Best Love SMS Messages for Him or Her

Get the best love sms messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Let him or her know how much they mean to you with sms messages.

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Best Love SMS Messages

Best Love Messages for Boyfriend or for Girlfriend

Sweet Love SMS for Him or for Her

Best Romantic Love SMS for Him or Her

Best Love Quotes for your Lover

Leaving them feeling like a princess in disney land or a prince in heaven.

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Best Love SMS Messages

• Flame in my Heart
The love you ignited in my life will remain as a flame in my heart.
Even when candles and woods, melt and and burn away, I will always love you from my heart.

• Spent Tonight Being Loved
I will send you a smile that will put you on high.
I will present a kiss to set your soul alright only if you allow me to spend tonight being loved by you.

• I Will Call You, Love
When those who don't like love call it responsibility.
Others who play with it call it a game.
I that have felt true love call you my love.

• Love Is everything
You gave me that love bears all things.
Love that believes in a happy world and a sweet love that is everything in my life.
I love you honey.

I'm Sending My Love
The sun can't visit the earth but sends its ray.
The clouds can't come to the river but send the rain.
I can't be with you right now but I'm sending my love to you.

Your Love and Care
Aside needing food, water and air,
I need your love and care daily.

Love In Three Words
Love can be described in three words.
Understanding, a pure heart to care and someone special to share love with.
You are all I need.

If Loving You Becomes A Crime
Call me selfish but I'll still want you to be mine even if loving you becomes a crime.

The Way You Scare Me
You scare me the way you look into my eyes.
You scare me the way you say 'I Love You'.
The way you scare me makes me love you more.

• I want to be your Tear
Let me be that tear that will conceive in your heart.
Born in your eyes... Live on your checks and die on your lips.
I just want to be all that matters to you.

Best Love Messages for Boyfriend or for Girlfriend

Magic Of Love
Your love is heaven. I've never imagined such magic of love could happen on earth.
I never believed till you showed up in my life.

My Soul Burn & Yearn For You
Every of your words,
Every of your touch,
Each time you kiss me.
All this makes my soul burn and yearn for more.

You Blow My Mind
Like the petals dripping with the morning dew, you blow my mind.
Like the pure joy in every season, you glow to my admiration.
Nothing compares to your beauty. I love you.

Love Of My Life
You will remain the love of my life.
I feel blessed for having found you and I promise to love and cherish you every moment of our lives.

All My Love
You bring so much love to my life.
My beautiful, wonderful Sweetheart, I will give you all my love.
Because you mean the world to me.

I Will Always Love You
There are times we you make me happy,
There are times when you make me blue,
But whatever time it is, I will always love you.

My Special Thing
Wish I can hold you by my side, right now and let you feel my deepest feelings.
You will always be that special thing anyone would love to have.

My Whole Being Is Yours
I will be forever yours because my love for you will never waver.
You rule my heart, my soul, my whole being is yours.
I love U my Sweetheart.

Every Moment We Spend
The love we share is more is more than I can explain.
It grows strong with every moment we spend together.
I love you now and to my last breath.

Wonderfully Sweet
Loving you from the start happened magically, loving you always is duty I will gladly do because you are so wonderfully sweet.
I love you with all my heart.

Can't stop This Love
I can't stop loving you my dear.
This because you and no one else deserves my love.
Its just too precious for someone aside you.

Equal To Blessing
Our love was ordained.
That's why Me + You is equal to blessing.
You are the best.

Being Mine Forever
Don't promise me another thing.
You've already fulfilled the promise you never made (being my everything).

Missing Part Of You
Love isn't about your money, body or connections.
Its about finding that missing part of you.
I just found mine in you.

I Need More
Let's teach the world how to love.
You gave me the most expensive gift.
Giving me love was everything I need and more.

I'll Always Value You
I know we are not sitting justaxpose each other, but I feel your presence all around me.
I'll always value you deep within my heart and love you daily.

Sweet Loving Heart
Just like the fire burning in the rain,
I want to live inside of you.
Inside your sweet loving heart. I love you.

Live To Give You My Love
I'll live to give you my body, my soul and my heart.
I've got to live to give you all my love.
I love you baby.

Rest Of My Life
Scented candles, beautiful roses and the bundle of love.
That's all I daydream about.
I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.

Best Three Words
I feel on top of the world when I hear this best three words from your lips.
Even if you tell me 'I Love You' a thousand times, I won't get tired of hearing it.

Best Love SMS for Girlfriend or for Boyfriend

Under The Hot Sun
I can't even imagine spending a day without you.
It will be worse than a 30 minutes walk under the hot Sun.

A Blessing To Me
I'll always let you know that you're my sun, my moon, my stars and my joy.
Baby, you're a blessing to me.

Makes My Day
I'll pray to God to keep making you happy because seeing you all happy and smiling makes my day beautiful.

Your Lovely Voice
A blessed day is started with a thought of you and fun when I hear your lovely voice.

Your Love Is Heaven
I love all the beautiful things in life but I loved you more because you're the definition of being beautiful and your love is HEAVEN.

Asking Too Much
Ever since you became mine, all I wanted and will continue to ask for is your unending love.
Am I asking for too much baby?

I Want To Love You
Even for a moment, the thought of existing without you isn't an option.
I want to love you and I'm not d!cky about it.

I'm Crazy For You
I'm so loving you and everyone thinks I'm crazy.
I personally think its divine because you're a blessing to me and to the Human race.

Starring At You
I feel like being with you doing nothing but starring at you because the world is beautiful with you in my life.

Another Day
I feel eager living another day on earth because you're making each day look like a honey moon.
What more can life offer?
I love you dear.

Having You Close To Me
Imagine the scent of a crushed delicate petals.
The subtle yet distinctive scent.
These are what I want to enjoy while having you close to me.
I love you.

You Demand For My Love
Loving you is beautiful, even if I try to hold back all the exquisite feelings that seemed too incredible to be real.
You demand for it all. I love you my angel.

You're Heaven Sent
Your love is pure like the heavens, sweet like the chocolate and smells like the distinct floral fragrance of rose petals.
You're heaven sent.

I Love You Big Time
I dare not imagine life without my beloved.
You made my life, a world were dreams come true and happily ever after is the norm.
I love you big time.

I Will Love You Everyday
I don't have to be at the alter to let you know that I will love, honor and cherish you.
I'll do that everyday & I'm starting now. I love you dearly.

Sweet Love SMS for Him or for Her

Our Love Grew Instead
I give up, I've been loving you from the first day.
Tried to hide it, instead of dying, it grew stronger.
Can I be your lover?

You're A Blessing
Baby! You're a blessing from God.
Because you're so expertise in loving me.

Just To Be With You
Since many believe that love is expensive to maintain.
I don't mind being wretched just to be with you.

The Day I Met You
The day I met you, the dead love inside me came alive.
I love you my dear.

I Can't Stay Without You
You finally, out span my defense and made me the prisoner of your love.
Take me anywhere you go because I can't survive without you.

Wonderful Person
If you didn't shower your love on me, I may not have been the wonderful person you see me to be.
I want to take a single moment from my busy day to say 'thank you for loving me'.

Natural Sweetness
Love is pleasing and pleasurable only with someone ordained with natural sweetness like you.
I love you my gold.

Love Maths
The sensuous feeling of loving you plus the atmosphere of calmness which you elude is equal to a beautiful future ahead.
Baby, I feel blessed being yours.

Enough Love
If only others had a lovely love life like me, everybody will want to be in love.
You have gave me enough love and spiced up my life beyond my imagination.
I love you

I Will Love You Forever
I'll take you around the world.
I'll get you things you won't believe exist.
I'll make you smile hard enough to forget your sorrows.
Most of all, I'll love you forever.

I am One Of Them
Even when the world gets cold and you feel left, always note that you're surrounded by people who love you and can do anything to put a smile on your face.
I am one of them.

When I'm Around You
I find joy and calmness when I'm around you.
I can't explain but I love every bit of it.
And I love you boo.

With Just You
Everywhere I go, its with you.
Every time I think, its about you.
Everything I want, Is you.
I want to spend my life with just you. I love you.

Free Gift Of Life
Even if I have nothing much, I will want us to celebrate this very moment.
That's the only free gift life gives us. I love you heartily.

How You Make Me Feel
You have no idea of how you make me feel.
You ignite that spark of love that I never knew I had.
I will always love you boo.

Best Love SMS English

• Love is wonderful.
Just with you in my heart all day.

• I feel happy thinking of you.
I don't know why, but its exciting loving you.

You Live Here
You live here (in my heart).
Never for a second imagine me sending you out for rent.
Much love.

How Special You Are
If other girls have seen how special you are to me.
They would probably stage a coup to have you.
But of course, I won't let them see that. I'll keep you to myself forever.

My Heart
Love doesn't cost money but your heart.
I'm giving my heart to you because I'm sure its safer in your hands.

Safest Hands
My heartbeat, I'm en-trusting my heart to you because you're the only one with the safest hands to keep it.

An Angel From Heaven
You must be an angel from heaven, because you brought peace and happiness to my heart since you entered my life.

I Love You
I'll keep watch over your steps and be close by when you need me. I love you and that will never change.

Life's Precious Moments
Life's precious moments are the ones spent loving someone who makes life worth living over and over again.
I'll love you forever.

Believing You
My life has been colorful just believing you.
Having you is simply amazing because all my dreams are coming true.

A Great Day Ahead
Hi boo,
A little bird told me that you just started a new day, so I decided to drop this text, wishing you a great day ahead.

Till The Day I'll See You
It'll be amazing, having you right in my arms all through the day. But I'll leave that till the day I will see you.
Enjoy yourself baby. I love you always.

Great Day For Me
You're everything I ever wanted even when I wasn't sure of what I needed.
I trusted you and that meant a great deal for me.
I love you.

I Will Give Love To You
Love means respect, adoration and commitment.
While others underestimate these, I'm giving them to you without hesitation.

Because You Are Mine
You are my present, your love is my future.
I can feel myself touching the sky, just because you are my lover.

Best Romantic Love SMS for Him or Her

Real Love Isn't Shown From Words
Real love isn't shown from words that comes from mouth and sweeten the ears.
But a conversation that comes from the heart and covers the other heart.
I will always love you.

I will Loving You Today
I know how beautifully you made my life,
How precious you are to me. And how amazing my world has become since you came in.
I will love you today, tomorrow and next.

More Sweet Memories Awaits Us
Since I learn that remembrance is a gift no one can steal, 'I will keep the memories of you and I'.
I'm sure, more sweet memories awaits us.
I love you.

Last Assignment On Earth
Even if I've loved very few and liked many, nobody compares to you because nobody is as special and sweet like you.
So I'm loving you, even if its my last assignment on earth.

My Last Penny To Watch You Smile
Life won't be memorable without that special smile from your special face.
I'll trade my last penny just to watch you smile all day.
I love you sweety.

Your Attention All Day
I Love and cherish you in every blink of the eyes, in every beat of my heart, with the last strength I feel inside.
My whole heart yearns for your love all day.

Nobody Is Getting Between Us
I can't describe how the though of you quicken the pace of my heart beat.
Sends an uncoverable smile to my lips and makes the world light up.
I love you and nobody is getting between us.

What More Can I Love
Angel! I'm loving your eyes, I'm so in love with your. Ways.
I just adore your style.
What more can I love than you.
I love you.

Because You Are You
Been pondering on why I'm loving you so much, then I came up with the answer that I'm loving you because you are you.

Special Smile
You have that special smile that can't be compared.
You've got that special face that can't be replaced.
You've gotten that special lover that will love you forever.

How Much I Love You
My love is forever yours.
My heart is your property.
My body is at your call.
Baby I can do anything to show you how much I love you.

Everything I Need
You represent the blue sky that assures me of a bright day, the sun that comforts me that everything will be fine and the moon that sings me to sleep.
You are simply everything I need.

What's Better Than Loving You
You are there when I need you.
You are the special ingredient that spice up my life.
What else can I do better than loving you forever.

Keep Me Calm
There is no competition because you rule my heart.
The thought of you made my day worth the stress.
Knowing that I have as my lover forever keeps me calm.

The One For You
You are special, even the heavens know.
I feel just so special being the one for you.
I love you darling.

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Best Love Quotes & Poems for your Lover

If You Stand Next To Me
Looking back at what we've been through, I will go through it again only if you'll stand by myself.
You're my angel.

So Much Joy
You entered my life like its a farmland.
Made my laughter grow and filled my life with so more joy.
I just can't stop loving you honey.

Found Guilty
Hey dear!
You've been found guilty of adding more meaning to my life.
You are to be judge right beside me and sentenced to life imprisonment in my heart.

My Darling
I'm never scared of loving because I can count on you to insure my heart from any pain.
I love you my darling.

My Sweetheart
You are my angel, I feel like I'm right beside you this very moment.
I love and cherish you my sweetheart.

I Just Love You
I'm just loving you and it seems like it has been in existence for long.
I just love you and won't stop loving you.

Bundle Of Sweetness
Boo! You are a bundle of sweetness, joy, sunshine and fun.
You are all these rolled into one. I love you so much.

How Much I Love You
Only if you can imagine how much I love you.
You would know that nobody on earth has been this lucky.
I love you.

I'll Love You Till You Realize
I won't swim an ocean nor climb a mountain to show you how much I love and cherish you.
I'll love you till you realize it.

From My Heart
I can say everything else but each time I say 'I Love You'.
Believe me that it never came from my head. It came from the heart.
Have a great day.

I Love You So Much
If you miss me, I miss you more.
If you need me, I need you more.
If you love me, I want you to know that I love you so much that the stars jealous you.

I Want You Badly
Your face reminds me of the future.
Your voice, so cute like the singing birds and each time I think of your lips, It makes me want you badly.

Right Next To You
I can't control my feelings when I'm right next to you.
Like magnetic, you pull me off my guard into the centre of love.
I can't help but helplessly fall in love with you.

You Make Me Feel High
Your love is intoxicating like red wine.
Your presence speaks volume even when you say nothing baby.
You simply make me feel high.

Perfect Match Of True Love
Since I've met you, I've seen the sun and you're just the perfect match of what true love is all about.
I can't explain with words but I think you're the best.

You Are The Morning Sunshine
That crazy feeling you get, knowing that an angel is reading this text right this moment.
I can't even state the difference between you and the morning sunshine.

Telling You 'I Love You'
I feel you each time the thought of you pops into my mind.
It keeps popping that I can't do anything all day than to type this text telling you, "I Love You".

I Love You Dear
You remain the only reason i take another breath.
Life sucks but it sucks less with you.
I will say this to you every second, everyday without getting worn out.
I love you dear.

Best Blessing In My Life
I will always remain grateful to your parents for bring a bag of blessing like you into existence.
You will remain the best blessing in my life.

Best Love Sms For Your Friend

You Turn My World
You are my sunshine in the morning and my moonlight at night.
Seeing you makes me happy. Just your presence turn my world around.

The Reason For My Smile
Seeing you happy makes me happy and seeing you sad makes me sad.
You are my emotion controller, the reason I should be smiling every moment. You're special.

Living Without You
We look good together because everything you do transforms my life in a different way.
May we never go bad because I can't afford the expense of living without you.

Share Love Forever
I peeped into our future and saw many sweet memories we will share together.
You can be the mum, I can be the dad & we will share love forever in bliss.

An Angel On Earth
You are a jewel to treasure, an asset that shouldn't be joked with.
An angel living on earth. I love you because you give my life a face.
I would have been faceless without you.

Senseless Without You
Everything makes sense now just because you are in my life.
Everything is so inviting because you invited me into your world.
You give my life sense for I would have been senseless without you.

I Will Guard Your Love
Losing you would be the biggest lost in human history & I won't live a single day with such tag.
I will guard your love and keep you forever with me.

Be My One & Only
Our relationship is an investment. I will fuel it with the sweetest and cutest love and care that heaven can give.
I will forever be by your side if you need me.
Take my hand, be my one and only.

Your Face Is Special
Your face is divine because it has the cutest lips ever, the brightest eyes that light up my heart and the most beautiful nose ever.
Everything about your face is special & I want to see it everyday.

With All I Got
If love is a drama, I will forever want to be on set with you.
If I am a book, you are my chapters. My world found peace when you said yes to me.
I will love you with all I got.

Best Love Sms For Sweet Lovers

Watered To Grow
Love has no end, it grows to infinity and makes everything beautiful during its time.
All this happens only when the love is watered to grow.
I will love you forever.

The One I Adore
If loving you is a crime then I wish to be captured because that is a law I will definitely break.
I love you mu angel because you are the one I adore.

That Feeling Of Love
Your love gives me that feeling of being in heaven while on earth.
You know that feeling that words can't explain? That's exactly how I feel.

Love You More
Even at this stage of my love for you, all I want to do is love you more.
This is nothing like I've felt before.
I feel complete loving you.

Let It Become Reality
You are my missing rib because you complete me.
The vacuum of my life is what your love fill up.
Without you, my world is a dream.
Love me today let it become a reality.

I Love You Dearly
Love is blind but true love sees all imperfections but understands.
I will love you forever without a change of mind because the good side of you makes me realize that no one is perfect. I love you dearly.

Basic Part Of Me
When you touch me, my heart jumps out.
When you are not around, my world becomes cold and lonely.
Your love has become a basic part of me that should be available always.

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