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Sweet Text Messages You Will Love

Sweet Messages for your Boyfriend

Sweet Messages for your Girlfriend

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages to Send to Your Boyfriend

Sweet Good Morning Text Messages to Send to your Girlfriend

Sweet Goodnight Text Messages to Send to your Boyfriend

Sweet Goodnight Text Messages to Send to your Girlfriend

Cute Text Messages for Your Boyfriend

Cute Text Messages for Your Girlfriend

Love messages has made relationships to be less stressful and more romantic because you can now leave lovely cute texts to you love ones with ease.

Check out our sweet love text messages;

Sweet Text Messages You Will Love

• Baby, you're a star, even if other girls shine high above, you remain the brightest.
I love you.

• I wish you the best out of life, I.e I'm wishing you me because I'm here to make your world colorful.

• Love is for special people because it comes from a special heart to make the world a special place.
I'm happy to have you in my world.

• All I want to do is to kiss your soft lips, hold your hands and be with you forever.
I love you very much.

• I would have described love as a jinx if you weren't here with me.
I now know love as the greatest. I love you forever from Nuel.

• There are no light in my world.
There is no sun during my day nor the moon at night, but I have you, I have everything.
Thanks for being there for me.

• Its beautiful, its adorable, its sweet and why is that so?
Its because you're an angel in my life.

• Just for you to acknowledge my love, I'll stand and wait in the world's longest queue just to have a moment with someone sweet like you.

• You're the Queen of my heart, that's because you're special.
You've filled a space no one can fill. I love you my sweet boo.

• Each time I look at the sky, I realize how lucky I am to have someone so sweet as you as my girl. I love you baby.

• You've left a mark no one can erase from my heart.
Out of the ocean of memories, all I can think of is being with just you.
I love you.

• I feel your presence even when I'm alone.
Its an atmosphere I wish to dwell in forever.
I love you my dear.

• Love is the sweetest word but its not all that sweet if its shared with someone not special like you.
I love you.

• What I need to live has been given to me by love.
Why I needed to live has been shown to me by you.
I love you my darling angel.

• The dearest person in the world is you.
That's why I'll keep loving you till my last breath.

• Good people live in the world, wonderful people exist in the mind but special people like you live in my heart, where everything is beautiful.

• You're precious, that's the reason you were placed in my life, where precious things are being taken care of.
I cherish you my love.

• I want to promise you three things;
1. I'm with you.
2. Still with you.
3. Will always be with you.
I love you my boo.

• The greatest punishment I'll serve is not loving you while you exist.
Its just impossible.

• Love is like a wire that connects our hearts together.
Never break this chain, cos you'll be breaking my heart.

Sweet Text Messages for your Boyfriend

Sweet Text Messages for your Girlfriend

• The more I wonder why I'm so in love with you, the more I love you.
Its unfathomable but you're my job.

• Take me to anywhere you are, because I find peace just peace just by staying right beside you.
I love you.

• Life is filled with ups and downs, but your love has made life look more beautiful with sweet meaning even with its ups and downs.

• I love you and will want to stay with you being your boyfriend as long as the sky remains blue.

• I adore you;
Your beauty and your amiable heart.
Its rare seeing an angel loving a mere human. I love you.

• Whenever I go, whatever I do, I will always have you in my heart, because you're my motivator, my inspiration, my sweet girlfriend.

• I want to be the king of your heart, the ruler of your world, because I have the basket of love and care to make everything lovely and sweet.

• I'll give you everything good you desire.
All the care you carve for and 99 percent love that every woman wish and pray for.

• You're my bone, my flesh, my world.
I want you to remain being my queen because no one does it better. I love you sweety.

• I stopped worrying about what the world gives since you told me that I meant the world to you.
Its so lovely and I'm not leaving you.

Till the day you become part of me, I'll give in anything for you to be permanently mine.
I love you and I'm not mixing worlds about that.

• Just like Romeo's love, mine is stronger and determined I'm never giving up till you're mine forever.
I love you my dear.

• Does this need an explanation?Life's motivator? You life's reason? Your love.
Good life's result? Me and you.
I don't know but they all have you in it.

• Whatever or wherever you find yourself, know that I'm just a stone throw, I'll be there at your call.
I love you my sweet.

• Every second I spend breathing is worth the moment, just because I'm living under your sweet love.
I love you.

Sweet Good Morning Text messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

Sweet Good Morning Messages for him or her, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Sweet love messages to say Good Morning to your lover, best friend, crushes.

Its Time To Wake Up
The sun's job is to give the earth light, hey love its time to wake up.
Good morning.

Tell Me Good Morning
Wake up to the song of the birds and the smell of fresh flowers.
Open your eyes and tell me Good Morning.

I Enjoy Doing This Every Morning
I enjoy doing this every morning, that is telling you good morning & praying you have a great day ahead.

Three Wishes For You
I have three wishes for you this sweet morning.
I wish you Favour, many friends to love you & God to bless this new day with smiles.
Good morning.

A Brand New Day
I told the sun, the flowers and birds to welcome you to a brand new day. Please accept this with smile.
Good morning.

Special Good Morning
I'm just texting to wish you a very special Good morning, filled with petals of roses, palm full of holly water and light of the rising sun.

Wake Up & Enjoy Today
A day is another chapter of life which is packed with new topics and sweet moments for life.
So wake up and enjoy today.
Good morning boo.

Spending The New Day With You
I slept off last night smiling because I will be dreaming of you and I woke up this morning with a smile because I will be spending the new day with you.

An Opportunity For Our Love To Grow
Every sunrise gives me a new day to love you.
A chance to shower you loads of cares and an opportunity for our love to grow.
I can't wait to see you today. Good morning.

On My Mind This Morning
You are always on my mind every moment. I can feel you on my mind this morning.

Good Morning To The One I Love
When Good Morning becomes an action to spend a new day.
Its the time to set the pace for the rest of the day as I say good morning to the one I love.

The Morning Never Ends
If you know how sweet it is waking up with your thoughts on my mind every moment.
You will wish the morning never ends.

The Best Of The Day
Every morning comes with a special package.
One of it, is this text from me wishing you the best of the day.

You Need A Cute Good Morning Text
A positive attitude and a joyful heart can turn around your morning to a Good one.
Of course, you need a good morning text from me to make it work perfectly. I love you.

We Are Together
Its always a beautiful day.
A fulfilling morning and a memorable moment as long as we are together.

All I Need This New Day
Wake up sweetheart, be my inspiration today.
Your love is all I need this new day.
Good morning.

Add Value To Your Life This Morning
Baby allow smile add value to your face & let love add value to you heart.
Allow me to add value to your life this morning. Good morning.

How Much I Care
Your love lights up the whole sky every morning.
Good morning my princess, I just wanted you to know how much I care.

Growing This Awesome Love
You have a purpose in life, always remember that every morning you open your eyes.
One of this purpose is growing this awesome love we have together.

Your Queen's Love
Do your heart still beat? Are you reading this?
If you are, I want to let you know that your queen's love is always for you. Good morning.

Love Someone Special
You have woken up! Welcome as you live to be alive, to breath, to think, to enjoy and to love someone special this morning.

Good Morning My Love
I woke up this morning and my heart told me to write you a text, and I wrote, 'Good Morning My Love' and sent to you.

You Are In charge Of My Love
Our happiness ain't in other peoples' control.
We are in charge of our happiness but you are in charge of my love.
I love you this morning. Have a nice day dear.

This New Day
Smile becomes laughter and life becomes a celebration when you have someone as special as you as a lover.
Good morning darling as you step into this new day.

My Morning Sun
You remain my morning sun because you fade up all the stars around you with your presence.
Good morning to my special one.

How Much You Mean To Me
Make a difference every new day.
Define a day;s goal, because one of my goal for today is letting you know how much you mean to me.

Till I Wake Beside You
We have achieved many good things together, shared many sweet dreams and hoped for a better and brighter future but my day isn't complete till I wake beside you.

To Look Ahead
I think of you when I wake up because you were on my mind before I slept.
On this new day, remember that your eyes were placed in the front for it to look ahead. Good morning.

Finest Moments In Darkest Hour
I send you faith this morning and discard doubts from your mind.
Doubts creates the darkest moment in sweet mornings while faith brings finest moments in our darkest hour.
Good morning love.

The Perfectness In Everyday
Ever since I met you, I have lived my life everyday trying not to be perfect because you discovered the perfectness in everyday we share together.
I love you dear.

I Wrote 'Good Morning' On It
The night has passed with it moon and the morning just arrived with its sunshine.
Angel, get up from that bed and look at the sky!
I wrote 'Good Morning' on it.

It Is Given Freely
Fill every new day with smile and love.
They are the most expensive because money can't but it but the most commonest because it is given freely.
Good morning sweet.

Make Yesterday's Wrongs Right
The secret meaning of every morning, either cloudy or sunny is HOPE.
A hope of making yesterday's wrongs right.
Good morning.

The Best Of Today
The sun and the moon are fight all because of you.
The moon is missing you and the sun is wishing you the best of today.
Good morning.

The Light Of My New Day
Today will be memorable because you are my first thought of the day.
You are the light of my new day and the music feel.
I love you, good morning.

How Amazing You Look This Morning
I woke up this morning with a smile, wondering what you wore to bed last night.
You look fabulous during the day. I'm imagining how amazing you look this morning.

For The Day
Open your eyes, stretch your body, open your mind and receive the love I sent for the day.
Good morning.

Sweet Goodnight Text Messages for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Sweetest sweet goodnight messages for him or her, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Sweet love goodnight messages for your special one and crushes.

Goodnight Love
Beclouded with your thought this night.
I can't think of anything than to tell you Goodnight Love.

My Goodnight Kiss To You
The bed is so soft like I'm in your arms.
I know you're about to sleep, so here is my goodnight kiss to you.

I Miss You So Much
Although you might not see my face to know the expression on it, you can feel my heart even from a million mile.
I miss you so much and I'm wishing you good night plus sweet dreams.

Imagine Me Beside You
When you ever feel bored and want something to keep you happy, just close your eyes and imagine me beside you.
Goodnight my love.

Let's Continue In Dreamland
Its all dark and silent, let's continue our love in dreamland.
Goodnight and dream of me as you sleep.

A Wonderful Goodnight
To make sure you have a nice rest, I'm wishing you a wonderful goodnight wish.
Sleep tight my angel.

I'll Always Be Around
I'm not asking the angels to watch over you tonight because I'll be around to keep you safe tonight.

A New Day Ahead
I wish you, sweet dreams and a strong body to start up the new day ahead.
Goodnight darling.

Thanks For Being My Love
Everyday is exciting just because you are part of it. I want to thank you for being my love.Have a goodnight rest my love.

Have A Goodnight Rest
The noise of the day is gone and you're currently in the arms of your bed enjoying the cool breeze the night brings.
I want to top it up with sweet wishes. Have a goodnight rest my angel.

Why I Keep Living
As you read this text which I type out of love.
Let it touch your heart tonight and remind you of my undying love for you.
You remain one of the essence why I keep living.

Wonderful Day
Every night with the appearance of dark clouds or moon. I will let you know how you stayed on my heart.
It was a wonderful day, having you inside my heart.
Have a goodnight kiss from me as you close your eyes to sleep.

Here Is A Bag Of Love
The night is probably a perfect moment of showing the care which were stirred during the day.
Here is a bag of love. Goodnight my sweetheart.

In My Heart, Mind & Head
Can I think of anything other than you? No, not when you're in my heart, mind and head.
You're my darling and I won't get bored letting you know about it.
Goodnight and sweet dreams.

From Me Is A Tank Of Love
From me to you is a simple wish.
From me to you is a pack of smile.
From me to you is a tank of love that will last you forever.
I love you honey, goodnight.

Like River On My Mind
This moment, the thought of you flows like river on my mind.
This is another simple message from me to you, telling you that I'm thinking of you.

A Story
I know you can make a story from the following:
- Cool breeze
- Soft bed
- Sweet music
- Goodnight
- Sweet dreams.

Best Of The Night
U want to round off the day by thanking you specially for being on my mind all day despite the day's activity.
I want to wish you the best of the night with sweet dream.
Muah, I love you.

Sweet & Special Dreams
There are sweet dreams and there are special dreams.
The both of them are sweet and the both of them are special.
I wish you sweet and special dreams as you sleep.

How Precious You Are
What else can be done at a cool lonely night than to think about how precious you are in my life.
Like the moon, you brighten my night when the sun is away.
Goodnight dear, sleep tight.

With You Is Special
If I will eat, I wish to eat with you.
If I will run away, I wish to run with you.
If I'm to sleep, I wish to sleep beside you because anything done with you is special. Sweet dreams.

My Heart Will Love You Forever
My alarm cannot beep forever,
My body may not live forever but my heart will love you forever.
As you sleep, remember that I love you very much.

Why You Should Be Mine
I was counting the stars tonight. One star for a reason I need you in my life.
I was surprised to ran out of stars. Meaning, I can't count enough why you should be mine tonight, tomorrow and forever.

You and Nature
I think of you tonight and discovered how similar you are with nature.
Your eyes shone as the stars. Your body, so cool like the evening breeze.
Your voice, so sweet like honey. I love you tonight, tomorrow and forever.

Can I Say Goodnight
What other way can I say goodnight and sweet dreams than sending you a carton of care and a sack-full of love.
Just for tonight. Goodnight.

There Is Only You
There are thousands of stars and moons around the galaxy but just like the sun, there is only you.
I love you darling.

Share Your Love With
I want to be the first person you share your love with and the last person you leave.
Can I have your love forever?

In My Life
As I stare at the sky tonight, I can't find the brightest star.
I then remembered that the brightest star is in my life.

Nighty My Love
You are a wallpaper for my heart and sending you this message is my way of expressing it.
Nighty my love.

Cute Text Messages for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Sweetest cute love messages for him or her, boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife. Sweet cute messages for lovers or crushes.

How Sweet It Is To Love Someone
You are amazing everyday in every way.
I am lucky to have you in my life because I have felt how sweet it is to love someone and been loved back.
You are my special one.

Love Someone Completely
Your understanding of me wows me and the relationship we share is the best I've ever had.
You keep showing me how wonderful it is to love someone completely.

I am Yours & You Are Mine
No matter what happens at the end, all I want to know is that I am yours and you are mine.
Our love will stand the taste of time because we will be bounded by heavenly bliss.

Your Love Made Me
You got into my heart unexpectedly.
Factory reset my world and changed my life in ways you will never understand.
I will say, your love made me the person I am today.

I Can't Thank You Enough
You made everything around me better, starting from the air, the smiles and the joy from my heart.
I can't thank you enough because your kinds are rare.

Our Feelings Are Bounded Forever
I am hopelessly in love with you and I am not afraid to say it.
All we have been through together has bonded our feelings forever.
I will always thank God for sending you my way.

I Can't Even Explain It
Life without you is a travel without destination.
I can't imagined doing everything we do together alone.
I love you so much, I can't even explain it.

Life Is Truly Beautiful
My love for you will last forever because you are my everything and I mean it.
All the fun moments we share together reminds me that life is truly beautiful.

Wonderful Feeling I Have For You
I give you my heart forever because it can't be in a better place other than your hands.
Nothing can ever change the wonderful feeling I have for you.

I've Found My Soul mate
You and I are meant to be together.
From the first day I met you, I knew I've found my soul mate, my significant other and the missing part of me.
I love you honey.

The Only One I Need
I am going to hold on to you.
That's because you are the only one I need. The only thing my heart carves for and the only person I love with my heart, body and soul.
I adore you my love.

This Wonderful Feeling
Saying 'I love you' isn't enough to show you what's happening inside my heart.
Baby! You give me this wonderful feeling that makes my tummy do flips and my hands shake.

My Heart Felt Joy & My Body Felt Peace
I knew your love was true because I've never loved someone this much.
My heart felt joy and my body felt peace when you entered my life.
You are everything I have ever wanted and needed.

You Are My Everything
I call you my heart and my world. I just realized that you are my everything.
The most amazing, loving, kind, adorable, handsome, cute and perfect lover.

I Wish You A Great Day Ahead
A perfect way to start a day? Your voice.
Its the sweetest and cutest thing ever.
Please call me as I wish you a great day ahead.

Yours Is Amazing, Perfect & Great
I have seen love but not as powerful and incredible as yours.
Yours is amazing, perfect and great... You have the most exceptional love every guy wishes for.
I am lucky to have your love. I love you.

The Best I Ever Got
Even if I say 'thank you' a thousand times and 'I love you' a million times, It won't still be enough.
The piece of your heart you gave to me was the best I ever got from love.
I just want to say Thank You Ever Minute.

An Amazing Experience
I couldn't ask for anything better than the love you gave to me.
Its an amazing experience to share this incredible feeling with someone special like you.
I love you.

Something Above The Best
If other guys are good, then you are the best.
If other guys are the best, then you are something above the best.
Whatever the other guys are, it can't be compared to what you are and what you represent in my world.

Slow & Steady Wins The Race
Always do the best of your ability and never stress yourself out too much.
Always remember that slow and steady wins the race.

All I Want & Keep Needing
The least of my worries are a million dollars or golden jewelry. Neither do I want the moon or stars.
All I want and keep needing is your love.
Take care my sweetheart.

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