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Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Short Love Text Messages For Him or Her

Here are the Short love messages or Romantic text messages that you searched for. All love messages are mashed up here for easy accessibility.

These messages are cute, sweet and best of all,  romantic messages just for you to use.

Relationship nowadays suffer due to neglect. Short Love messages are written to be shared by lovers but few people in relationship fails to take advantage of this factor. I am glad you are taking advantage of this.

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Best Short Love Text Messages

Best Short Love Text Messages For Him

Best Short Love Text Messages For Her

Best Short Love Text Messages For Boyfriend

Best Short Love Text Messages For Girlfriend

Now see the Best Short Love Messages below;

Best Short Love Text Messages

• I've always known the definition of love right from the first moment you looked into my eyes and said 'I love you'. Instantly I knew that you are my true love.

• Just like you're my rainbow, I want to be your flower that will freshen your morning with my scent and keep a smile on your lips.

• Memories of two of us together makes me breathless.
Loving you made me realize that I am not living for anybody than you.

• I've always searched for the best in you without knowing that I should be wishing the best for you.
I'm sorry and loving you much more to make it up to you.

• I know my feelings is so right because I keep feeling your love even when I'm far from you.
I love you my precious boo.

Short i love you messages for him or for her

• Everything feels right when you're around.
You seem to keep my world glowing. Thanks for making my world beautiful.

• Its uncontrollable trying to keep your thought out of my head even for a second.
That's why I'm texting to say I love you.

• I can't comprehend how my little heart forced it way to love a whole you.
Its confusing but its an awesome experience.

• The only thing that suits your love is the word 'Magical' because I seem not to understand why I'm so into you.

• Even without saying anything, I still hear your heart yelling 'I love you' and I'm promising you that my love is for you forever.

Short Love Messages for Boyfriend
Short Love Messages for Girlfriend

• Every hour I spend away from you seems like ages.
If there is one place I wanna be, then it will definitely be right beside you. I love you.

• Its the best thing that happened to me; falling in love with you it has no explanation.

• I never knew that you lived in my heart till we went apart.
I'm never letting you go far from me again.
I love you.

• Our love is in a beautiful state of randomness.
That's all I ever wanted to be yours forever.

• You make me so happy, you make my world lovely, you make my life worth living.
You're the sweetest person I want to be with forever.

Caring Love Text Messages for him or for her

• For you, I'll do everything to keep you close.
If I loose you, I'll be loosing everything.
I love and cherish you.

• I love and cherish you because you're my lover, my backbone and the one who will do anything to see me smile.
You're my one in a million.

• You're my one in a million.
Just like a flower, you watered me all through the drought now I'm forever grateful and happy calling you my boo.

• I'm forever grateful and happy calling you my boo because you opened up my heart to love.
Its just funny but no one has ever done this to me.

• No one has ever touched my heart and painted it with the color of love, giving it this feeling of having everything in the whole wide world.

Romantic Short Love Text Messages

• Gentle like a dove, its hard staying without you.
Your love makes my heart shiver. I'm happy being the only one in your life.

• If you could hear my heartbeat from a thousand miles, you'll be able to know that my heart beats for you.
I love you baby.

•since I'm yours and you're mine, I don't want to be anyone else's.
Let's stay together forever.

• The heaven is bright and blue so is our love pure;
Its a divine union, ordained by God.
I love you my dearest.

• I can imagine the smile on your face as you go through this text, I will always keep that smile if I can.
I love you honey.

• Everything you say is true, this love is a blessing.
I will always have you right here in my heart.
I love you very much.

• If I could wish for anything.
I'll wish for us to return back to the garden of Eden, where everything was made with love.

• You're natural, you're the best out of many.
The owner of my heart.
The one I see in my dreams. I cherish you more.

• The feeling of uncontrollable joy, smiles, fulfillments.
These and more, you make me feel. I remember all and I love you more.

• You're always on my mind.
I don't pray you go from it, I pray God bless you in it.
Amen, I love you boo.

Sweet Short Love Messages

• Just like a movie, you make all my dreams come true.
You make my life beautiful.
You're truely a darling.

• I pray we remain together till the very end; loving and caring for each other.

• I can't stop loving you my dear.
This because you and no one else deserves my love.
Its just too precious for someone aside you.

• Our love was ordained.
That's why Me + You is equal to blessing.
You are the best.

• Don't promise me another thing.
You've already fulfilled the promise you never made (being my everything).

• Love isn't about your money, body or connections.
Its about finding that missing part of you.
I just found mine in you.

• Let's teach the world how to love.
You gave me the most expensive gift.
Giving me love was everything I need and more.

• Love is wonderful.
Just with you in my heart all day.

• I feel happy thinking of you.
I don't know why, but its exciting loving you.

• You live here (in my heart).
Never for a second imagine me sending you out for rent.
Much love.

• If other girls have seen how special you are to me.
They would probably stage a coup to have you.
But of course, I won't let them see that. I'll keep you to myself forever.

• Love doesn't cost money but your heart.
I'm giving my heart to you because I'm sure its safer in your hands.

Short love msg for Boyfriend or for Girlfriend

• Looking back at what we've been through, I will go through it again only if you'll stand by myself.
You're my angel.

• You entered my life like its a farmland.
Made my laughter grow and filled my life with such more joy.
I just can't stop loving you honey.

• Hey dear!
You've been found guilty of adding more meaning to my life.
You are to be judge right beside me and sentenced to life imprisonment in my heart.

• I'm never scared of loving because I can count on you to insure my heart from any pain.
I love you my darling.

• You are my angel, I feel like I'm right beside you this very moment.
I love and cherish you my sweetheart.

• Sometimes! Things should be simple,
Like I just picked up my phone, texts you on the feeling I'm having right now.

• At first, I thought love was about finding someone I can live with.
You proved to me that true love is finding someone I can't live without.
I can't live without you my love.

• Memories we share are memorable,
Including the shortest time we spend together.

• We are together now because I asked God to give me someone special, who I can share my good and bad moments with.
You are so lovely, because you perfectly suit me.

• I'm giving off all the loving left on me.
Don't panic, I'm giving them to you :D.

Sweet Love Messages And Love Words

• Let take a moment to pray for someone special,
You know you are the special one right from day one.
I love you dear.

• Not like I don't love myself,
I just feel that I love you more.
You will remain my angel.

• Everything in life "Goes on" but our love is unshakable.
It will remain and grow forever.

• I say 'I Love You Just The Way You Are' because I love both the good and bad side of you.
You are simply sweet.

• When everything doesn't make sense.
Your love puts me back together.
You are a rare gem.

• I believe you each time you pronounce your love for me, because everything you say is special to me.
I'll always love you.

• You were meant to cure my pain
Because your love is an antibiotic medicine that cannot be found easily.

• Its all special because you're my gurl.
I am always loving you my sweety.

• The most expensive things ain't the most precious.
This is because you're worth the whole world but you were given to me freely by nature.

• Its a punishment if I'm to forget you because you have given me so much to remember.
So much to think about and
Too much to love. I love you darling.

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