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You Always Make My Day Quotes - Messages for Him or Her

You make my day quotes for him
You make my day quotes for her

1. Thank you for making my day
From your smile, I know your love is real.
From your talks, I've got the assurance of your care.
You are a blessing to my world. The wonders in my life is an attestation of this.
Thank you for making my day.

2. Another heaven on earth
Sometimes I wish to shout out to the whole world how wonderful and pure your love has made me shine but I always have a second thought.
The heavens may get jealous that you are creating another heaven on earth.

3. A blessing I can't deny
'I love you'
That came with all proudness because what you give to me can't be compared to any love ever on earth.
Everyday of my life is a blessing I can't deny. I love you with all of me.

4. Having you in my life
Your love is beyond me, nothing can measure it.
Its simply out of the world. I sing everyday for this wonderful luck, having you In my life.

5. Everyday is worth living
I love you very much, with the passing of each day.
I love you way more than you think because you make everyday of my life worth living.
Even a life time of loving you isn't enough to pay back your love.

6. Best thing that ever happened
Each and everyday, my wish for you is to be happy.
I want to shower you with the best care in the world and love you forever because you turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.

7. You are my world
You are mine today, you will be mine forever because I want to enjoy your subtle touch, kiss your cute lips and feel your body everyday.
You are my world.

8. What I feel for you
Words can't describe what I feel for you, Imagination can't describe it. What I feel for you is simply out of this world.
I love you baby.

9. Everyday of my life
The feeling of appreciation that you make everyday of my life worth living can't be explain because I can't find words that qualifies it.
I will love you better than I did yesterday.

10. Entwined by fate forever
Having found you completes me.
Seeing you everyday makes my day golden.
What other friend do I need than you?
Our lives has been entwined by fate forever.

You make my day messages for your lover

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