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Love Poems for Him or Her - Romantic Love Poems for Lovers

Love Poems for Him or Her - Romantic Love Poems for Lovers
When you feel nothing more than sending your whole feelings to that one special person, a poem comes handy. Here are some thank you and some romantic love poems all on this page.

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Thank You Love Poems
Love Poems for Lovers

Thank You/Appreciative Love Poems for Lovers

Here are some sweet thank you poems for your lover. This is to express gratitude for the amazing love you both share.
True love grows when appreciation and sincerity are the basic characteristics of the relationship.
Do you wish to appreciate the love and effort your partner has put in over the years to make your relationship stay firm? Here are the perfect and most romantic love poems to send to him.

1. Thank You
You are my love. You are my light.
Everyday I'm grateful for your endless out pour of affection.
What you give to me everyday has challenged me to be my best in this relationship we share.
I am happy to do this with you. I am happy to believe in love again.
I lost it all when my ex left, but you gave me back the joy I lost.
Thank you.

2. I love you
The love you gave to me was characterized by completeness and honesty.
The only thing my heart has longed for in years.
You have always been there for me when I need you and will always help without being asked to.
We have been through life's ups and downs but your insight and enthusiasm has been amazing.
I love you.

3. The best feeling ever
Your love over the years meant a lot and still mean more than you can imagine.
My heart has never felt this happiness when I was without you.
You have proven to be my last resort and a refuge to confine in.
You have relentlessly committed to making me the person I am today.
I love you so much for believing so deeply in what we share.
This is the best feeling ever.

Love Poems for Him
Sweet Love Poems for Her

Here are some romantic love poems for your sweetheart.
The poems below is perfect for expressing your profound heart desires to that one special person in the world.
A sweet love poem will add a spice to his or her day.

4. I want to love you forever
I can't stop being with you because you constantly make me fall in love, be in love and share love everyday.
Being with you made me value the words "we" and "us".
I love you to the moon and back. I want to grow old loving you baby, sit around watching the drapes fade.
The thought of a future with you makes me too excited, I want to love you forever.

5. From the inside out
If you can spot how bright the sun shines during the day and the moon at night, you'd understand how your love shines all through my heart.
What a great companion my heart has, you have pulled me out of the lonely waters and performed CPR.
You remain the only one who lights me up from the inside out. I love you so much baby.

6. The love of my life
What you say and do makes my heart flutter.
Everyday with you is filled with smiles and purpose. I call you my baby and I will forever call you that because my life revolves around you
Nothing matters to me now than giving you all of my love.
You will always be the love of my life and I'm not giving up on this.

7. All of our time together
You made me believe in myself again by loving me.
You lighted up my world with your beautiful face.
You are my theme for a dream and we won't stop growing together because I am never leaving your side baby.
Everything seems so right when I'm in your arms.
I am enjoying the days with you more than before. I wake up dreaming of our time together. I love you.

8. My love for you
When you hold me, all my worries fade away.
My goal is to love you continuously just as you righteously deserve.
You have spiced my life with the gift of hope. I think of you more often and I just concluded that you are an important part of my heart. The extent of my love for you is better imagined.
I love you baby.

9. I can't wait to show you the love in my heart
Ever since I met you, I have never wanted another.
All that I am and all I will always be will keep loving you.
Sweetheart, I will love you with my last breathe and give you everything you asked for.
With a list of things, I can't wait to see your smile, look into your eyes and say those words that will make you blush.
I can't wait to show you the love in my heart.

10. You mean everything to me
To many, my feelings for you is crazy and insane but to my heart, its the greatest thing that happened to my life.
My love for you is never stopping. Every moment we spend together makes me love you more and more.
I'd do anything just to keep you as mine forever because you mean everything to me.

11. The one my heart longs for
Loving you is easy. Being with you is a dream come true.
You are the one for me and I need you, I want you, I want to have you baby and spend the rest of my life with you, catching every second as we sleep and wake in each other's arms.
You remain the sun behind the cloud, the one my heart longs for.

12. My body, my heart and soul
My superman, the page behind the book covers.
You have spiced up my life with beautiful and radiant colours of your love.
I can't love you enough because every part of you is sensational in every way, shape and form.
My body, my heart and soul is built around your love baby.
I don't want anything to come in between us ever.

13. Lose your sight
I have painted your name on my heart and I wish to paint it in the stars that shines at night.
So that, the world will know how much you make my world come alive.
Baby, I am so into you like the relationship of soap and water.
You know perfectly that anything I wish to do, will be done better with you.
I don't want to ever lose your sight, my sweetest one.

14. Live with your love
You have always been the wings that will always fly me to safety.
I want to travel to the moon and look down on earth only with you.
All the silly adventures in my head can be best done with you.
Everyday I live, I pray to live with your love and when I sleep, I pray to dream of you.
You have been the one special thing in my world.

15. You are my essence
I stare at the world, nothing would have made sense without you.
The beautiful flowers with their radiant colours reminds me of the wonderful future we would share.
You are my essence baby. I know my world would have been in ruins without you.
I can't thank God enough for bringing you my way.

16. No regrets whatsoever
When words fall less of my feelings for you, expression failed me.
I count on my heart to keep beating for you.
My life has got its groove back, all thanks to you.
The design you gave my world takes my breathe away when I try to imagine its impact.
You are simply spectacular with everything you do. I have no regret whatsoever about my feelings for you.

17. I find fulfilment in you
If I call you my heart, my soul would get jealous.
If I call you my soul, my body won't be happy either. So I call you my life because in every way.
You have touched every part of me. My one true love, all your sweet doings still rings on my mind.
With you, I find fulfilment and completeness. Now I know that I was meant to be with you forever.

18. The simplest things you do
What we share may seem old but is never dead.
Your memories are engraved deep into my heart. The thought of you sends chills down my spine.
The sound of your voice sends butterflies down my stomach.
I can't explain how much you turn my life up side down with the simplest things you do.
I love you.

19. Stored in my heart
I love you because you make my dreams come true.
I can never leave you because your presence makes my imagination seem real. All my problems in life has been rectified with your unconditional love.
Even if the moments we share together seems to fly in hours, those special moments will always be stored in my heart forever.

20. Everything about you
Your love has been the best I've ever had.
I couldn't get myself to share what my heart truly feels.
I had to push myself to tell you that, you are one amazing person in the world.
Everything about you is perfect from the inside out.
There are a million reasons why I can't love you enough. I will keep loving you forever.

21. A long time ago
Pin the sweet words I say to you on your heart and remember them when you miss me.
For me, the search for someone to love ended a long time ago, because I have you.
I make this promise to you my sweetness, to love you more than anyone has ever done.
I pray to share a wonderful future with you.

22. The spice in your life
Only you is worth my love.
Life with you will be so romantic and complete.
I love you and I keep thinking about you at every point in time.
I want to be the last lover. The one you will make officially your partner.
I want to be the spice in your life because you are everything in my life.
I can't leave you baby.

23. My dreams come true
Let's make a deal, let my life be yours and yours be mine.
Then we work together to live forever.
My love for you today runs greater than the one I felt for you yesterday and I am da_mn sure that the love in my heart today will be superseded by that of tomorrow.
You have always made my dreams come true. I love you so much.

24. My existence
I want to be yours forever as you are mine.
I want to love you forever because you are the basis for my existence.
Everyday has its special memory, all thanks to you.
The first day you stepped into my life has always been a blessing.
It'd obvious that you were meant for me. I heart you very much.

25. Everything I prayed for
Baby, there is no roses as lovely as your smile. That's to tell how beautiful you are.
Nothing moved me the way you do. Any day I spend talking to you on phone is bright and the moments I spend with you are brighter.
You are everything I hoped for and everything I prayed for in life.
I can't stop my love for you.

26. I will always do
Life is not guaranteed, that's why I seize every moment to express my desires to you.
I just need you to know how much I love and care for you.
Life won't be interesting without you my angel.
I still love you and will always do.
You have changed a lot in my world.
You may not notice them, but I'm grateful for the changes.

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