Good Morning my Love Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

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Get the most amazing good morning messages that can be sent to your lover every morning.

We will all agree that the morning is the most special part of the day... So make good use of it.

Good Morning Love Messages

1. Till I Say Good Morning
The morning isn't special without the thought of you.
It's not complete without hearing your voice.
It can never be good till I say good morning to you.

2. I Wish You The Good Things
With the goodness and freshness the morning brings.
I wish you the good things of life.
Good morning love, have a great day.

3. What Awaits You Today
Inhale the beautiful scent, feel the tender ray of the sun.
Stand up and stretch yourself.
What awaits you today is mind blowing. Good morning.

4. Every Bit Of The Morning
I send you good morning from my heart.
The best wishes only a lovely heart can produce.
Enjoy every bit of the morning and have a great day.

5. How Beautiful You Make My Life
A thought of you this morning made me smile.
I realized how special you are and how beautiful you make my life to be.

6. The Special One
My morning won't be complete if I don't say hello to the only one who completes me.
The special one who means the world to me.
I love you.

7. I Thank God Every Morning
You give me the courage to open my eyes this morning with smiles on my lips.
You're the one Ingredient of my life that I thank God for.
Good Morning Love.

8. Sweet Feelings & Best Hellos
Sweet feelings are best felt in the morning after having a sweet dream and the best hellos are best said in the morning after a fantastic night.

9. You Are My SunShine
The morning is the best time of the day to enjoy the sunlight.
You are my sunshine. Can you make my day brighter?

10. Your Love Made My Life
Look outside through the window, can you see how bright the sun made the earth?
That's how beautiful, your love made my life everyday.

11. A Single Thought Of You
You bring so much joy to my life every morning with just a single thought of you.
I wish I could wake up beside you.

12. A Smile Is A Passport
Open your eyes to the bright day with a smile.
Because a smile is a passport to a fulfilled day.
Take this smile and have a wonderful day my love.

13. I Woke Up Still Smiling
Yesterday was cute.
Dreaming about you is something I don't wish to stop having.
Its just that I can't recall anything that happened but I'm sure, it was a sweet dream because I woke up still smiling.

14. Special Moment, Every Morning
I reserve this special moment every morning to say 'I Love You'.
My morning starts only after I say that.
Good morning baby.

15. Good Things That Happens Every Morning
Your love is like the morning dew.
Your voice is like the sun ray.
These are all the Good things that happens every morning.
You make my world bubble.

16. Each Time I Say Good Morning
I can imagine a kiss from you in the morning.
A warm hug after opening your eyes.
These are the things, I wish for each time I say good morning to you darling.

17. Morning Well Spent
A night well spent is the one, I dream about you and the morning well spent is the one I send you sweet wishes for the day.
Good morning honey.

18. Good Morning Sweetheart
As the cool breeze beats your face, hear me whispering, 'Good Morning Sweetheart' to your ears.
Have a great day my love.

19. The Good Thing In My Life
Every rise of the sun represents you as the sun that appears while the stars fades.
You represent the good thing in my life that I don't wish to lose.

Sweet Good Morning Messages for your girlfriend
Sweet Good Morning Messages for your boyfriend

20. Your Smile Brightens My Morning
If I can put a smile on your face this morning.
Then I have achieved the day's purpose.
Because your smile brightens my day.
Good morning my sweetheart.

21. Morning Feelings
Words can't describe what I feel for you every morning.
Its a feeling every guy wishes for.
Thank you for making me feel this way. Good Morning.

22. I'm Ready To Love You
I'm ready to fight the day's stress knowing that you are by my side.
I'm ready to live another day knowing that I will wake up to tell you good morning.

23. Single Reason To Be Happy
Even if I have a thousand problems, I'll still smile because I have a single reason to be happy.
Good morning, special one.

24. Memories We Share
The thought of you every morning prepares me for the future.
The memories we share together makes me excited to spend my days with you forever.
Good morning.

25. You Make The Morning Special
What made the morning so special is you.
What makes the day so beautiful is you.
What makes me to close my eyes with smile at night is you.
You are the One Special Magic that keeps my world rotating.

26. Every Moment Is Special
The morning's first light and the evening's last star all reminds me of how special you are.
And I'll seize every moment to let you know that I love you.
Good morning.

27. What You Made Me Feel
What I feel every morning can never be expressed by words.
What you made me feel everyday can be called love.
Good morning my sunshine.

28. My Beautiful SunShine
During the nights, you're my adorable moonlight & during the day.
You are my beautiful sunshine.
All through my life, you're the love of my life.
I can't say more than good morning sweety.

29. The One I'll Love Forever
The morning is the perfect moment to think about the future. I can picture you being the one I'll love forever.
Good morning.

30. Forever Feeling
Every new day gives me the opportunity of feeling your love.
Its just amazing because I'll be enjoying this feeling forever.
Good morning love.

31. From My Heart To You
This is from the bottom of my heart to you this morning.
A special morning wishes is all I have for you.
I'm sure it'll keep a smile on your face & make your day nothing less than fantastic.

32. You Are Nothing Less Than Amazing
Since you are nothing less than amazing, can I steal this moment to say good morning to you?
It may not change your account balance but will let you know that someone cares.

33. Golden Morning
Every morning is golden because I'm always anxious to wake up and start loving you.
This chemistry will forever bind us forever.

34. My Love For You Is Untouched
Whether the sun rises or not, my love for you remain untouched every morning.
You are my precious diamond I can never skip telling you good morning today & forever.

35. Every Morning Is a Motivation
Life has got its challenges but with you my sweetheart, every morning is a motivation because you motivate me.
Good morning to one special person in the world.

36. You Lighten My World
Who says the sun rises from the east when you are my sunshine?
The sun rises from your house and lightens my world.
Good morning my baby.

37. Reasons To Be Happy
Even with the stress of living, I wake up every morning feeling happy because you constantly give me reasons to be happy.

38. My World Needs You Sunlight
My heart needs you as its life while my world needs you as my sunshine.
Good morning dear.

40. You Spice My Mornings
My life has been a blessing from the day I closed my eyes and saw you.
I opened it and also saw you.
I can't thank you enough for spicing my mornings. Good morning dearest.

Good Morning Paragraphs for Girlfriend
Good Morning Paragraphs for Boyfriend

41. When You Smile
I observed that the sun shines brighter only when you smile.

42. When You Showed Up In My Life
I've always believed that I have an angel. It became sure only when you showed up in my life. Good morning.

43. I Wanna Know
Good morning special one, I want to know if its a dream or are you really mine? :D

44. What Came Out Of My Heart
Every dream I've had in the past keep coming to reality.
Last night I dreamt of sending you my heart through text.
Here you are, reading what came out of my heart.

45. To The Woman Of My Dreams
Have you woken up to reality or still dreaming in the imaginary world. Whichever one, I want to say, Good morning to the woman of my dreams and the lady I love in reality.

46. Wake Up My Love
I'm sending this cute wishes out of my heart, telling you good morning with the rising of the sun.
Wake up my love. Its morning already.

47. You Stole My Heart
A sweet good morning to you that special one who stole my heart and I loved it.

48. Think Of Me All Day
If the thought of me this morning made you smile, I want you to think of me all day.
Good morning.

49. From Me To You With Love
<3 a="" from="" good="" kiss="" love.="" me="" morning="" my="" special="" sweetheart="" to="" with="" you="">I Say Morning My Love

With every passing breath, with each rise of the sun, with each rotation of the earth, I say, Morning my love.
50. Brighter Than You
Each morning I look at the sun, it can't compete with you because there isn't anything brighter than you my love.
Good morning.

51. Packs Of Kisses
If my kisses would be your breakfast, don't take anything because I'm sending you packs of kisses this morning and every other morning.

52. Good Morning Love Messages 1
My Queen (King) is awake because you are reading this text right now. Have a nice day dear.

53. How Much Blessing You Bring
I will always let you know each morning how much blessing you bring into my life.
Good morning sweet.

54. My Love To You This Morning
To this morning and other mornings filled with promises and joy, I send my love to you, now and always.

55. Thinking Of You
I send this text to you, not only to let you know that I'm thinking of you.
Good morning love.

56. Awesome Combination
A lovely smile on your beautiful face? That's the most awesome combination I wish to see every morning.
Good morning.

57. Wake Up My Beauty
The world can't wait for a beauty like you to wake.
Just like the rising sun, every one awaits your awesomeness.

58. I'm Happy To Say Good Morning
You are a bag of amazing lover.
The goodness every girl desires, the lover every wife would wish for. But you're mine & I'm happy to say Good morning.

59. Allow The Sun Blossom
You're holding the sun because you are still in bed.
Wake up sleepy head and allow the sun blossom.

60. Let's Get Started This Morning
A new day is a chance to actualize the dreams of me & you.
Why don't you get your lazy assssss up and let's get started.

61. Three Beautiful Birds
I sent three beautiful birds to sing for you by your window.
If you don't see them, imagine me whispering a romantic tune to your ear.

62. Show You Off
A new day to love, a new day to share and most especially, a new day to show you off to the world.

63. Everything In The World
You're more beautiful than the lilies, more lovely than the roses and more amazing than everything in the world.
Baby its just you and I.

64. My good morning wish
In all untrodden paths life throws at us, I still love you.
To the unique queen of my heart, here is my good morning wish to you.
Have the favour of God follow you all through the day.

65. My heartful wish
A day is never complete without your love. A morning can never be good till I send my heartful wish to the one I love.
Have a blissful morning baby.

66. The morning sun
May the morning sun come with a ray. May our love come with happiness. May our future come with the life we always dream of.
I love you honey, good morning..

67. Your love is my motivation
With you on my heart morning, I'm sure we will make the best out of life because you have been the push behind all of my achievements. Your love is my motivation.
Good morning.

68. Make my morning awesome
Waking up with you in mind makes my morning awesome.
Your thought is the spark my heart and world needs.
Good morning sweety, have a great day.

69. Those beautiful eyes
Wake up my love to a lovely mood, be happy and present yourself to the world with those beautiful eyes and pretty face.
The love you give me adds more beauty to my little world.

70. Let me tell you good morning
I want to appear first in your life. I wish to, from the time you wake up, tell you good morning to the moment you goto sleep, then wish you goodnight and sweet dreams.

71. With your cheerfulness
A morning without you will be darker and a day I spend without seeing your face is sadder. I hope you have awake with your cheerfulness intact because the world is waiting.

72. You mean the world
My wish for you is to be happy all day.
You add warmth and joy to my heart.
You mean the world and beyond to me. I love you.

Good Morning Inspirational Paragraphs for Boyfriend or Girlfriend
73. Everyday in life is like a page in a book, make yours an adventure to tell, lessons to learn and an example to emulate.
Good morning.

74. Life is weighed by the breath taking moments one encounters, not the moments of breath.
Good morning and have a fun-filled day.

75. The gift of life is like itself.
Here is what to what to do; enjoy every moment because its a journey you travel once.
Good morning.

76. Things may not work as planned, and things get difficult to comprehend, but there is always someone above; who is in charge of all things.
Good morning.

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