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I am Sorry My Boyfriend

•Sorry for saying those hard words to you.
Being rude wasn't in anyway my intention.
I promise never to spit hurtful things to you again.

•My love, I apologise for last night.
I promise to make it up to you for I can't live this life without your love.
I love you.

• I miss what we used to be.
Your care and attention.
I want to be back in your life because I'm sorry to have left it.

• Forgive me one last time and I promise to make up for it.
Make me your beloved and I will treat you like a king forever.

• If nothing means so much to you, let my special apology do.
For I am sorry to make you feel bad.
I've realized and I'm pleading.

• You win on this one. I'm sorry my Darling.
I want you back and promise never to hurt you.

• One last time, all I ask of you is an acceptance.
I placed you in an embarrassing situation and its not fair for you, my Prince charming.

• I made a mistake and I'm sorry.
We have spent and shared many special moments.
Give US a chance to enjoy such moments again.

• You know me better, you can predict me better off than anyone but on this, I'm sorry for my actions. I love you.

• Sweetheart, even between the fight, I know I can't exist without you.
I am sorry my love.

Sorry Messages for Him

I will do anything to keep your love, I will say anything to keep you as mine.
I am sorry my love, you should see that I'm empty without you.

My world is boring without you. My heart is empty.
I don't wish to live another moment if you reject my apology. I love you sweety.

I know I was cold but I'm sorry.
I regret my actions and I take my words back.
I want us to remain one as we have always been.

• What am I without your love?
What's my life going like without you?
I am so sorry for all I've done.
Please forgive me.

• Who is right or wrong doesn't matter.
What matters is what we share and enjoy together.
I don't wish to let go of you ever in my life.
So I apologise first. I am sorry.

• I am sad, I made you feel pain.
I am sorry for ever doing that. Forgive my pettish acts and lets remain together.

• I may not forgive myself for taking the actions I did, but I ask for your forgiveness because you mean a lot to me.

• I beg for another chance to make up for all my short comings.
I really need you in my life. I am sorry.

• I wished I had control over my actions yesterday. But I'm sorry over and over.
Your forgiveness will give me peace of mind.

• Its pretty awful staying without you.
I am sorry and I can't stop crying over my words.
I wish my tears could wipe up my actions.

Sorry Quotes for Him
Sorry Quotes for Boyfriend

• I am really sorry for my past actions, I am not perfect but I'm promising to be the best for you henceforth.

• I wish you could feel my heart or read my emotions.
I am completely sorry and don't want to continue this fight.
I am sorry my love.

• I hurt you and caused you piano but its unintentional.
I never meant to hurt you even for a second.

• I promise to make up for everything if you forgive me.
All I've done to you were not of my intention.

• I was mean with my words, I know but you will forgive me because I have repented of my words and reactions.
I don't wish to exist without you.

• My love for you over shadows all your imperfections.
I will admit to being wrong just to be with you.
I'm sorry baby. Forgive me.

• Its lonely without you, I need you back in my life.
I need your love. I can't live all by myself.

• We fight and quarrel, but don't let it kill our relationship. I love you and i'm sorry for the part I played.

• Give me a chance to love you better.
Give me a chance to prove my love for you.
Give me a chance to make it up to you.
I'm sorry my love.

• I am sorry and I will stand by my words to be the best you've ever prayed for.
You have been the pillars that have held my heart, all in a piece.

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