You Are My Everything Quotes, Messages & Sayings for Lovers

You are my everything, everything quotes, you are my everything messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend,

You are my everything messages

1. Everything i have is you

You are the perfect description of awesomeness because i can't pin point one flaw that can separate us.
Everything i have is you, everything i will become is with you.
My baby, you are my everything.

2. The shoulder to lean on

I know i can count on you for everything because you have proven your love over and over. Thanks for being the shoulder to lean on. I love you.

3. You are my Everything baby

You keep me in love every moment.
The sweet care, your gentle touch. You are my everything baby.

4. You mean the world to me

Nothing can be compared to you because i can't find anything more valuable than you and your love.
You mean the world to me.

5. Everything reminds me of you

Everything reminds me of you, each time i say 'i love you', i want you not to know that I'm missing you but you are my everything.

6. You are my world

We were made for each other because all i do everyday is love you more and more.
You are my world.

7. My love will always be for you

Till the day my heart stops beating my love will always before you because you are my everything.

8. My love for you will grow

I will love you forever no matter what people say.
My love for you will grow forever because you are my everything.

9. In love with you

I call you the source of my joy because you make my heart beat. Slowly, all of me is now in love with you.
You are everything to mean.

10. Most amazing person

All i will do everyday is love you because you love makes me feel like I'm the most amazing person in the world.

11. You're a jewel
I love you because you are my everything.
I adore you because you mean the world to me.
You're a jewel that can never be bought with money.
I love you forever.

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