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Saturday, 24 September 2016

I Love You Paragraphs for Him or Her

Get all sweet I love you paragraphs for him or her, cute love paragraphs to show your boyfriend or girlfriend how true your love is.

The best cute words that your lover will like are all here.

Even if all I could do for you
Is to be at your side, I'll make
There my duty post and be with
You through life's ups and downs
Just to show you how much I
love you.

You entered my life like a bomb…
Boom, you hit my heart and I felt something sweet.
You have given me the part of me that’s missing.
I love you.

Being with you is one special meeting I look up to every moment.
You are the one I want and will continue loving.
You have that special kind of love my life needs.

I Love You Paragraphs For Him or For Her

• Guess what's on my mind?
Its the thoughts of you. I love you baby.

• I have met many girls in my life but the thought of you left them on the reserve bench.

• You take my breathe away and you take my heart along too.
Its just unexplainable, I love you baby boo.

I Love You Paragraphs For your Lover

• Your smile keeps my day 'Stress Free'. How expensive it will be if I'm to buy it from the mall.
I love you sweet.

• You remain my 'everything' the one thing that gives me the courage to keep living.
You're a diamond.

• The sweetest thing that will ever happen to me is being together with you forever.
It's a wish that will definitely come true.

Best I Love You Paragraph and Best Love texts

• Behind your smile, I can see heaven.
Behind every laugh I see the beauty of love. I can bet my life, just to have this cute feeling I'm having now.

• Your love wakes my heart,
It lightens my world.
Your love took away my pains and made my life beautiful.
It’s like I’m living in a world without stress.

• I will survive with you
I will be fine with you
I will be my best with you
I will live forever if you will be with me. I love you.

• I am never perfect; I am not promising to be perfect
But I swear to be the perfect match for you.
My love for you will blossom with the rise of the morning sunlight.

My love for you grows with each side talk I hear.
You are my special jewel. I promise to keep this love true and real.
I can’t measure the joy you make me feel.

For your love, I will be a fighter.
Getting your full love is a war I will engage.
I will add two to two just to keep that beautiful smile on your face.

You are my queen, my completeness, my happiness, my joy.
You will always represent the beautiful things in my life because no one else can replace you.

Every moment you spend with me is Golden.
Your beautiful face, your pretty smile, your kissable lips, your sweet scent.
All these make up the wonderful memories I have of you right now.

My love for you will stand the test of time and last forever.
Your love is all I ever have and will forever cherish because the goodness your love brings cannot be quantified.

I can do anything.
Just tell me ‘I love you’ and watch me run crazy.

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