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Cute thinking of you quotes
Cute Thinking of you quotes for him
Cute Thinking of you quotes for her

Just thinking of you quotes
Just thinking of you quotes for boyfriend
Just thinking of you quotes for girlfriend

Cute thinking of you quotes

1. You are the source of my courage, the motivator I have always looked up to.
Without you around, I wonder how I will handle adversities.
I can't take my mind off you.

2. You came into my world with confidence and determination.
I think of you often because everything you do shapes my life.

3. I pray for more tranquility to enjoy this wonderful feeling we share.
I pray for good health to keep you on my mind always.

4. Everyday isn't meant to run smoothly, but as long as I have you on my heart ♥, my day is complete.

5. Your warm smile, your sweet words and everything you do makes me think of you always. I love you baby.

- thinking of you quotes for him
• When I think of you, I get this feeling that I've never felt before.
I know its a feeling of love because it feels good.

• A day without you is empty. Its like day without the sun.
I'll always have you in my heart, that's where you belong.

• When I think of you in my heart, the world changes, my heart fills with gladness, my mouth doesn't speak.
When I think of you, nothing else seems to matter to me.

• What I feel for you is strong. What I will show you is love.
What I will give you is my heart, so that you will see how much I think of you.

• I think of you before I sleep and when I miss you more, I pretend the pillow is you, then I hold it tight till I sleep off.

• i don't want to think of you, not because I don't love you but because I miss you when I think of you.

• In my thoughts, you're always with me. In my world, you keep my hopes alive with your love.
You mean a lot to me baby.

• I smile when i think of you but feel bad when I miss you.
But whichever I do, you are always on my mind everyday. I love you.

• You are all my world needs because I think of you more than I breathe.
I won't deny that you've become an important components of my heart.

• Thinking of you, wishing for cute thing that could have happened between us.
That's all I do when I'm alone.

- thinking of you quotes for her

• When I think of you, I realize how much of a blessing you are to me.
When I count my blessing, I count you twice.

• You're my addiction because I think of you more often than I think of myself.
You will always be in my heart everyday.

• I don't know where does the thinking, the heart or the mind, but all i know is that I think of you everyday.

• When I'm doing something tasking, I pause to think of you before I continue as to keep me focused on what needs to be done.

• Time only give space to tho k not heal, because I find my self thinking of you more often since you left my world.

• Peace, love growth, these are the things that pops up in my heart whenever I think of you.
As the Queen of my world, I will love you forever.

• How wonderful it will be if you're thinking of me right now I am thinking of you.
How beautiful it will be if you want me as much as I need you right now.

• You make me think about you everyday.
The thought of you is all that fills my heart and I can't get it off because I enjoy thinking about you.

• The more I think about you, the more I love you.
The more I love you, the more I want to be with you.

• Thinking of you and all of your wonderfulness gives me joy and a sense of appreciation for having someone special in my life.

Thinking of you Quotes

- Thinking of you quotes for him
• Thinking of you is the easiest way to put smile on my face, funny enough, I think of you when I miss you.

• I just included thinking of you as one favourite thing I enjoy doing.

• if I think of you then I remember you, and if I remember you then I care about you.
If I care about you then I love you. You are always in my prayer.

• I just want you to know that I'm thinking about you.
I'm thinking about how sweet and special you have been to me over the years.

• I smile when I think of you because everything about you reminds me of the wonderful times we have had together.

• There is never a wrong time go think about someone, If the person is special. Think about em every time.

- thinking of you quotes for her

• I can't be with you physically but I can be with you in my thoughts.
I can think of you all day long without getting bore of it.

• You are everywhere with me because you are always on my heart. You will remain and go everywhere with me because I will have you in my heart forever.

• I thought of things you have done in my life and I realize how lucky I am to have you in my life.

• Thinking of you reminds me of the best things in life, which you are one of them.

• All of my thoughts goes to your direction, that's speaks of how important you are to me.

Just thinking of you quotes

• I wish to show you how much I love you because I'm just thinking of you everyday.

• I just think of how memorable my life has been since I met you.
I never knew it was easy loving someone so much. You're my angel.

• I woke up this night with several thoughts on my mind. One of those thought is you.
I just think of you for no big reason.

• Never forget that I'm always here thinking and wishing you the best out of the day ahead.
I love you and nothing changes that.

• I love you so much, I love you the way you are.
I love you more than you can imagine.

• I'm just thinking about everything.
You are my everything so I'm thinking about you all day long.

• You have been running thro my mind all day, I guess you'll be worn out. I love you sweet.

• I fall In love with you everyday because each time I think of you, a new feeling of love fills my body.

• I think of you always no matter how hard I try. I'm not trying to subdue my thinking because I discovered that I feel better thinking of you.

• This love will last till the end because each time I think of the future, I picture two of us together.

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