Thursday, 11 January 2018

Happy Thursday - Happy Thursday Quotes | Messages | Wishes

Happy Thursday - Happy Thursday Quotes | Messages | Wishes

I am wishing you nothing less than a bliss filled happy Thursday.
I have gathered an amazing collection of happy Thursday quotes, happy Thursday wishes and happy Thursday messages to make your day complete and keep your heart motivated.

Everyday of the week comes with its own energy and it will match perfectly if your heart, body and soul is motivated to fit in the energy today brings.

Enjoy the following Thursday quotes, Thursday messages and Thursday wishes.

Happy Thursday Quotes, Messages, Wishes

1. Be happy because its Thursday already.
Tomorrow is Friday and the weekend is around the corner.
Be happy because you are alive and still breathing. Happy Thursday.

2. Live your dreams today, not because of what it will prove or get you but because nobody is sure of tomorrow.
Have a happy Thursday dear.

3. Be on the positive side this Thursday and watch how everything that happens afterwards have a totally new meaning to you.
Smile even when depressed and be hopeful it will always be a happy Thursday.

4. Sometimes, you just have to say what you want or do what your mind tells you without minding the consequences.
Live everyday of your life and give no room for regrets as you do.

5. I wish you good health, joy, peace and positivity in every of your activity today.
Have a memorable happy Thursday.

6. Being happy attracts happy and fun loving people.
Life is like a magnet. You attract what you are to yourself.
Be happy and be positive. Have a great Thursday.

7. Sometimes, Thursdays mean that it has been a really long week that is one day away from the weekend.
Place a smile on that face and keep your worries away.

8. Share love with everyone around.
Send love to those far away.
Be happy, its a lovely Thursday.

9. Thank God for letting me breath from Monday to this day.
I know, he will continue to let me breath till the end of the year.
Happy Thursday to you.

10. After waking up with the break of the morning sun, I look out through my window and all my heart could think of was, "what a wonderful world".
Happy Thursday.

11. Some people see Thursdays as regular weekdays, I see it as an indicator that the weekend is around the corner.
Happy Thursday everyone.

12. Even as much as I want Thursdays to be Fridays, they can't still be Fridays.
Wishes don't come true sometimes.

13. You are alive. You have today to find out your purpose for being alive if you are yet to realize that.
Have a fun filled day.

14. Thursdays can't be the new Friday because Mondays never seem to change with its hurries despite everyone's wish.

15. Do things that make you feel alive because today is Thursday.
Spend time with people who would give up anything to be with you.

16. You chose things that stay or leave in your life.
Its in your hands to choose happiness over anything this Thursday.

Happy Thursday Quotes

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