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Monday, 1 May 2017

Nice Text Messages to Send to your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Is Nice Text Messages or Cute Nice Messages what you've been searching for?

This Nicely written texts are sent to the one we love to keep them loving us. Imagine getting one of this cute message after a hard day. You would smile right?

Put a smile on someone's face and be the reason that they share ray of hope as they live. Drop this nice text messages to their inbox, their wall, their Pm etc.

Nice Text Messages For Him
Nice Text Messages For Her

• Baby, I'm so into you and I'm still yet to know why.
Each time I try, my heart tells me that loving someone special like you doesn't need any explanation.

• Its easy, loving someone for reasons with little sense, but I'm loving you for who you are and I'll keep loving you forever.

• No matter how hard we try not to fall in love, there is this one person we can't resist. Loving for me, you're that person and I will always love you.

• Loving an angel, specially made for me doesn't make the world go round but makes the ride worth redoing.
I love you.

• I once let go of myself and got lost in the empty world.
Your love revived me, your care restructured me and I'm never loving no one but you.

• Being with someone who doesn't deserve me opened my eyes to the goodness in you.
I love you my bunny pie.

• Love has its reasons, its seasons and its time.
I'm so happy that on this season, you're my heartthrob.
I love you sweetheart.

• The addition of your smartness, bravery and me by your side is a sure happy days ahead. I love you, and will always do.

• If there is a song I wanna sing for you, I will sing 'can I be your Hero' because being your Hero is the achievement a man can ever brag about.
I cherish you my dear.

• Being the best is if I'm with you.
I'll always thank God for giving me a priceless jewel like you.
You rock my world.

Nice Love Messages For Boyfriend
Nice Love Messages For Girlfriend

• Your smile; my inspiration,
Your voice; my motivation.
Just; a reason to live another day.
I love you.

• Just like the rose, you're beautiful.
Just like diamond, you're precious.
Just like the moon, you're harmless.
I love you and will keep loving you.

• Loving is not owning, we can let it go... But I'm not letting you go.
I'll keep you and love you forever.

• I'm letting out my feelings to you my love.
I love you and there is no reason to stop.

• My life is so much better, just because I have you in it. I love you load.

• Life is all about enjoying and celebrating the little moments one finds himself.
I'm celebrating you my angel. You worth it.

• Love doesn't come within two special people, but when two heart understands each other, they become special.
I don't know about me, but you're special to me.
I love you.

• I can't write like shakespeare.
Not sing like shelley for you, but I'll be myself when I'm with you.

• I'll sacrifice everything for our union, because what bonds us is to precious. Much love.

• Sweetheart, you're a gift so sweet, an emotional lift and a mood chiller. You're so natural, heaven sent.
I love you so much.

Nice texts for Your Lover

• You add something to my life each time you smile.
Its even much when you laugh.
I appreciate and love you for that.

• One of human's asset is his smile.
Its a curve that helps us see things straight.
So keep smiling my love.

• I love you when you give me that face lift.
I love you when you add something to my life.
I love you when you smile.

• It may cost a little in giving but it made everyday of my life worth living.
I love you.

• My love I'm giving you my hands to hold tight.
My mind to think through it and my heart to love it as you do forever.

• Being in my life is a blessing, so I'm going to give you love like you've never been loved before.
I love you my baby boo.

• There are things I know.
I know that you're my Jewel,
You're my queen and you're the owner of all my love.

• Deep down my mind, you've beclouded it with your thought.
You must be a warrior because you just conquered my heart.

• Everybody's desire is to have someone special in their lives.
My desires are completed because you are already in my life.

• I don't want to keep this too long,.
My love is too strong and its just for you.
Always and forever.

Nice Messages to Send to your Boyfriend
Nice Messages to Send to your Girlfriend

• It feels great being with you because there can't be anybody to replace you my dear. I love you.

• You're the reason for my recent dance in front of the mirror and singing in the shower.
I feel so high like I'm up in the Sky right now.

• There is this star in your eyes because you light me up and brighten my days.

• Even when the skeptics doubt the blissfulness you bring into my life. I saw what they never saw and felt what true love really means.
I love you very much.

• I want to remain the King of your delightful heart.
I don't want to spend a day without you in my life.
You're special.

• I'm keeping you in my heart not as a prisoner but as that person who'll rule my heart, my life and my world.

• When we die, we're not sure of what will happen next but since we are alive, I want to love you with my whole heart.

• Love is like a cloud, real like a dream.
It is a fairy tale come true. My love is for you and you alone.

• While friendship is like a chewing gum which produces sweet taste from the beginning, love is like chocolate which tastes till it's end.

• There are sacrifices I'll make, like being called a criminal if to love you is a crime. I'll fight for you, if your love was on bet.
I'll do anything just to have you as my lover.

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