Let's Fall in Love

My Queen Quotes: Love Poems for Her

My Queen Quotes
• My queen, my love.
You are my everything. You are my empress.
I will love you with every of me till my last moment.

• Be my Queen, be my world, be in my heart forever.
Be everything that I've ever wanted and everything I will need, for you are my Queen forever.

• My love for you my queen has no boundary.
It grows tall like the iroko and fat like the elephant.
Its beautiful like the roses and forever in my heart.

• Leaving you is impossible, loving you is mandatory.
My love will cover each space in between us.
I will love you with my whole heart because you are my queen.

• You are my sunshine, you are my rainbow. I love the way you make me feel so I will love you with all I have today and forever.

• I want to love you with all I have, I want to be a part of you as you're my Queen. I want to be in your past, present and future.

• Look into my heart for a moment and see how much I'm willing to give up just to be with you. I love you more than you will ever know. I want you to be my queen and I will be your king.

• People say love hits us when we least expected but I disagree because I knew right from the moment I met you that you were the one for me.

• I fell in love with a queen, never change for a second for you will be changing from the person who made my heart skip beats that first day.

• I only want you to be the one I wish to see everyday, the one who will reach out to me during my downs.
The one that will be my queen forever.

Love Poems for My Queen
• Forever in my heart will your sweet love be, for its the purest thing, sweeter than honey.
Your love gladdens my heart.

• May God bless your existence for you've been a blessing to my life.
You got into my heart and made it glow again.

• My queen, my empress. Rule my heart according to your wish.
All the beautiful wishes I blew in the sky came true when we met.

• Special one, may everyday of your life be colourful as you paint my world with your love and tender care.
You're my special woman.

• Your presence in my life cannot be estimated because your love has done a lot to my world.
My Queen, I'm contented having you in my life forever.

• My Queen, my treasure. You mean so much to me that the thought of losing you is the least of my worries.
We will be together because I can't exist alone.

• Every second of everyday my love for you grows. This is never a mere word because what I feel for you can never be described in a word.

• My love for you flows like the time.
My love is deep like the oceans and high like the skies.
It can never be estimated because what I feel for you can only be understood by the heart that has felt love before.

• As my queen, you represent my rock and strength.
I will call you my everything because everything in my world can be related to you. I love you.

• My special one, you give me sweet feelings that I've never felt before each time you stare into my eyes. You melt my heart now I'm totally under your control.

I Love You my Queen Poems

• You're everything I want, you are everything I need.
My love is for you and you alone as long as I live.
You will always be my queen.

• For my Queen, my love for you grows on a daily.
Right the moment I saw you, I knew my love has finally gotten to its destination.

• The day is dull without your presence, the night is long and boring without your touch.
My Queen, your absence cripples my heart.

• Your beauty is admirable, your love has my total respect.
I want to be your king because you fit in being my queen.

• My life journey can never be pictured without you.
I imagine what I would be doing now if you are not my queen.
Maybe my world would have been in disarray.

• The love you give me is unique. Its special because it was blessed and made for us.
The love found us and united me with the most awesome person in the world.

• The depth of my devotion to you will never be doubted because all of my love is for you.
Your care, love and passionate kisses, all those I don't wish to lose.

• As my queen, all I want to do is to always love you and shield you from any pain.

• I won't promise you the world, but I promise to always love and keep you happy always.

• My mission is to guard my queen and guarantee her happiness.
These will I do with joy in my heart.

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