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Monday Morning Quotes - Inspirational Quotes for New Week

Here are some Monday Morning Quotes and Saying that will reduce your anxiety of this new week.

Enjoy this inspirational Monday quotes that will relieve you the pressures and motivate you to keep pushing through life.

These are the best Monday morning quotes you can find on the internet.. It was composed and written, just for you. Yes you. Go ahead and enjoy.

Monday Morning Quotes

1. Wake up to the first day of the week.
Mondays are special because the beginnings of every great thing is exciting.
So get your body off that bed and kick start your day.
You won't achieve those mind blowing dreams if you stay on that bed for more two mins.
Have a fresh day and a nice week ahead.

2. This morning is the time, this Monday is perfect. Its time to achieve those goals.
Step up your games, add a little prayer for favor and start working towards your target.
See your dreams come true and watch your life turn around. Happy new week.

3. You won't succeed if you keep procrastinating and procrastination is equal to failure.
So how will I be at my best? First realize that today is Monday and there are loads of plans for the new week that are yet to be achieved.
Its up to you to be great as your dream or be by the side as your fear. Have a great day.

4. Another Monday morning, another fresh week.
Rather than seeing the stress, look at the truck load of opportunities starring at your face.
This is a new week and you are in charge. Make perfect use of your chances and enjoy the new week as you do.

5. This is a little drop of motivation to ginger your new day.
With the name Monday, be open minded to everything you do and always pray for the perfect opportunity to locate you.
Be the best you can be and enjoy the new week with those that matters.
That's how life should be.

6. Monday mornings are the best, because I get to implement all I've planned all through the weekend.
Its the perfect time to kick off and throttle to your dreams.
No one will do it for you. You are your own boss on this one.

7. I can't thank God enough for making another Monday a possibility.
Here is a golden opportunity to be with those that value me and love those who see goodness in me.
Life is too short to spend in anxiety. Thank God, I'm full of expectations for the new week.

8. To get pass this Monday rush, all you need is to add some wisdom in your heart.
Always note that Mondays is a new start of a new week, prepare specially for you to do things you couldn't do last week. Take note.

9. Mondays might be pushy and a bit desperate a times. Remember that many of life's greatest inspirations comes when we are in pressure.
Store this in your heart and focus on your goals not the pressure.

10. To test your ability and ultimately call yourself a genius, try withstanding all the pressures that comes with the Monday morning.
If you can stand it, slap a big 'S' on your chest and call yourself a Superman.

11. You will achieve all the great things you planned and prayed for, only if you believe the power of a Monday morning. Be positive, be focused and the sky won't be the limit any longer, it will be your starting point.

12. Awesome things starts from Mondays and end on Fridays.
You can grab the very first ones when you get the fear of Monday morning behind your thoughts. Its time to be your best dear.

13. After all the rush and pressure, things still work out just fine.
Believe in yourself today and set your pressures and worries far as you start today.
Happy Monday morning.

14. You can only go through Monday mornings successfully when you love Monday mornings. Start it slowly and always hold it steady.

15. You don't need the new year to feel motivated.
You have Monday mornings to start again.

16. Mondays give you a new day and a new week.
Two in one package, for you to start up what you couldn't do last week.

17. Mondays are to remind you that no matter the gravity of mistakes you did in the past, there is always a new day and new week to make amends.

18. The happiness you have on Monday mornings last through the week. Be happy.

19. All you need to do is, start today with gratitude of still being alive. That's all.

20. Make today beautiful with your smile.
Make other people happy too. Happy Monday.

21. No matter what the day throws at you, its up to you to remain awesome and filled with enthusiasm all through today.

22. You will only love Mondays when you believe that God will do amazing things for you, all through the week. So smile and be filled with smiles.

23. Today is a new day to have a good day. Open your mind to possibilities and see the goodness the day will gift you. Happy Monday.

24. Mondays are not bad days because you are still breathing. Knowing that whatever obstacles you face yesterday, Mondays are reminder that they ain't permanent.

25. Nothing great started big, It all started small.
Put that small move by getting started today with that plan. Happy Monday.

26. Be that change you have always wanted to see.
Lead your fears today. Live life and keep no regrets.

27. You ain't living forever but you can make a difference today.

28. Today is in your hands now. Tomorrow is unknown, but will be determined by the chances you take today.
Be inspired.

29. I want to wake up, inhale the scents of the morning breeze then congratulate myself for being alive this Monday morning.

30. I have to stay up, I have to live life, I need to be happy.
That's why I have to remain grateful for having another Monday morning to spend with those I love.

31. Being afraid of failing leads to failure.
Instead of being afraid of failing, be prepared to fail.
That way, you are determined to fight through failure to success.

32. Say to yourself this morning, 'I will achieve more than I did yesterday' that way, you have made a promise to yourself to never settle for less.

33. Life doesn't get easier. Only the toughest ones makes it far.
Its a journey that has no end, so enjoy the present moment and make decisions that will make your tomorrow better because today won't come again.

34. We all have dreams. That's one thing we have in common.
The desire to achieve our dreams is what differentiate us.
You will never know how hard or easy it is unless you try.

35. Never give up already because its still a Monday morning.
You have a lot to achieve this new day and on this new week.
Just go and do it dear.

36. We all have to be pushed to achieve. That's why I am reminding you the good life you have always dreamt of.
Get up to pursue it or stay back and only dream of it.

37. You are an inspiration to someone.
You achieve, they are moved to take a step.
You fail to keep trying, they lose the only confidence they have in life.
Its not about you today, its about those that look up to you.

38. Before you give up, remember why you started.
Know that, there is no medal for those who chicken out.
Be your best always and keep pushing.

39. Only few people enjoy life to the fullest because they do things other people assume to be difficult.
You have to be what others wish they were.

40. You have everything to be great. All you need is to add up your potentials and be greater than your imagination.
Yes. Your reality should be bigger than your imagination.

41. Do you know why we have Mondays after Monday?
Its to remind you that there is always another day to keep pushing. Good morning.

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