My Promise to You Messages & Poems for Him or Her

I Promise to Love You Quotes

♥ My promise to you in the morning is to love you forever, take care of you during the day and repeat the two processes at night because you're my angel.

♥ My promise to you; I promise to treat you right, without doubts or regrets.
I promise to love you forever without looking back.
I promise to share my life with you.

♥ You mean more than the world to me, I promise to be there whenever you need me.

♥ I'll fight your wars and love you like no other.
This is my promise to you because you mean the world to me.

♥ You're that part if me I cherish everyday.
You are that soft part that turns my world on.
I promise to be the best you ever had.

♡ You have been my desire everyday. The treasure that have shaped my life.
I love you with my whole heart and I have this promise to make to you, I will love you forever.

♡ I promise you sweet love everyday because you are the one my soul longs for.
How I feel for you cannot be explained but I know it's real.

♡ Everyone can make promises but when you look into my eyes, everything you wish to know is written there.
When you look into your heart, you will know that I am the one.

♡ I'm not claiming to be your Mr Right but I know I'm the one for you anytime, anyway.
I don't want to miss you because I promise to love you forever.

♡ Remember the first time we met, the sweet memories we shared. They were the best I've ever had with anyone.
I promise to give you my love everyday.

♡ I don't want to leave this spot I hold in your heart, I don't want this love to die, I don't want to stop looking into your eyes and I don't want to stop loving you.

I Promise to Love You Forever Quotes

♥ I promise to give you a ear when yo talk, an arm when you're cold and a heart that will love you forever unconditionally.

♥ I promised to love you but I will give you beyond that, I promised to care for you but you will get more than care.
I promised you my world, here it is...

♥ Be my Queen, I promise to be your King.
Be my girl, I promise to give you True love that you have never felt before.

♥ I will give you all I have for you deserve more.
I will love you unconditionally because nobody on earth deserves it than you.

♥ I love you so much so I give you my word, to love you forever till the ending of time.

♥ My promise to you this morning is not to give you every thing you ask for but to cherish this love we share forever.

♥ I promise to give you my best.
Sometimes I don't keep to it but my best will I give you forever as you remain my better half.

I Promise You Quotes

♥ I long for your love everyday. This make the feeling I have for you grow stronger.
Deep inside my heart I promise to keep you forever.

♥ it's never easy to be happy but I promise to make every happy moment we share memorable.
We are afar now, I promise we'll be together someday.

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