Best Love Messages To Send To Him Or Her That You Love

Sending Best love messages to your boyfriend or girlfriend can be a romantic and sweet cute way to express your love to him or her.

You can imagine that beautiful smile on your face when that highly anticipated goods you ordered online, arrives your doorstep. That's the same when, you receive love text messages from your beloved lover. Who is expressing how much he or she love and admire you.

Saying I love you differs based on how you say or express your feelings with words; flavoring your text with sweet words, filled with thought provoking memories will make your love message differ from an ordinary guy who sends just "I Love You" to his lover.

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Step up your love life, and get text to boom that once romantic or already romantic relationship with this fresh best love messages for him or her, wife or husband, crushes and side chicks. Lol

1. All thanks to you. You finally succeeded in making me crazy about.

2. I know love is hard to find but yours seems like the simplest but yet biggest achievement a man can boast of. I love scatter.

3. I find joy in you, You are irreplaceable.

4. I am yours and you are mine (no cheating)

5. You won’t believe what happened the last time you told me “you loved me.”
My heart was screaming “I Love you too”.

6. I won’t stop caring, I won’t stop loving you and I won’t stop saying this.

7. I have never tasted something so warm, sweet and so great like your love.

8. I hate you for making me fall in love with you.

9. If I had a chance to choose my lover in my next world. It will be you.

10. It grew slowly from chatters to friendship, from friendship to Bond (love) and our bond can’t be broken. I love you sweetheart.

11. Happiness Money Can't Buy
You're an example of goodness.
You bless my life with happiness that money can't buy.
I won't ever think of letting you go because you're special.

12. What Love Is
Knowing that someone, somewhere cares and celebrates you is a perfect definition of love.
I'm happy being in love with just you.

13. When You Love Someone
When you love someone, you offer them everything.
I love you and I'm offering you my love, my heart, my heart.
I love you my dear.

14. I Pledge To Love You
I pledge to love you. Through life's ruins and rough moments.
Through deep and shallow situations.
I pledge to love you till you ask me why.

15. Baby! I'm a Winner
Sweet and charming; these are your attributes.
Beautiful and adorable; these are your features.
With you baby, I'm a winner.

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Best Love Messages For Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Being in a relationship is fun especially when you are, in it with the right person.

the one person who understand and completes you. Show how much you adore this person with this love messages.

1. I have never felt this way, till the day we met.

2. I never believed in love, till you came my way.

3. You won't understand how much you mean to me on a glance. But when you ponder on it, deep down.
You will see how much you complete me. I love you.

4. I pledge to love you without stopping for a moment. You are my boo, that you will be till my last breath. I love you honey.

5. Being yours remains the best decision I have taken in a while now. I see nothing, more beautiful than you, my baby.

6. Don't doubt my feeling for you. My love is all for you cos I want you. I bet you don't know how crazy I am about you.

7. When G-D created you, he did that so you will suit me. I have no other obligation than to love you forever.

8. My love each time you stand to leave, I have this eerie feeling that I’m going to be no more. Please stay for another second.

9. It’s well said that the heart knows what it desires, but I know that yours desire the warm feelings we share. I love you.

10. I try to figure out why I'm so into you, I ended up finding that you were made for me and me alone. I can't stop loving you. Not even for a second.

11. Goodness, Life Offers
Take a moment and enjoy your day.
Because I will pray you get the goodness, life offers.
I love you baby. Have a great day.

12. Best Love Ever
Your love is undeniably the best.
You're one of a kind. The best and only person to love till the end.
I will always love you.

13. Till My Last Breath
Same way the ocean has no end,
The way, birds survive without farming.
The way humans exist despite life's difficulty.
I'll love you till my last breath.

14. Level Of What I Feel
Nobody can describe the level of what I feel for you.
Not even me, but I know its enough to love you so far you breath.

15. All My Love
You're my diamond!
Other girls shine but you're the brightest.
You believed in me when others didn't. So I'm giving you all of my love.

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Want more Best love messages for the person you love? Here is the most special 10 messages written just for you. Enjoy.

1. Ever wondered why the heart is red, the bright sky is blue and the cloud is white?
This is because out of billions of persons in the world, its just you I care about. I love you dear.

2. I want to ask for one thing, a place I'm your heart for me.
No matter how small it is.
Just one corner; which may mean nothing to you.
Giving me a small corner will make my life perfect.

3. Sometimes, I don't want to love you, at the same time don't wish to hate you.
Other times, I want to love you completely.
Its like I want to throw you off a hill then rush to the bottom to catch you.

4. Don't believe me when I say, I will give you everything you desire.
Its will be a big lie.
But don't doubt me when I say, I will love you today, tomorrow and forever.
I mean every bit of it.

5. I love you very much and will try with my last breathe to be the best man for you.
To turn your frown to smiles and love you forever for you are special.

6. Why you chose me is beyond my explanation.
You had the option and wanted me.
I will love you as long as I live.
I will desire you as long as I breath.
I will keep you by my side forever.

7. You will always be the better half of me.
Just like my favorite song, I play and aloud.
Loving you can never be wrong.
Its the best beautiful thing can happen to mankind.

8. Darling, there are things I want to do in order to have a fulfilled life;
I want to be there for you,
To be the best friend you ever had.
To bring out the very best from you.
To love you forever.

9. The closer I come to you, I can't go back.
The more I come, the stronger our love.
I now realized that it will be impossible, living my life without you.
I love you.

10. I promise to love you as much as possible.
Loving you is one of my biggest achievement.
I love you and its you I cherish because you mean everything to me.

11. True Love Is Everything
Money isn't everything, true love is.
Because its hard to find and special when found.
I found you and I'm keeping you specially, forever.

12. A Heart To Love
We were given two hands to hold someone special,
Two eyes to see precious things and a heart to love.
I will hold, see and love just you.

13. Enjoy The Moment
Never worry for a moment about your worries.
Worries are like the moon!
Yesterday it increased, today it reduced and may not be seen tomorrow.
Enjoy the moment and worry less. I love you.

14. Without You Is Life Without Reason
I'll never let you be even for a second!
Life would be without reason if I do and I can't afford such.
I cherish you my dear.

15. I Want To Mean A lot To You
I want to mean so much to you, the way you mean the world to me.
I don't know but I wish to mean everything you wish for on earth. Let's share love.

Sweet Love Messages For Him or Her

1. Your Love Is Killing
Your Love is killing, it comes like a wave and pushed me over my limit.
Feeling every moment with unimaginable sweet memories.

2. Nobody Fits Me
You will remain the special one in my life because no one fits the position you hold in my life.
Nobody can fill the gap you're filling.

3. I Can't Just Describe You
Baby! When you mine, I am in heaven.
When you are within my sight, I feel every good feelings.
I can't just describe you because you complete me.

4. How Much I Love You
Wherever you wish to go, I want to go too.
Because you are my air on earth.
Just like diamond, not everyone can afford you.
I will take out time to let you know how much I love you.

5. I Want To Be Your Lover
Every moment with you is golden.
Time flies, memories build and my world gets beautiful.
If I am to make a wish, I'll wish to be your lover forever.

6. My Kind Of Girl
I will call you my queen because you're perfectly my kind of girl.
I love you sweet.

7. Until The Last Moment
You are my choice.
You are my type, you are my angel, you are my world.
All I am meant to do is to keep loving and cherishing you until the last moment.

8. Can't Wait To See Your Face
Your face brighten and radiates beauty.
It brightens my day, mind and my world.
I can't wait to see your face again.
I love you my sweetheart.

9. All I Need Is Your Good Loving
You fly like a bird in my world.
The cutest thing I've ever seen.
Like a crown, I will fight for you.
All I need is your good good loving.

10. All Because I am In Love With You
Like a thief, you sneaked into my heart & changed its settings.
Now you're the one that rocks my world and makes my temperature rise.
Its all because I am in love with you.

Romantic Love Messages For Him or Her

11. Just To Get Your Love Forever
Love can be so common but your love is so rare.
It came like a heart attack and I can't get control of my head.
Can I be your patient?
Just to get your love forever.

12. Someone So Special
Loving you comes with this wonderful feeling of fulfillment.
I feel so much joy knowing that someone so special will be reading this text from the other end.
I love you.

13. I Only Want You
All I want and will ever want is you.
Take me along to anywhere you're going, I will only want you and your daily love.
I love you honey.

14. Make My World
Each time I look into your beautiful eyes, I feel this rush, deep inside me.
I know your smile can make my day, but having you as mine forever will make my world.

15. Love Takes Time To Build Up
Love takes time to build up. Its like a flame when lighted, nobody can quench.
I'm loving you my dearest and nobody is keeping us apart.

16. Living Another Day
Even if things get tough and life's journey seems hard to move a feet.
I'll always let you know how much I love you.
Even if life gets tough, you are one reason I'm happily living another day.

17. Having Someone Special Like Me
A cute day is made of 24hours,
A wonderful week is made of 7days,
A blissful year is made of 52 weeks. And having someone special like me will make your life beautiful.

18. Finding Someone To Love
I thought it would be easy finding someone to love me despite my flaws, but I felt true love when you showed up in my life and brighten my nights.
Making the days a joyous one.

19. Its Simply Beautiful
True love can only be felt but can't be seen but I've felt and seen true love from you.
I don't know how to explain it but I think its simply beautiful.

20. Union Of Two Beautiful Things
So many wonderful things in life comes in twos.
That's why my heart reached out to yours to make it two.
I know it will be the union of two beautiful things.
I love you.

21. Love & Be With Me Forever
If I could wish for 1000 things to come true, one of it would be wishing for you to love and be with me forever.

22. True Love Is A Dream Come True
Simple things become special when its given freely from the heart.
True love is a dream come true because its a simple thing from your special heart.

23. Imaginary Heaven
As time has power to change an ordinary coal into a precious diamond.
So is your love! As it has all it take to make my world that imaginary heaven.
I love you dear.

24. Not Without Me In Your Life
I wish you the best out of life but not without me in your life.
Because I'll also wish to be the one standing next to you as my wishes come true.

25. I Will Always Love & Cherish You
Even if we fight and quarrel, I'll always love and cherish you in my heart because the best relationships in the world have fought more battles than enemies.
I love you my Gold.

26. You'll Experience True Love
Love doesn't guarantee happiness but if you decide to be happy, you will experience true love.
That is seeing everything beyond the imperfection.

27. I Won't Forget That Special You
Even if I forget everything. Those I share laughs with.
I promise not to forget that special you that I cried and shared feelings with.
You are the best I've ever had.

28. The Sun Sets & Rise Everyday
The sun sets and rise everyday, so that I'll always have a new day to love you once more.
I can't stop loving you because you are best I ever wished for.

29. You're The Perfect Definition Of Sweetness
You're the perfect definition of sweetness.
Starting from your beautiful eyes, cute nose, the most kissable lips and finally your awesome heart.
I just can't explain how much I love you.

30. I'm Happy Having You
You know that you're sweet when all the people around you are happy being with you.
You know you're sweeter when I'm happy having you.

31. I'm Grateful For Having You
Everyday, I thank Nature for giving me a lover girlfriend (boyfriend) like you.
I can't say much than being grateful for having you in my life.

32. You're Perfectly Made For Me
Just like the pureness of the water from the spring.
Just like the brightness of the cloud.
Just like the sweetness of honey.
You're perfectly made for me. I love you.

33. You Spice My Life With Sweetness
A day should be made up of Prayer, food, work and YOU.
You top the list because you spice my life with sweetness.

34. You're The Sweetest Thing
There is no perfect time to tell you this than now.
You're the best lover the heaven can offer and the sweetest thing I've ever earned.
You are just the best 'bag of goodness'.

35. The Unending Love I Feel
Look beyond my eyes and see my innocence...
Peep beneath my lips and forgive my broken promises but look deep into my heart and see the unending love I feel for you.

36. Far From You Again
I've Tried loneliness and I'm back, I don't wish to get far from you again, my sweetest boo.

37. Have You Won Anything
Have you ever won anything worth being proud about? I won your heart. And it was my biggest victory of my life.

38. I Wish To Be With You
I always wish to be with you all times because I find peace in you.

39. My Nice Moments
The best moments I have alone are the ones with you around me.
You bring joy to my heart and peace to my world.
I love you sweetheart.

40. You Worth My Love & More
Loving you wasn't an option.
I will open my heart to you just to show you how much I love you.
You worth my love and more.

Best Messages To Your Lover

Before It Gets Bitter
I don't feel a thing when you hurt me because I know that before it gets sweet, it gets bitter on its way.
I love you.

You're My Achievement
When I review all I have achieved during this little period; you stand out of all my achievements.
You're really precious.

I Love You Too
A times, I get lost wondering if I deserve you.
I don't but you'll still be with me and love me forever.
I love you too.

I Can't Afford To Lose You
Nothing can pay the cost of separation.
That's why I can't afford to lose you.
I'll always love you my baby.

You Are One Special Angel
Those we shared and cried our feelings about are the special angels in our life because they matter.
I'm not surprised you're one of them.
I love you my dear.

My Love For You Is Warm
Seeing beyond life's imperfections is happiness.
Look into my heart and see how warm my love for you is. Even if I ain't perfect.

Memories Of Me & You
Memories is a kind of gift that even unhappiness can't steal or hard times clear.
The memories of me and you is an attested prove of our love.

Always With You
Never lose faith in your life because even if I'm a million miles away, I'm always with you.
Though not physically but I'm forever on your mind.

Staying In Your Heart Forever
I'm always going to love you like I'm losing you.
This love is going to be stronger like I'm saying goodbye but I'm not leaving.
I'm staying in your heart forever.

Morning Flower
Let our love blossom, like the morning flower.
Let it beautify our world & scent up our lives.
I just love you beyond explanation.

Every Aspect Of Your Life
As the flowers cover the garden during the summer, so will my love touch every aspect of your life.
I love and cherish you my love.

I Pray For Your Happiness
Set your worries aside for I am praying for your happiness.
So enjoy every second as the day reaches its end.

Just Endless Hope
I am fresher, brighter and better than before.
I will do anything to keep your love because with you there is no hopeless end. Just endless hope.

Special Place
I will like to have a special place in your heart.
Because its a land where sweet wishes become realities and dreams come true.

Best Love Text Messages You Will Love

Our Memories
While memories break us a times, I will cherish the sweet moments of our life.
They are the irreplaceable moments of my life.

Till You Get Tired Of Love
I'll promise you every good thing in life but I won't fail to do one, LOVING YOU till you get tired of love & care.

Come Make My Life Beautiful
I'll live life my way but I'll have you in it.
Because you're blessed to make everything beautiful.
Come make my life beautiful my dear.

Share Every Sweet Moment
Even if you can think of the past, you can't go back.
Share every sweet moment of your life with special people around you.
I love you.

You Are To Stay Forever
Never will my soul wander,
Never will my body ache, why?
Because you're here to stay forever. I love you sweetheart.

True Love
True love is about sacrifice.
So I'm giving my heart, my body and my soul to love and love only you forever.
I love you my baby.

Symbol Of Good Life
I gave out all I had and I got you.
A priceless jewel, an epitome of beauty, a symbol of good life.
I love you my dear.

A Million Smiles
I owe you a million smiles,
Here is one smile, let it remain 999. 000. 00.
I'll give you a smile for a day.
I love you, my smiling queen.

Close To Your Loving Heart
Make my wish come through by holding me in your warm embrace next time we met.
Kiss me with your passionate lips and hold me close to your loving heart always.

Forever With No End
Ever wondered why the ring is round with no end?
That represents our love that will be forever with no end.
I love you my sweet lover.

Romantic Best Love Messages For Him or Her

What Happens There
The depth of my love can be seen if you look into my heart and felt if you feel my heart beat.
Words alone can never express what happens there.

Made For You
I will be loving you forever and always.
Just in case you don't know, my love is made for you alone.

One Of Them
Counting the easiest things that happened in my life in recent years.
Falling in love with you is one of them.
I think, you were perfectly made for me.

With A Smile
With a smile you turn my bad day to a good day.
My lover and best friend. The love I feel for you will remain unbreakable.

I Love YOU
I love you.
I know this because I love the 'Y', I love the 'O', I love the 'U'.
Putting them close to each other affirms my feeling above.

My Lovey-Dovey
All I can think of right now is you, I remember your beautiful smile and it made me miss you more.
My lovey-dovey, I love you forever.

Until I Met You
I found love when I found you.
I've read about it in books, dreamed of it in my sleep and yearned for it until I met you.
I love you dear.

All My Life
I will remind you of my love for you every minute, every hour and everyday.
I will do this all my life because its my Job.

I Will Love You Everyday
Wherever you are, my love will be with you.
Here or there, near or far, morning or night.
I will love you everyday my princess.

Run Out Of Space
My love for you cannot but be imagined for if I'm asked to show you how much I love you.
You will be surprised that I will run out of space.

Cute Best Love Messages For Him or Her

Always & Forever
I loved you, I love you, I will love you always & forever.
It grows everyday because I love you more with the passing of each second.
My love is for you alone.

You Can Imagine
I love you as much as words can't describe, as much as numbers can't count.
I love you way beyond you can imagine.

With My Life
I loved you with my whole heart today but I know that my love for you tomorrow will be stronger.
Keep our love alive by giving me your heart because I will be guarding it with my life.

The Truest Love
I'm not promising to give you a perfect love like in the fairy stories.
I will give you the truest of love that its happiness covers the pain you felt on this love adventure.

Love Question
Simple love question.
Do you love me as I love you?
A. Yes.
B. I love you more.
C. I will love you forever.
D. A,B,C.

Always Yours
Happiness of love can be never ending and highly satisfying especially when the two persons in love passed through love's challenges.
I will always be yours.

A Part Of You
I love your perfections but love you more when I saw your imperfections because I found a part of you I can complete.

You Remain My Sunshine
Love is beautiful, even with my last breath, I will let you know how much I love you and want you forever.
You remain my sunshine.

My precious Boo
I love you not because I want someone to live with.
I love you because I can't live without you. And I will love you forever, my precious boo.

Someone I Trust
I trust you more than I love you.
I can't trust someone I love but I will forever love someone I trust.
You are special.

How Much I Love Nature
With your beautiful face, you blow me away from earth.
Your naturally beautiful and I want to show you just how much I love nature by loving you.

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