Best Love Quotes & Best Love Poems for Lovers

Best Love Quotes for Him or for Her

• We should always be together, because what we share cannot be enjoyed when we are apart. I love you so much.

• Funny how time flies, I remember when I admire you from afar.
Now you're one of the ingredient of my life. I'm not kidding each time I say 'I love you', because I do.

• We sleep and dream.
You remain in my dream and reality.
You brought light into my world, you should be called an angel.

• I've tasted your lips. They are the sweetest thing ever.
I've felt your skin and concur on its softness.
I've seen your love, its the most exciting thing anyone can feel in the world.

I Will Always Love You Quotes

• I'll take you around the world in seconds.
You lit up my world with a candle in the morning, keep it bubbling with love in the afternoon and wrap it up by blowing me good wishes at night.
I love you.

• Like a terrorist, I'm going to bomb your heart and blew up beautiful and sweet things all around.

• I've a confession; I swear, you make me the 'ME' that I am today.
You're the love of my life.

I Love You Poems & I Love You Sayings

• I'll get you the best things in life.
I'll give you love that you never experience my special one.

• When I think of all the years I'll spend with you, my heart beam with happiness and fulfillment.
You are my purpose.

• You're my flashlight; even at the darkest tunnel, you show up and show me the step out to the Open and Beautiful world.

I Love You So Much Quotes for Him or for Her

• A life without you would look like a desert grass without water.
You remain the love of my life and will forever be.

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