Long Sweet Messages To Send To Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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Sweet messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend

• Unconditional love.
A love that's unexplainable.
Why or how, just open up your heart and let the love flow.

• There are thousands of fishes at the sea, but there are a handful that are precious.
My angel, if you're a fish, you'll be a precious one.

• Its a wonderful day here so far.
Its already lightened up by just having the thought of you.

• My heart is yours. Do your beautiful wishes to it.
Make it that heaven you dream of and the home you wish for.
I will always love you.

• A little part of me reached out to you and you made it whole.
The whole of me reached out to you and you made me the happiest person on earth.

• I love you, I love the you inside you because the good in you attracted me.
You're simply irreplaceable my dear.

• Let's savour this blissful relationship so treasured by human and ordained by God.
My love is forever yours.

• Whether the soul lives within the heart or the heart beats within the soul, I wish to let you know that my love for you is true.
You live inside of me as I live in you.

• The longest distance ever is a step away from touching your face.
The most annoying situation is missing to see your smile and the painful of all is not getting your love daily.

• I asked for an angel and you came my way.
You're my reflection, the only one who deserve my attention.
You will get my complete love with no distraction.

• I still give thanks to God for letting one of his angel(you) come my way.
That's the only medium, he employed in making my world wonderful.

• You're always on my mind.
I don't bother remembering you because I find it hard forgetting you.

• I find delight proving my love to you.
I'll do that over and over again without getting worn out of sweet words to say to you.
I love you.

• Your love is forever because you're in my heart always. At times I wonder how life would have been without you in my life.
I love you my angel and will forever do.

• I want to hold you every moment, kiss you each time i see your lips and carry you In my thought everyday because you have that special kind of love that's rare to find.

• 'I love you' may be the easiest words to say this days but each time I say it to you, believe me, every inch of my body agrees that you are special. I love you.

• You're a special soul that fills my very essence.
Your love for me overflows, leaving me speechless and my heart falling for you more and more. I love you.

• if your love is a wine, it will taste like Ruby.
If your love is a flower, no doubt it will be a rose.
If your love is money, then it will be the American dollar.
I love you sweety.

• I love you, I know this within my heart.
I will love you forever. I only want you to know this.

• Our love is heaven.
Our meeting was divine.
Giving you my heart was the best decision I've ever taken because I've never had a single regret about it.

Long sweet messages to say Good morning

• Start each day thinking about how much more you can do for the newly arrived day.
How much more can you do for our love.
I love you with the rise of the sun my Darling. Have a wonderful day ahead.

• You have been a sweet person in my life.
You have claimed that special spot in my life. I now love you completely without doubt.
All these and more do I realize with the break of dawn.
Good morning my prince (princess).

• The king of my heart, the ruler of my world. I love you more every morning because it seems the new day comes with loads of fresh love.
Keep your troubles and worries afar as what the day hold Worth's more than anything.

• Every morning has a moment to remember every sweet memories we've had.
When you remember all the moments we had, keep them in your heart all through the day. It will keep you smiling for me all day.

• The morning is beautiful not just because of the goodness that accompanies the morning, but for the yet to be known love that you have in your heart I will be consuming during the day.
What I feel for you is nothing than love. Good morning sunshine.

• Yesterday is gone with its problems we shouldn't have and the morning is here with the precious moments we have been waiting for.
Open your hearts to the goodness the morning arrived with. I love you my morning Angel.

• Yesterday's mistakes, today's experience.
Mistakes increases our experience and experience decreases our mistakes.
Here is a new day to learn from our mistakes for the world to learn from our success.
I wish you the best out of today.

• Every morning presents us with two choices to make; to continue sleeping and dreaming big or to wake up and chase our dreams in other to realize them for the benefit of our love.
Make a wise choice my love.

• Take a break and enjoy this bright morning, for you will beer see a morning exactly like this again.
We worry for a better tomorrow without realizing that this morning was yesterday's tomorrow. Enjoy life.

• Good morning my love! The morning is like a plain sheet we are the ones to write something meaningful on it while keeping it clean or to mess it up worrying about our pass.
As you write something worthwhile, always know that my love is for you every morning.

Long sweet messages to say Goodnight

• The moon may not show up to light up your night. The stars may be absence to beautify your night, but I'm always present to be your missing moon that will light up your world and that special star that will make your world beautiful.

• I am falling for you every second. I can't get my mind off you even for a min.
You have made everyday of my life magical. I am happy sharing my precious moments with you. Goodnight baby boo.

• I am far away from you right now but I will be close to you as soon as the dawn breaks.
My love will rise like the morning sun and shine over your world tomorrow.
Goodnight my sweet.

• Happy ever after will our love be. Morning, afternoon, night I will shower you with love.
Despite what happens, my word to you this night is; I will love you forever. Goodnight and sweet dreams my dear.

• I thought of you smile and laughter that shapes my day and I concluded that I've found the one for me.
You are the lost angel that belongs to my world
You will remain that vital part of my world forever. Goodnight.

• Your support to everything I do empowers me.
Your smile encourages me, your talks motivates me to keep breathing.
You are my significant half that no one can replace. Goodnight my Darling.

• Tomorrow is certain to be a better day for you because you're a product of nature.
Close your eyes with confidence and anticipate for the best tomorrow morning.
I'll give you my love tonight, tomorrow and forever.

• Your love shines brighter than the stars.
Your love is the only heavenly feeling I've felt on earth.
I promise to keep what we share alive.
As you sleep tonight, open your heart and have the sweetest of dreams tonight.

• May you have a splendid night rest, free from the troubles of the day.
As you close your eyes, sleep with a pure heart and your night will be filled with bliss. Goodnight my sweetheart.

• Let all your worries go as you sleep.
Allow nature handle your problems for you as an angel that you are.

I could miss anything but can't miss texting you a goodnight wish, telling you to sleep tight and have sweet dreams. I love you.

short sweet messages for Him or Her

• I place no one above you because no one seem to gather your lovely & sweet nature you got.
I can't stop thinking of you. I love you baby.

• You don't need to wear the best clothes in the world to be the best.
You don't need those make ups to be beautiful.
You're just so simple and sweet.

• Even if things turn blue, we'll always take it slowly, sharing it between two beautiful hearts.
I love you honey.

• The rain came, the storm came and I was broken but when you came. You gave me that heavenly boost.
Thanks for giving me love.

• Several people believe that forever
Never exist, but I don’t only see
Forever for us. I see us together
And forever. I love you baby.

• You are my butterfly, the beautiful part or me that makes my world whole.
You are nature because everything revolves around you.

• Love of my life,
The Angel in my world,
My heart is open to you.
It will remain your home forever.
I love you dear.

• Your name is a word of hope.
Your love is all I need.
Your world is my world,
Your hell is my hell for we are one. Together, forever.

• You are all I've.
Its never to late because the world waiting for our love.
Romantically made in heaven for just you and me.
I will love you, forever and ever.

• You are my love, my life and my soul.
You bring so much happiness to my world and your sweet love represents how much you mean the world to me.

• You are my reason to live, you build my strength.
Being with me through my ups and downs has stretched my heart in loving everything about you.

• The joy you bring to my heart is incomparable.
The fire you fuelled in my life cannot be measured.
Through the start to finish, you will remain the one.

• You're the air that I breathe.
I love you so much because you are my everything.

• You mean the world to me, that's why I say 'I love you'.
I will always love and care for you because you are in my heart and in my heart will you be forever.

• You invaded my heart like a warrior and uncovered all my fears. Your tender love has filled the part of me that is missing.
You are the reason for this sunny day.

• You have given me the sweetest and best of love, I am guaranteeing you my heart for it will beat for you till the end of time.

• Your love is admirable, your beauty is desirable. Your ways are so sweet.
That's why I will give you my love and respect because you are all I need.

• You gave me love, so real and sincere.
That special kind of love that is transparent and inviting.
That beautiful love that is meant to be part of my life.

• My love for you cannot be expressed by words.
A million word won't explain but when I say 'I love you'.
I only want you to know that my heart belongs to you.

• You are special, the one who I know will be there till the end.
You have given me that hope I have looked forward to for ages. I love you.

Cute Long Messages for Boyfriend or Girlfriend

• Just a tender kiss from you, that alone will make my day, fill my world with bubbles and plaster a smile on my face forever.
Baby, just a hug from you will push away all obstacles and objections in my life.
Baby I need smile to brightens my day and make my heart feel loved.

• You are the definition of beauty, your love is the sweet and wonderful thing that happened to my life.
You have proven to be the best for me over and over. I can't thank heavens enough for bringing you my way. Thanks for being the best.

• Your love warms my blood and keeps it flowing all through my veins. I have so many unforgettable memories, all thanks to you.
Your love has taken over me entirely and makes me very happy everyday I live.
The energy you give to is a great source of motivation that I'm not facing life alone. I love you baby.

• I feel happy mainly because you have been there for me just when I needed you.
The fountain of good vibes, nobody can take the spot you have in my heart.
As you keep loving me like no other, I will keep cherishing and honoring you like a goddess. Thanks for this affection and attention.

• My bundle of joy, I'm devoting to you, every of my affection and attention. My deepest and truest of feelings is all yours because the love you give to me cannot be compare to anything.
There is no happier feeling in the whole world than a feeling of certainty, that someone somewhere loves and wants you despite all of your flaws.

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