Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Sweet Love Words for Him or Her

Do you seek for Sweet love words for him or sweet love words for her?

Here are all the sweet and romantic words from the heart for your lover.
Don't you think that your boyfriend or girlfriend deserves some cute love words?

Here is a load of sweet love words that will suit any stage of your relationship.
You can write this words on cards and slip it under his desk or pin it close to the fridge.
You can also recite it for him or her to make them blush.

Nothing gives me joy, knowing that your relationship is filled with bliss. Enjoy.

Sweet Love Words for Him
Romantic Words for Her

1. Thank you for being a blessing to me, thank you for being so fabulous.
I am grateful for all the interesting moments you created. This is my appreciative words to you.
Your personality is all any woman can wish for from a man. I can't stop saying thank you because you are completely wonderful.

2. With all the strength in my body, I love you.
I'll give my all, just to spend the rest of my life loving you.
Everyday is worth living, all thanks to you for being that spark in my life.
I wouldn't have an idea how wonderful being in love could be If you never showed up in my life.
I love you beyond your imaginations.

3. All the good ones are taken but you are not. You are mine to keep baby.
I will forever remain committed to this love and relationship, that's all you deserve for making me so happy.
I will love you like no other and cherish you in my heart like my last property.
All through my pursuit of a loving connection, you have always stood out as the best. I will love you forever.

4. You are a best kept secret that took away a great deal of energy to unravel and understand.
Even since then, my joy has known no bound. I fell in love with what I saw.
You are the sweetest and purest person I have ever met. I can't stop loving you baby.

5. Your beauty is out of the world. It compliment the inner personality you have.
The only two words that describes you perfectly is, fabulous and interesting.
I have felt the best love on earth from you, and I have no doubt that love is beautiful.
You are my deepest need right now.

6. Many came into my life, but only a few noted my deepest desires. Out of the few that know my desires, only you satisfy me perfectly.
I can count on you to rule my world because you give me something to hope on all day.
I love you to the moon and back because only you deserve my all.

7. Whenever I spend time with you, all that keeps popping up on my heart is that we still have many more songs to sing and more awesome memories to make together.
I won't leave your side even if I'm offered a room filled with riches.

8. All I need to feel complete is you. All I want to feel on top of the world is your love.
To be the best I can be, you need to say "yes" on that special day, I will ask you to be mine.
That's the best gift ever, you will be giving to me. From the first time I said 'I love you', there has been no regrets.

9. I love you so much that I can't remember how it's like not having you in my life.
If you are a dream, I am better off sleeping and dreaming than being in reality without you.
To show you how much my feelings grow for you, it may take years and centuries because a day can't show you how precious you are to my world.

10. If you could give me all of your love and attention, there will be no need for gifts because your love and attention means the whole world to me.
If i could make a request, I will wish to have you all to myself, everyday till the end of time.

11. I tried to describe your awesomeness with nouns, pronouns, adjectives and even superlative but failed.
Your beauty is beyond the word, beautiful. It came from inside to the outside. I can attest that there is nothing comparable to how sweet you look my angel.

12. Talking to you in the morning is like opening the heaven of blessings to rain on me all day.
Your voice is so sweet that I can spend the entire day, listening to you talk.
With you in my life, I've had no regrets. You are a blessing to me and my world. I love you.

13. You have filled everyday of my life with memories, the most difficult thing in my life at the moment is picking out one of this memory as my best.
You have already given me a lot of sweet things to tell our grand children. I love you with all my heart baby.

14. Having you in my life made me realize that I wasn't looking for love, I was looking for you instead.
I never found anything exciting about summer till you came into my life. You have made everyday of my life magical. I can't just stop loving you.

15. I am into your heart, never to leave that spot, even for a second.
Even the heavens know that you are mine and I am contented, having you all to myself.
As long as you love me, my world still maintains its original meaning. Thank you for being everything to me.

16. Together with you forever is my prayer.
Only a day spent with you covers for all the months we have been apart.
Our love is here to stay baby. All along my life, I knew I needed someone but you are too good and too sweet to be the one. I love you baby.

17. Your love has been everything to me. You make my stormy days brighter when you show up.
You have been my inspiration and I can't do anything than think about you all day when you are not around.
Both day and night, you are the only thing on my mind.

18. You give me super powers, that's why I will always want you around.
I can do anything because your love gives me strength to.
The day I saw you, marked the revolution in my heart. That was the day I understood the saying that love is beautiful.
I'd relive that day over and over if I had the power to.

19. Loving you came in stages. Before I first told you 'I love you', I had rehearsed over and over on the perfect way to let out my feelings.
You are the only thing that really matters to me, that's why I'm always handling you with outermost protection.
My love is forever yours sweety.

20. I can't hold myself from smiling when your face crosses my mind.
In fact, I smile most often during the day alone because you are the only thing I can think of.
I can't thank you enough for showing me sweet love when I needed it, but I can love you forever to show that I am grateful.

21. It would have been pretty awful if we didn't meet.
Life would have been boring without an amazing person like you..
Everything about you makes me love you more and more. I can't explain how time fly whenever we spend moments together.

22. When I though all the amazing and perfect men exist only in books, I never knew that one would be in my world right now.
Everything about you is magical, you can make a flower bloom with your hands.
Thank you for being my Superman.

23. I never took notice of how much sweetness my name sounded till I heard it from your mouth.
I knew I have achieved my dreams when you told me that I meant the world to you. I lost words to say that day, but my heart was filled with happiness.
I love you my sweetheart. Nothing can take that away.

24. I think I love you so much than words can say.
What binds us is beyond mere affection. I lost it all with words in telling you your worth.
My love for you remains a marvelous mystery, only a heart that has been in love will understand.
You are God sent.

25. I love you with every fibre in me. There is no other than you in my world.
There are no best words to describe you because you are amazing at every end.
From the first day we spoke, I knew what awaits me is divine.
You never stopped taking my breathe away.

26. Nobody has told you the effect of your love on me. It makes me joyous all day.
I also know that you are unaware of how much your smile does, it keeps my heart racing.
If only people know your worth, they will understand why I am madly in love with you.

27. You and I sounds perfect. Together, we will form a union that even the whole world can't tear apart.
We will make a great pair because we can't be apart from each other.
You will be my queen and I will be your king till our last days.

28. You know that my love for you will last till eternity, that's why if I am to pick a partner to live another life, you will still remain my first and only choice.
The best day of my life was that day I fell in love with you.
You changed my life for the better.

29. Loving you taught me never to underestimate the power of true love.
What my life was in the past, I pray never to experience it once more since I met you.
You are like my favorite jeans, that I'll never get tired of wearing.
I love you sweet pie.

30. If you are a song, I'd be waiting to hear you all day long.
I will listen to you all day with the volumes high, without getting tired.
I will let the world know about the goodness in my life. I can't explain the magic that occurred the first day we met, but what we have today is the result of that magic.

31. The biggest gift you gave to me was loving me back.
I will go on any journey with you, so far the road leads to your heart.
I will open up myself and give you only the sweetest things of life.
I will love you like no other. This feeling can not be explained by science.

32. What your love has done for me, I would get exhausted mentioning them one after the other, but i won't forget that your voice quiets my fear.
With you, my super powers are activated. A life with you will be worth all this challenges that I'm facing.

33. Your love was a pleasant surprise. That's why falling in love with you was the biggest gift I've ever received.
The sensation that happens to my body when I'm around you can't be explained. I love everything about you including your inside out.

34. I will never get tired of being yours. I will never get tired of being there when you need me. I will never get tired of holding your hands when you are cold and I will never, even for a day, get tired of showing you how much I love you.

35. Even if there are a million reasons verses one reason why this love won't work, I will stick with the one reason and take my chances because you live deep inside my heart.
Its not easy getting the one who means the world to you, out of your world.

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