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Sunday, 4 September 2016

Sweet Messages to Send to your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

You Want Cute sweet messages for your boyfriend or girlfriend? Come and get all romantic text here.

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6.0 Sweet messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend

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Sweet messages for girlfriend or for boyfriend

• Forever we shall be together. I'm apart from you physically but I'm with you In my heart.
I fell in love with you even more with the ticking of each second

• You burst my bubbles,
You make me nervous,
You stir up tension,
This all happens because I love you,
Much than you ever imagined.

• I shall pray for your happiness with the truest sincerity; and I will ask the heavens to send you the dearest blessings.
I love you.

• All I want to do is come home to see your gorgeous eyes, your beautiful lips smile and an anticipating boo waiting for me.
I can't wish for anything less than this.
I miss you love.

• If a hug will pass the message that 'I don't want to lose you' I will hug you forever.
If a kiss represents a rain drops, I will send you a down pour.
If love is someone, I will send you me.

• My soul and heart was made to love you.
My lips and tongue was made to kiss you.
My two eyes were made to see your beauty.
My hands were made to hold and feel you.
My existence was made just for you.

• Until a day after forever, my love will be for you, for you give me that special kind of love my heart desires.
I love you Darling.

• Your love is the song my heart dances to, you remain the very source of my daily achievements.
I will love you forever because you are the love of my life.

Love text messages for girlfriend or boyfriend

• Your love is more like a dream than wishes.
I drift off thinking about you, I feel peace and my heart longs for you the more.
The thought of you remain in my heart as I love you everyday.

• Your beauty inspires me, your soft kissable lips, your huggable body.
I want to have them all because without you, its discomfort.

• Baby! I won't promise to get you each and everything your last man couldn't get you but I will give you something special and different. Something only me can give you.

• You're the best for me. You showed up right when my world needed you most and gave me the comfort my world can't do without. Thanks my love.

• Your love is so strong. It came with inspiration like I am a superhero, I can sing and write poems.
My heart is filled with gladness because you are mine.

• You make my heart beat, you make my thought drift, you make my body whole. Sweety, you make me feel good by just doing nothing. I love you.

• Your presence fixes everything, every missing part of me has felt completion of your love.
My love for you is my reason to live. I love you forever.

• My love for you carries no doubt. The way you smile. Your good and short comings are all the wonderful attributes that made me fell in love.

• I lose my breathe when I think of you, I can't sleep when I miss you. I do nothing when you are not by my side. I will love you till the end.

• My love for you waxes stronger with the passing of each day. I get stuck in the head thinking about life without you.
You are my angel and I love you.

Sweet short messages for my boyfriend or girlfriend

• Your beauty is bright and warm, a special kind of beauty for a special person.
Your love shone in the darkest part of my world and brightens everything.
You are my diamond.

• Your world is my world, your heart beats just for me, your arms is where I belong.
You are my everything.
I will love you with all my heart darling.

• Inside out, you fill me with happiness and love.
Just like an amazing and beautiful flower, my love will not wither.
My love will always be for you and you alone.

• You point my way to the sun. Your love gives me direction.
Everything you do makes me happy and spices my day with bliss.
You will forever be my sweetheart.

• You have been with me a through my troubles so I call you my guardian angel.
You have loved me through thick and thin, so I call you my love.
I am grateful for how beautiful you make my world.

• Your love is powerful, it enlightens my soul, gave me support and courage.
With your love, I am ready to live another day on earth. I love you.

• You have been my best friend, my special lover and my one and only. You have been the back bone of all accomplishments I've made so far.

• Your warmth is unforgettable, your tight embrace is memorable. The thought of you is always on my mind. I love you and will always do.

• I can't forget how much sweetness you bring into my life.
You have always been there for me every moment. All my love, I offer you today, tomorrow and forever.

• My untapped love will I share with you forever. Count on me to be always there for you all through your hard moments for my special moments will be spent with you.

Cute messages to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend

• I think of you while lying on my bed, I smile.
The wonderful memories you make me feel integrates all the happiness hormones in my body.
I am happy to be in love with you.

• If my love is not for you, then it's for no one.
I will love you with every of me. I will love you till the end.
You are my better half.

• Your love is sweet. The beauty of your love can never be expressed with words. I keep loving you all the time, when I'm alone and when I'm with you in my thought.

• With you in my thought, I'm never lonely. I am never afraid. Every moment is golden because I take each breathe with smile.

• I take each breathe with smile ever since you came into my life and turned the table around.
I'm not scared of dying now for I have felt how beautiful true love is.

• I look forward to everyday, I look forward to a future with you.
I love you every minute. If the love I feel for you is measured, it will weigh a fortune.

• My love for you weighs a fortune, my heart beats like a bank, my face glows with smile at the mention of your name.
Baby, I'm forever yours.

• Life is a jungle of explorative opportunities, I can't do it alone, I can't do it if you are not by my side.
I love you dear.

• You worth a million that words can't describe.
You mean a lot I can't explain. With you, I'm the richest human. I love you.

• The world is the stage, its for you and me to stay on forever.
My love is for you and the world is out there to watch the perfect combination of hearts.

Sweet message to girlfriend or to boyfriend

• Your love is magical because it stole my heart.
Your love is pure because I feel happy all day with you. I love you and won't stop till my very last breathe.

• True love is uplifting and inspiring. Its divine because it is blessed in heaven.
True love is sweet, that's why I carve for your love everyday.

• With you I can do three things; Live, Laugh and Love.
These are the things my heart and world desires everyday.
Thanks for giving them to me.

• You're the source of every goodness that happens in my world.
You are the source of my happiness and bliss that decorates my life.
You're the best I ever had.

• Behind everything I do is your love.
Behind the great personality I am is you.
I love you blue and black and I will love you forever.

• You came into my life like an angel. I know the heavens must be watching to see how much I treat this lovely angel.
I love you with my whole self.

• You're the most amazing thing I ever had.
You are that important person I think of when I wake in the morning and the precious one that stays on my heart till I sleep off.

• Magical is what I call your love. Fantastic is what I call your beauty. Wonderful is what you make my world like.
I love you my Darling.

• Our love is forever.
My life is the representation of your love.
You have made my life a blessing. Thanks for being that special person in my life.

• I'm astonished at the happiness you bring into my life.
I'm grateful for having you in my life. You mean so much to me and I love you.

Sweet messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend

• With your unconditional love, I melt like honey.
This relationship will be the most beautiful thing the world will watch out for because, it will last forever.

• Your love is like thread that bonds every part of me together. I need you at all times because your presence changes everything in my life. I heart you sweet.

• You are the girl of my dreams because you've been in my heart even before we met. Everything about you is just so perfect. Are you an angel?

• You have my heart in your hands, take care of them the same way you take care of your body.
My love is always for you because no other person deserves it.

• You are my morning alarm because you wake me every single day of my life.
You make my heart tick faster. You make my world feel magical.

• The happiest moments I've had were with you.
The special place I've been is your arms and the most beautiful feeling I want, is to be in your world.

• When you choose to love me, I felt heaven on earth. I felt the best of happiness. That was the best moments of my life.

• You give me reasons to love you. The reasons you give me differs everyday. I love you for being your best through our life struggles so far.

• I thank you for being the best in my life. I thank God for giving me the chance of having you by my side forever. I love you beautiful.

• Without you by my side, my life would have been shattered.
In between smiles, tears and breathe, I will love you with of me forever.

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