Sweet Paragraphs to Send to Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Get all sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend, a sweet paragraphs to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend, sweet paragraphs for your girlfriend or boyfriend and sweet paragraphs to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend.

Select the most romantic and sweetest paragraph your lover will like and send it right away to put a smile on that special one's face.

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A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend

Sweet paragraphs to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend

Sweet paragraphs for your boyfriend or girlfriend

Sweet Paragraphs to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend

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A sweet paragraph to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend

1. You're the reason my world spins. You're the reason I smile to myself all the time. You're the reason why I keep living. I love you baby.

2. I am blowing kisses your way, close your eyes and receive it.
For each kiss I blow represents how much I miss you.
You're always the one for me.

3. I thank God for the gift of love and bringing you my way.
I have a lot of things to thank God for including giving me another day to love you.

4. I can't wish for a better lover than you, because you made love live in my heart again.
You have set my heart ablaze with the fire of love.

5. I now hope for a happily ever after because you're by my side.
Everyday I feel so grateful for having someone to think of every moment.

6. You are the greatest love of my life.
You have made everyday perfect.
You have made me feel so much happiness in every moment I spent with you.

7. I promise to stay with you through good and bad. Through thick and thin.
I promise to be there for you when you need me.

8. What I did right to deserve you is still beyond my understanding.
I wish I know, so that I will keep doing it just to have you stay in my life forever.

9. I can't explain how I feel every moment I hear you speak or smile.
The feeling is so beautiful that I care less about its explanation because I want to enjoy this feeling forever.

10. I like what I'm feeling.
Its the feeling of love, the feeling of commitment and the feeling of happiness that I wish to feel forever.

11. I'm grateful that your heart is big enough to fully accept me. I am happy that your world is large enough to contain us. I am glad that you are mine.

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12. Hand in hand, we will face whatever life brings. Your love has been my motivator and inspiration.
I love you and will always do.

13. Your love takes me so high that I never wish to go back down because the view from the top Is so beautiful.
Of course, you make my world beautiful.

14. My love for you is complete because it is stronger than the sun ray and sweeter than the song of the bird. My love for you is forever. I love you.

15. You will surely be in my heart forever and ever because our destines has been written in the stars.
You give meaning to the word, LOVE.

re, for it cools my heart down when everywhere is on fire. I love you.

17. All I want for you is happiness, all I pray for is bliss.
I love you and I wish to see you happy with or without me in your life. You are the sweetest.

18. My life is now on 'cry less, laugh more' since I met you.
You make me so happy and fulfilled with the passing of each day. The future is surely bright.

19. When I'm with you, my world is at its peak.
When I'm with you, I'm at my best.
When I'm with you, everything is simply perfect.

20. Everything you did for Me and the ones not done yet, I'm grateful forever.
I promise to give you my unconditional love without distraction. I love you.

Sweet Paragraphs to say to your girlfriend or boyfriend

21. Each time I hold you In my arms, if feels like I'm holding the whole world.
Each time I look into your eyes, I see myself in you. I love you baby.

22. Your love is a food to my soul. All thanks to you because my heart will never stave again of love and attention.
You are my guardian angel and will forever be by my side.

23. The beauty of the world, I saw through you.
The purpose of everyday, you make me understand.
You are simply the best the heavens has ever produced.

24. What we feel for each other is what matters to me.
What I feel can never be explained with just words but you can feel it with your heart.

25. My life is colourful because you put colours to my world.
Stay In my heart forever for I am enjoying the beauty of everything you made.always have a wonderful day because the sun will always have a wonderful day because the sun will always shine on our love and make our lives beautiful.

27. You are wonderful because you put the sun in my day and the moon in my night.
You must be an angel because all I do is love you more and more.

28. I'm addicted to you because I want to be with you every moment.
I am addicted to the joy you bring because I can't do without it.

29. Someday, we Will share a life together.
A life where its just two of us in our world.
A life everyone will wish to have. I love you forever my baby.

30. I love you because you're my hope to have several happy days.
You came to my world and light it up hopes of a forever. I love you with all of me.

31. Our love seems like yesterday, everything still sweet and cozy. Same warm feelings you build in me.
My heart still flutters everyday for your love.

32. You crossed my path and my life changed for good.
Everything about you, I admire because you glow like the morning sun. I love you.

33. You charm me with every of you.
Your catching smile, your cute kissable lips, your ever loving heart, I love everything.
I carve for your presence every second.

34. I love you beyond words. What I feel for you cannot be estimated.
While I don't care what the world says, all I wish to do is make you feel better and happier everyday.

35. My love for you today will be greater than the one you had yesterday.
I can't appreciate you enough for what you made my world look like. I love you honey.

36. Our love wasn't by accident.
I felt that nature wanted us to be together because ever since you came my way, my life has never remained the same.

37. My life has been brightened with your love, my world has been enlightened.
I now live for you everyday. You have been the best thing I prayed for and it was answered.

38. Having found you completes me, I am giving you my whole love because you deserve it and more.
I want to live for you everyday.

39. I will call you my prime joy and the best I've ever had.
Our lives has been entwined to exist side by side forever.

40. You are my inspiration, my sweetheart.
The one right after my heart.
Words can't describe you my darling. I love you bae.

Sweet paragraphs for your boyfriend or girlfriend

41. I want to see you happy and smiling. Letters may not be enough to show you how much I love you, but I will send you one till the moment I get to spend with you comes.

42. Right in my heart, I can hear your voice. Deep inside I feel it telling me 'I love you' that's all my heart needed to hear. That's all my world needed. Your love forever.

43. I want to feel you right next to me, so that I can speak from my heart than writing you a paragraph. I love you baby and i miss the moments we share.

44. I'm in love with everything about you. Every new day gives me an amble opportunity to discover something brand new about you. I love you honey.

45. I want to love you with the whole of my life. I want to love you like the shape of U.
I can't remember to forget you sweety.

46. I want you to be the most loved person on earth, so I'm working to give you the best of love that nobody in the world has ever felt. You are my everything.

47. All I want to do is hold you In my arms, wrapped with invisible love and keep your body next to mine so that our heart will beat as you. I want to do everything with you.

48. Hurry back into my heart my sweetie, that's where our future lies. Be kind to the heart, do it well and I will love you forever.

49. The relief I feel knowing that you are in my life to stay makes me want to live forever.
You are my everything that makes me feel like her everything.

50. I can't change my mind on this, I can't even think of the idea twice, I can't imagine myself existing without you.

51. Your love is just like the clouds. It moves and configure lovely flowers and shapes in the sky.
The serenity I feel in my heart is next to nothing.
Even with the noise of life's hustles, your sweet love remains unperturbed. I love you.

52. I feel what you give to me everyday. So magnificent and tonic to my soul.
Your love has been everything I needed and I am just realizing that.
I will love you forever for making me see life from a different perspective and feeling the true love I've so heard about for long.

53. Your love is like water, it has no ingredient but yet its irresistible and refreshing.
It can never be compared to the ones I've had in the past.
It beats me, how much you have given up just to be with me. I'm surrendering myself to love you with every bit of me from today.

54. You are a great designer because the love you showered on me was beautifully designed to suit my wants and satisfy my needs.
From your eyes, I see that the world is wonderful and from your love, I want to be yours forever.

55. Only If you know what your love has done to me.
The energy it has charged me with and the tenacity in me to love you with my whole heart.
You have been there for me more than I could ever ask for. I love you baby.

56. I never knew love before I met you.
My life was a shadow of what it was now.
I was torn to shreds with my past love adventures, living in misery until you showed up in my life.
You healed my broken heart, you gave me all of you. The best thing I've ever received.
I love you baby for everything.

57. Sitting down for hours from my end, thinking of the right words that will suit you.
Even the most beautiful vocabularies can't describe how wonderful, sweet and caring you are.
I can't think of the best phrase to put on paper and send as letter, for your love is beyond words and expressions.
Your love is forever. I love you sweetheart.

58. You are a great guy, charming and most especially, loving.
You know the right things to do and the right words to say to me.
I can't imagine a life without you because you are the best out of the rest.
I want to be yours forever and you will be mine till the end of time.

59. Nothing in my whole life has been a roller coaster than your love.
You encourage me to greater heights and wish the best of me.
You have loved me wholeheartedly despites my flaws and made me enjoy this feeling of "heaven on earth" I love you.

60. I envisioned spending my whole life with you.
Be with you during my worst days and make merriment during my best days.
I want to be that undetachable part of you that will mean the world to you.
I want to love you to the moon and back. Most especially, I want to love you now my sweetheart.

Sweet paragraphs to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend

61. You gave me back my life when you became my girlfriend.
Sometimes it seems illusionary how your love changed my life in a twinkle of an eye.
Your love has meandered into my heart and made my heart its home.
I love you baby for coming into my heart.

62. Just as the flower grows and brightens when watered, so do I need your tender love to grow.
I long for your touch. That beautiful smile.
I want to do everything with you and be everything you want to do.
Is that too much to ask for?

63. From a stranger you became my soul mate, a friend who's always there for me and the love of my life.
You have always been the best and have never left me hanging. Not even for a moment.
You have shown me what true love is, and I will love you forever.

64. You mean the whole world to me because you give me this special kind of feeling.
I am the luckiest person in the world to share my life with you and I'm never letting go of you. Not even for a room filled with golds and diamonds.
Your love is the only thing that spur through my heart and it's so sweet baby.

65. Over everything, I will always choose your love for it is the only soothing balm I need.
Its amazing how you came to mean so much to me and the easiest thing I've done is to love you back.
You are an Angel, my sweetheart and my everything.

66. You make me feel special and it's feeling that rushes through me is indescribable.
Your gentle smile touches the chord in my heart and my body leaps with joy.
You radiates happiness around me and I am so happy to be yours baby.

67. See my love as a food, well prepared, garnished and served to you with all the exotic accompaniments.
Its meant to daze, captivate and mesmerize you all through our union on earth.
My love is forever yours and that will never change.

68. The path of our lives maybe rough and bumpy or deceptive, but my love for you through those times will always be real, steadfast and forever evergreen.
I will love you without looking back and no doubt because what I feel for you is pure love. That special type you can't find cheaply.
I love you baby.

69. I have never felt a cool, calm and collected love before.
You have given me an experience i will remember all through my life time, or should I say an experience I will enjoy today, tomorrow and forever. I love you baby.

70. Thinking of your love to me makes me wonder more on what I have done to deserve such an angel in my life.
Your love struck me like a strong lightening and ever since then, everything in my life has changed.
Thank you for coming into my life.
Thank you for being the one for me. I love you sweety.

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