving you when the fish live without water.
The birds survives without flying and a tender baby lives comfortably without a mother milk.
All these are impossible, so I'm never pausing my love for you.

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9. Everything in life is about choices.
Being in love is inevitable but growing the love is about choice.
Breaking and getting out of the relationship is also a choice.
I have chosen to be in love with you without breaking anything that we share and with share forever.

10. Several single persons are busy waiting for love.
Half of them believe that love doesn't exist nor come their way without realizing that love is right in front of them.
I was one of them but thank God I realized and ushered you into my life.

11. Our individual thoughts manifests in a form of word.
The word in turn manifests as the deed.
This deed gradually changes to habit. This habit builds to character.
So my love! Watch your thoughts and its ways with care.
Let your thought spring from love, born out of concern and let it grow with ultimate bliss.

12. At a stage in life, we are left with only one great love.
This love is not what you make. It is the love that makes you become the person you are meant to be.
I am in that stage in my life, and I am now the person I am meant to be.
Your special lover.

13. True love has no other desire than fulfilling itself.
To melt and be like a running brook that sings its sweet song to the night.
Just to wake at dawn with a winged heart.
So I'm giving thanks for another day of having this special feeling with you.

14. My love,
Asking you out was a desire I felt,
Finally having you as mine is a Jackpot.
Loving you is a must and my will.
Pleasing you is my responsibility.
Missing you is unresistable.
Kissing you is my wish every second.
I love you.

15. Love is not blind because your love gave me sight to see things differently.
I will speak of your love every moment because your love gave me hope everyday.

16. My baby! You remain the best, if I had got a chance to change things, I will change nothing because everything about you is perfect.
I can't get tired of your daily love.

17. No one can fit into your place. Nothing can measure the love you shower on me daily.
Your love is simply beyond imagination. It's just special like its made in heaven.

18. A lifetime isn't enough to pay you back.
That's why I'm giving you my undivided and unrestricted love forever. That's the only way to prove those words 'I love you'.

19. I pray to see your gorgeous face everyday.
Allowing your brown eyes to fill my soul with happiness.
Having those soft lips rest on mine all the time.
Building our love to grow more with each passing day.

20. Your love means more than just care, so does your happiness so I will wish for you to love and be happy with this one guy, who won't spend a day without a thought of you.

Long Sweet Messages for Him

long sweet messages for her

21. Believe everything I tell you, because I can't hide even a pin In the deepest part of my heart.
I love you, your body, your lips, your hips.
I just think they were made just for me.

22. Anytime you're lost in the dark,
Anytime you're lost in the cold
Anytime you're looking for someone to hold close and feel warm.
Call me, because I'll always be your hero.

23. You can fall because I will catch you.
I'll find a match if you need a light.
When you need someone to touch your heart, I will be there because you're too much of an angel to resist.

24. Your love is my breath. Your love is my strength.
I wake up everyday wanting more of your love.
It's a special kind of feeling I can't get over.

25. With you, there is no broken heart. There are no scars.
With you, there is joy and happiness. Which is all my life needs.
You are everything I will ever need.

26. Meeting you was one right decision my heart have ever taken.
Loving you is the best decision my whole body gave consent to. I love you baby.

27. With you, my dreams are reality. Your love is worth more than gold.
Your undistracted care is an assurance my heart needs to be convinced that you are the right person to take care of it.

28. You are the best for me.
You have given me the best.
You have planned the best for me.
Thank you for being the best thing in my life. I love you.

29. I have always believed that I could feel nothing for anyone, but I changed.
I can't feel anything but love for you.
I promise to love you forever my sweetheart.

30. Never stay far from me.
I don't think I'll ever find my way through life without you love everyday.
You re my world.

31. Your pretty smile brings me down to my kneels.
The sight of you makes me feel like I'm suffering from a beautiful disease and I don't wish to get cured.

32. What more can one wish for than a cheerful heart like yours filled with love.
I'm happy to inherit such asset.
I love you.

33. Love is a journey of two hearts.
I think I am the luckiest heart on this adventure, because I am on this journey with you.

34. If I hadn't met you during this time of my life, I would have preferred to be a LONER.
Since I've met you, I am now a LOVER.
I love you my darling.

Long Cute Messages for Him

long cute messages for her

35. It feels good being your lover.
Its always beautiful and will remain so forever.
I love you with my whole heart.

36. If only you'll give me a smile,
I won't need flowers.
If only I'll hear your voice everyday,
I won't worry listening to MTvbase.
If you'll tell me what sweets my heart,
There is no need listening to comedies.
If and only if you will be with me. Then I don't need the world.
I love you.

37. I can't tell of how much your love has contributed in the enhancement of my life. But I can tell if how special you have been to my world. You are simply awesome.

38. Thank you sweetheart for the way my heart beats.
Thank you for the timely merriment my soul gets.
Thank you for the awesome personality you have.
Thank you for being my love.

39. Your love is obviously divine because every sweet deed and plans of yours has been for my growth.
I can't appreciate you enough for loving me without doubts.

40. Saying I love you won't prove I do. I can't repay you for your tender love but I can love you completely with my whole heart forever.
I love you.

41. You awakened my heart with love. You give my soul that boost it needed daily.
With you I'm ready to face life's journey till the end.

42. With you, I see a future so bright for you give me a love filled with unparalleled Bliss.
Your love is a center of attention and I love you.

43. My best of love is yet to come. For you have shown me something sweet and comfortable.
Your love is that reality I spent my whole morning praying to come through.

44. I love you! Because I no longer gaze at the stars and moon before I sleep.
I lay on my bed, and think about you all the time.
I look forward to every moment we have to spend together.

45. I think of you and my heart draws closer, my soul is complete because you fill it with job.
My heart goes tinger-lingerly with the thought of you.

46. You are as special as you can ever be because I can't define what you mean to me. Not even words can explain how much you make my heart feel.

47. You look good to me with the passing of the day.
You top the list of what I need everyday.
For your love, you will always be that precious angel that i love and respect.

48. I will love you today and tomorrow.
I will love you the whole year with my heart because you mean so much to me.


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