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Friday, 23 December 2016

Cute Paragraphs To Say To Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Ever been stuck with sweet Cute paragraphs to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend?

I will give you the best romantic messages and words to express your feelings without getting outer sweet things to say.

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Cute Paragraphs
Cute Paragraphs to your Girlfriend
Cute Paragraphs to your Boyfriend
Love Paragraphs
Love Paragraphs to say to your Boyfriend
Love Paragraphs to say to your Girlfriend
Short Paragraphs
Short Paragraphs to send to your Girlfriend
Short Paragraphs to send to your Boyfriend

***Please, use the table of contents***

Cute Paragraphs

Cute Paragraphs to your Girlfriend

Cute Paragraphs to your Boyfriend

1. You remain that special kind of star that wows the universe.
Your brightness (Love) illuminate my world and gives my life direction.

2. Nothing matters if you're close to me.
Your beauty is mesmerizing and my feelings are uncontrollable.
Life with you would be divine. I love you.

3. I look forward to spending my life with you because with you my life is complete.
Your love makes my heart fly high like a kite and beats faster than the drums.
I will love you forever.

4. My love for you is strong, It can't fade like smoke in the air.
My feelings for you weighed way more than what I've felt for anybody.
My love is yours forever.

5. My love is true, it can change a river's course.
My love is stronger, it can turn coal to gold.
My love is superb, it can tame the tempest to a balmy breeze.

6. You are a rare Angel because you squeezed my heart tenderly and made my feelings flow.
What I feel for you is pure bliss. You are the angel of my life.

7. I love you still. With my whole heart, I will love you with every strength in me.
My love is dedicated to just you because you are my world.

8. You popped into my life, restructured my heart and painted it with the beautiful color of love.
Your love brings cuteness and peace.

9. Every second I yearn for your love, its like a medicine that cures my life problems.
You're my one and only life doctor.

10. Just like a lonely dog, I stay cold without your presence.
You are all I ever need and more. I love you sweetheart.

11. I'm giving it up for you.
You're truly a rare gem because I've never had the feelings I'm feeling right now inside my heart.

12. I love you deep down.
I need you like the air.
I will stop at nothing in keeping you forever.

13. I'm missing you right now.
Clinging to that thin line of boredom and loneliness,
I need you my sweetheart.

14. My love for you remains untouched even with my ups and down.
That freshest kind of love that com's from the heart will you receive everyday because you are my king (queen).

15. Forever will I love you for there is no other than you.
You are my angel, the joy of my heart. My love for you is forever.

16. I will fight for your love like a warrior.
I will pray for your love Like a pastor.
I will do anything possible to have you love, all to my self.

17. Every inch of me belongs to you.
I will fight till the end for every single bit of you.
I will love you as long as I live.

18. With the rise of the sun, I care for you.
With the fall of dawn, I love you even more.
I can't severe the strings that attach us, all I can do is love you forever.

19. My heart is more closer to you. Whatever you feel, I feel it more.
I leave my heart in your care because I don't seem to control it anymore.

20. We have grown in love, everyday my feelings for you grow bigger.
Every second I look forward to spending time, side by side with you because you are my jewel.

Love Paragraphs

Love Paragraphs to say to your Boyfriend

Love Paragraphs to say to your Girlfriend

21. I've seen you, I'm never saying. Goodbye again not when I'm still sharing the same air with you.
I love you so much.

22. I'm happy because you're my Knight.
I'm happy that you'll remain my super hero forever.
I love you.

23. You made my life so much better by coming into it and keeping it better by giving me dosage of sweet sweet love daily.

24. You're my mentor, brother, friend and my lover.
Your undivided love showered on me daily is the basis why I will never let you leave my life.

25. Every second, Every min. Every hour.
My heart tags along and My world glitters.
You're a blessing and I love you very much.

26. Your love mean the world to me.
Having you in my life have been the best company ever.
I really feel special having you in my world.

27. Fire dies down, clothes loses it's quality, money loses its value but my love for you will never fade.
My love for you is that original kind of love made in heaven.

28. Your love is my motivator, my inspiration and strength to stand up tall.
Your love have reached out to me during my hard times.
I will love you in my time of abundance forever.

29. You're a rare kind of person, beautifully made with the best kind of heart.
I love you blue and black and I will keep loving you forever.

30. A moment without you is incomplete.
A day without you is stressful and a weekend without you is hard. I need you every second for you are my angel.

31. It grew slowly from chatters to friendship,
From friendship to Bond (love) and our bond
Can’t be broken. I love you sweetheart.

32. You rewind my world with your love.
You are my only one, the precious angel of my life.
Without you, life loses it meaning. I love you.

33. Our love will last forever because its the best ever.
You light up my world and make my life glow.
My love is all yours because you drive me crazy with sweet memories.

34. You are beautiful , my angel.
I know that you know but I can't hold my thumbs from typing it again.
You give me purpose. Your superman will I be because I will always be there for you.

35. All I wish to do is feel your hands in mine and your big arms wrapped around me.
Fill my head with your memories because I want to be yours forever. My super man.

36. Loving you makes me light headed, the most exuberant feeling that I've felt in a while.
With your daily love, I feel like I'm flying and nothing can stop me.

37. Your voice gives me joy.
I'm the one for you is what you should know, because there is no replacement ever.
I've fallen in love with you because all I hear is your voice in my head.

38. You mend my broken heart and pulled every beautiful thing into my world.
I am on top of the world with the wind beating my face In the best romantic way.
You make my world.

39. A short piece to appreciate you for being a lightIn my heart.
The ray of hope at my worst.
And the only thing I want to love forever.
You mean the world to me.

40. You came into my life like the wind and filled my heart with passion burning like a wildfire.
You became my weakness, my heart desire.
You have brought down the walls over my heart and I'm defenceless against your love.

Short Paragraphs

Short Paragraphs to send to your Girlfriend

Short Paragraphs to send to your Boyfriend

41. Your love left me bare inside but covered outside with care.
You made my world stood still like the sun and moon.
That kind of sweet magic, only an angel can control. That's what you are.

42. Your love is true.
I feel it every time I look at you.
The sweet memories we share is all I day
dream about.
You made my dreams come true when you
walked into my life.

43. I wish this gentle breeze beating my face will take the form of your palms.
I feel like I'm at the edge of the world, knowing that I have you in my life.
Everything feels complete and beautiful with you.

44. My love is a fire that a river cannot quench.
My heart is yours because you gave it so much love, in such a way I cannot repay.
Our love is meant to exist forever my Darling.

45. I may not live forever, but my love will.
I may not give you everything you ask for but you will never lack care and attention.
For you are mine and I am yours forever.

46. With you by my side, I can face the rainy days because your love exceed that of the highest degree.
Inch by inch, step by step. Our love will grow high like the mountain.

47. If loving you means helplessness, then I am happily helpless.
I will be right beside you when you need me.
Waiting for you to say you love me.

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