35 Really Sweet Love Letters for Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

How does a really sweet love letter look like? Romantic or cute? I bet you will like my collection of sweet love letters, love letter for boyfriend, love letter for girlfriend, cute love letters and many more that your boyfriend or girlfriend will enjoy.

Your lover deserves a romantically written love letters. Yea, that's why you are here anyway.

Let's make a toast to true love, that's the only thing that keeps the world spinning.

I won't hold you down for long, just scroll below to get all the really love letters

Sweet Love Letters
Sweet Letters for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

1. Hello dearest.
I've longed to write you this for a while, telling you what I feel.
You gave me everything to make my life glow, I can't write down everything you did because it will certainly cover a textbook.
How can I begin to describe my feelings for you in this short letter, it won't be enough to cover my feelings.
You have shown me that in every age and any place, love is guaranteed to exist there and I'm so happy to have found you when I did, my superman. Having you in my world has brought me more satisfaction than anything can bring including money.
I can't thank you enough for touching me deeply that I can actually feel myself living the life of my dreams.
You are the one meant for me always, I just wish I met you earlier and share this sweet loving without passing through the stress of past relationship.

2. My Bunny Pie,
Loving you opened me to so many things in life I never knew existed.
At a point, I had to scan my whole life, just to realize that you are everything I needed to survive.
You are the air to my nostrils, the food for my soul, the beat to my heart. If love was the world's greatest challenge, then I've conquered it because what I feel for you, I've not felt it for anyone else.
You have given me an extraordinary gift, only my heart can decipher. You have bonded me in the web of love because I can't even stop myself from loving you.
You are my family and the best friend I never had. Meeting you have shown me how beautiful, it is to love someone, other than yourself.
I will always do anything just to spend the rest of my life with you as your queen.

My sunshine,
There is no doubt that my love is bound to you alone because you and your heart were there for me when I was broken inside.
I can't even imagine how life would look like without your touch and warm embrace.
I miss you very much but I know, I will be with you soon and the greatest distance that will be the one between your nose and lips.
Life may be a struggle after another, but I am delighted to struggle with you. Even if everything changes in this world, my love for you remains untouched. It will always be constant for you my sweetness.
Let's face life, be the best, we can be and be there for each other. I am always here for you when you need me.
I will always want to be a part of your future and dreams. I want to love you forever.

4. My love.
I wish I am there with you because it's so lonely being here without you. I have tried to do so many things, but it keeps hitting me deep in my heart that I am missing something so precious.
The distance is killing me because I don't pray to have the ache of missing you for long.
You are striving for a better future right now, I know. I want the best for you too, but if I have my way, I'd be right there by your side like your favorite pair of trousers.
I will show you how much I admire you. I will give you my whole love because it was prepared specially for you.
I can't wait to have you in my arms and kiss you when my head can't think of anything to say.
I want to be the best so that we will have a bright and amazing future together, where the world will watch our love In wonder.
I love you with all that I am, all that I was and all that I will ever be.

5. My Darling,
The way my feelings grows for you on a daily basis amazes me.
I have never loved like this before this time. Nothing takes my breath away than looking up and see you staring straight at me.
It makes my heart skip a beat and blood to run through my veins faster.
You love me and I love you very much. That's a magic bond we share and I will give up anything just to keep that forever.
I long for your kisses, tender touches. I can't really hold back any part of me from falling in love with you.
I am surrendering myself to your love because its the sweetest and purest thing I've ever received.
You make my day bright and my face glow. You make me wish that our lives will last till eternity.
Ever since our paths crossed, I've been under your sweet doses of love.

6. My blueberry,
Since we cross paths, my world has been brighter than it used to be.
Hand-in-hand, we will match the altar to proclaim our love to each other.
I can't think of any cute feature, you don't possess. You fit me perfectly and I love you for that.
You make me strong to face anything and give me the confidence to stand any task. I want you by my side always because with you by my side, I can do things that humans can't do. I will become a superhero with unimaginable powers
Being with you motivates me to be more than I am right now, to be the best for you because you are the best for me.
I am happy and I am satisfied to be called your man.
I love you baby and I will totally be in love with you as you deserve everything.

7. I treasure the love you give to me every day, my princess. I can't survive without them.
I've never had so much love in my life like this one. I've never believed I am worthy of someone's love.
I felt, true love only exist in fairy tales and soap operas but that's not true because you changed my notion about love completely.
Our journey of life may not be rosy like we always pray for it to be, but we will make a bed of rose and carry it along, so as to lie on it even If the roads are not smooth.
We will be together, for better and for worst, in sickness and in health till eternity.
I wish to spend the best moments of my life with you baby because you healed my broken heart when you came into my life. I love you.

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Cute Love Letters
Cute Love Letter for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

8. My Prince charming,
The day I laid my eyes on you marked the day my world had its first fresh breeze of pure love.
You are the one that makes me smile even if I never intended to. You have your ways of making a dull and frustrating day flourish with your cute smile.
I can't thank God enough for bringing you my way and finally, making you mine.
Looking at your warm soft face, there is always this ray of hope that even the worst of days can be perfect.
You came into my life with comfort by making me comfortable. You gave me friendship by being my best friend.
My feelings for you run more than just friends, So you became my lover.
You mean everything to me, that's why its hard, if not impossible to resist not to laugh when you crack your joke and not to melt when you touch me.
Sitting on this desk, imagining how much love you have given to me, I still pinch myself to be sure that I am not dreaming. You are my everything.
9. Your love is the light in my heart
I love you because you are the medicine to every pain I feel.
My plan is to live the rest of my life with you.
Thanks for the wonderful love you give me.
Your love is a food to my soul, morning, afternoon and night, all I need is you.
Today, tomorrow and forever, I vow to give you all the happiness you deserve.

Your love remains the light that drives out my darkness for every moment I feel alone.
The thought of you comforts me and I will always appreciate your words because they warm up the inner part of my sleeping soul.

10. I can not survive without a heart
I will never say goodbye to you because I will love you forever.
Every difficulty of tomorrow will I face as long as you remain in my life.

The happiness you bring to my soul cannot be compared to anything.
You make me so happy with your love every day even money can't buy happiness in my heart when I see your face.

With a simple hello from you, my heart flies away.
Your beauty is complete because it takes my breath away.
You are my heart so don't go away because I cannot survive without a heart.

11. Your love inspires me
You dig your way into my heart, now all I think of is you.
All I wanna do is spend every second and every minute with you forever.
Your face is so beautiful that it is carved in my heart.
Your love resides in my heart because I keep smiling with just the thought of you.
With you baby, every day is worth living.
I will always take your love in my heart forever because of the comfort it brings to my soul.
All your love does is inspire me to be the best than I was.

12. When I say 'I love you'
Your brightness cannot be compared to the sun nor the moon.
I love you and will keep falling in love with you every day.
I spend extra moments just to achieve good things that will make our lives comfortable.
I love you and I promise to give you the best of me.
Believe me when I say 'I love you' because no matter what life throws at us, I will always be by your side to warm up your cold heart.

13. I can't thank God enough
You showed up into my life and the blissfulness in my heart knew no boundaries.
Every moment we share together is both awesome and amazing. You have filled the incomplete part of me, I must admit, you are an amazing lover.
Only if you know how much you impacted my life with, the happiness in my heart, the tenderness of your touch. I can't explain.
I'm comfortable with your unconditional love and I feel love each time you smile at me, I can't thank God enough to bring you my way.

14. I'm lucky to share my world
My love,
Meeting you wasn't a mistake, it was destined to be because everything you do shows how unique you are.
While I'm anxious to share my future with you. I want to enjoy this very moment telling you how much my heart rejoices for your presence in it.
Our romantic love will be the best in the world because it will be filled with the sweetest and cutest of love the world has ever recorded.
I'm lucky to share a wonderful future with you. I love you, baby.

15. The way you love me
So far, so good.
That's how our love life has been. All through our ups and downs, I'm willing to do it over abs over again only if you will do it with me. You make me feel appreciated every day with your undivided love.
I prayed to have not just a lover but for a best friend who will understand my inadequacies and fill them up with love.
I can't withhold my love for you because nobody deserves my attention than you. The way you Love me, no one can. My love for you will remain steady and continuous.

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Love Letter for Boyfriend
Love Letter for Girlfriend

16. My love is forever yours
You are the love of my life, my lover that love me despite my oddness. I love you beyond words because you have given me the best of love in the world.
I want to thank you for loving me when no one else would. You are really a diamond and I will treasure you forever.
Let's enjoy the moment. Smile and tell the world how expensive our feelings are worth. My love is forever yours, that I assure you of.

17. My darling,
I am bereft of the words to say to you in this letter, but I still wish the following things I have got to say still covers how awesome you are to me. You have been my strength and also my weakness. I think of you before I make any major decision in life.
My heart will be like "would she love the decision I will make?" "will what I am doing right now make you smile?"
You know perfectly that your smile is the only thing that fires me up for the day to day task and I don't ever wish to lose it. My love for you is far bigger than the ocean, that's if you have the time to make a measurement. You are my companion and best friend. You give me joy money can't buy. I love you forever. (a Love letter to your girlfriend)

18. My love,
I feel tender when I remember how you make me happy. My heart is filled to its top with joy and my mind is over the moon with the amazing memories you give to me. If I could pin down the feeling I have for you, there will be no plain sheet on earth because they all will be covered with praises because your love has made me experience heaven here on earth. I know that having you is beyond mere luck, that is the main reason why I am securing you all to myself so that we will spend this beautiful future together.
You make my world glow and I won't be that foolish to let go of your love no matter what happens. I will always love you like I have always done. (letter to your boyfriend)

19. My Dear,
My love is forever yours. Come rain and sunshine, I will treat you like a diamond and will never let you stay a mile from me. Even if you are far away from me, you will never leave my heart even for a second. My love for you will blossom until my dying days because I have felt purpose and I want to show you, love.
While I might not have the most tantalizing words at my disposal to express my love to you, I will manage these three words (I love you) to let you know that my world revolves around you all year round.
You know how I feel about you, I want you to also know that there is no mistaking in it. My love for you is real and I will love you forever because you are the only one that deserved to be loved this tenderly.

20. My cupcake,
Being with you taught me what it is to be in love. A moment spent without you have made my world seem without spinning. Until eternity, my love will be for you. Even when we are no more, I will wish to be close to you in our next life because everything about you is just perfect.
I don't ever wish to miss the moment to appreciate how beautiful you are and how you have made my world so wonderful. You are an angel that was sent down from heaven to give my life a purpose.
I can do anything just to have your hands on my face and your lips on mine.
I chase the moments shared with you because they make up the unforgettable memories in my heart. From now until we are no more, I will preach about my love to an angel. A love that transformed my little from nothing to everything I have ever prayed for. I love you.

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The Best Love Letters for Her

21. Dear (name)
I write to you from a heart melted by love and forged by your compassion. I want you to know that you are the best the world could possibly offer. I have no doubt that you are the one that fits my heart completely.
My sunshine, I want you to start every morning with a beautiful smile. Like the colors on the feathers of a peacock, I want it to be the amazing thing humans have ever seen. I want you to be the best version of yourself because you bring out the best in me. I want you to love yourself because I am hopelessly in love with you. I want you to adore yourself because I adore you.
As you go through every day, I want you to know that I have loved you way more than any man can possibly do and I will keep loving you forever.

22. My Pumpkin,
I want something to stick on your mind. I love you to the moon and I am not afraid for the whole world to know that. When my mind wanders on the journey of love, I imagine you coming along with it because what is love to me if you ain't in the picture?
I wake up every day wondering what more surprises Life has for me because having you in my life was the biggest surprise I can't stop thanking God for. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much my heart rejoices that you are part of my life.

23. Dear Shuga,
Do you think of me when you wake up in the morning too? I battle with your thoughts late in the night before the hands of sleep hold me in an embrace of a journey. I dream and smile in my sleep. I don't see myself doing that but others do. They know that you are the bulb in my life that light up my world. They know that you are the force that gets me going. They know that you are the one that my heart accepts.
I want you to know that you are the one that my heart beats for. The only one I want to spend the rest of my life with. I have never been so sure of what I ever needed in my life until I met you. I love you forever.

24. My heartthrob
Things happen in life that we can't explain and one thing that has happened to me is falling so much In love with you. There seems to be no explanation of why I love you so much. The chemistry is so strong that nothing can break it.
You are the one my heart calls on and I know that my feelings for you are true. I want to love you like never before and let the world seem the woman of my dreams as the woman whom I will be spending the rest of my life with.
I love you with all of me and I know from the first day that you are the only one for me. You mean everything to me.

25. My Baby,
There is no fear greater than the fear of losing someone you love. I am not ready to lose you just yet because my life depends on it. I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel so special because whenever I close my eyes, I picture right next to me.
Everything you do affirms my decision that you will fit me perfectly. Looking into your eyes, I haven't seen something so bright and real. I want you to look into my heart and clear whatever doubt you are harboring deep down there. All I have for you is raw love. Enough of raw love that will last you a lifetime. Keep shining baby.

26. Dear (name)
I am grateful for the good time you give me all for free when I am around you. There is nothing in the world that can compare to the moment spent with you.
The time was short yet filled with so many unforgettable memories that can last me a lifetime. For making me feel so special, I want you to know that I love you.
This is not those love said with the mouth but not felt from the heart. Mine comes from the bottom of my heart and I want you to know that a future we share together will be the best thing that will ever happen to me on earth.

27. To My Baby
I have grown to understand that there some things in love that are inevitable, one of them is love. The other part of it is that you are the one that won my heart and brought me to my knees in love.
When I am with you, there is no mistaking that I feel on top of the world and I have also understood that you are the only girl that can make me feel that way.
I love you because you are YOU. Always real with the things you say and do. There is no excuse not to fall in love with you because from the tip of your hair down to your toes spells the word “AMAZING”.
I will love you until the end of my time.

28. My Gold,
Nothing beats your radiant smile because it is golden. When I am with you, feel powerless but yet powerful because while you brought down my guards and soaked me in the ocean of love, you also filled me with the ginger to keep living.
While the sun continues to shine in the morning, you will be my queen and the one that will warm my heart with your never-ending love. I am not ashamed to show you off to the world because I am sure that nobody will match you. You rule my heart and make my world shine.

29. My cupcake,
When I look back at how far we have gone with each other, I feel like flying over the moon because I have never imagined that the last few months would be filled with such awesomeness.
You are a blessing in my life because I have lost count of the amazing things that I have enjoyed just because of your presence.
Baby, here is my promise to you. I promise to work hard on myself to be the amazing person in your life. While I cannot say I am so perfect for you, I want you to know that the love I feel for you can never be compared to the one from any man in the world. I love you both inside-out.

30. Dear Butterfly,
Hearing your voice is the force that propels my body to jump in ecstasy. While I cannot lower the love I have for you, I want you to know that you are an amazing woman that has won my heart just by being real.
I can't speak about your smile because it is completely infectious. Nobody has an encounter with you without having an impact on your awesomeness. I want you to know that my heart beats for you and my body longs for your touch. I love you with all of me and there is nothing in the world that can take away the love I feel for you.

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Sweetest Love Letter for your Girlfriend

31. To the girl I love,
I keep drooling over you all day without a single reason. I miss your kisses and warm embrace. I want to love you every day because after realizing how much you mean to me, I don't pray to lose you to anything in the world.
The times we share together forms life's newest amazing memory that I will never forget in a hurry. Your smile is the best to nothing in terms of the amazing things I have seen on earth because whenever I see you smile, I forget all my worries and focus on how you manage to have all these beauties all in you.

32. My baby,
I can go to the most fierce battle just to win a lifetime with you. I admit that I am madly in love with you because each time I think of you, my heart lights up with awesome memories. You are my true love. I just can't stop thinking about you.
At this stage in my life, all I want is your happiness because when you are happy, my world is happy. As long as nobody comes close to being as beautiful as you are, there is no man that can love you as much as I love you.
I don't mind loving you until the end of my days because you are the one I want. Have a great day.

33. To my boo,
I get stuck several times with my imaginations, thinking all about you. When I think of your face, there is no motivation anywhere that can ginger my spirit. I love you and I will keep doing that because there is nobody in the world that can love you better.
I will do anything within my means to see that you get the comfort you desire and the happiness you need. I will show you how much I am willing to go just to make you see how much of you that lives in me. With the passing of each day, I get to realize how lucky I am to have you in my life.

34. My girl,
Loving you have robbed me of my selfish behavior. Baby, I am getting better as the day goes by for you and I hope you see the changes.
My dream is to be the best for you. I want to plaster a smile on your face and make sure it never leaves that face. You are an angel, and I will treat you like one. My day isn't complete if I don't lay my eyes on you. I just hope you understand that you mean so much to me that words could possibly explain.
I know that I need your love but I just realized that it is the only thing I need to survive in life.
Keep being the girl of my dreams.

35. My sunshine,
I have to admit that I love you a lot right when I found out that you are but pretty and beautiful. I can't get the thought of you from my heart. Gradually, you got to be the queen of my life and I can't really do anything without having you in mind first.
My world now revolves around you because I wish to see you more than I wish the sunset for the day. My life is just perfect because I have you in it and I am not stopping at anything until you become the mother of my unborn kids and the only kiss goodnight and good morning.
I love you with all of me as loving you has become my daily activity as days go by.

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