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Looking for deep romantic love messages to send to your lover to make them happy? I know that all you want is a deep love message that can help you express how you feel inside? I promise you that we are equal to the task.
We have a long compilation of heart touching deep love quotes and messages you will love.

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Deep Love Messages

Deep Love Messages for him
1. What I feel for you is real.
What runs through my heart is deep.
I love you very much, I don't want you to hear or watch it, I want you to feel it.

2. My heart rings each time I come close to you or see a text from you.
I can be your super guy if you give me a chance.
I want to give you deeper love, deep connection, much more intimacy.
All I want to do is love you more than anyone has loved you.

3. You're priceless, no wonder I'm hopelessly in love with you.
I'm addicted to you. I know you are my drug.
I want to be your everything as you are my everything. Let's allow our hearts speak because all my heart wants is you.

4. My sunshine, the thought of you works wonders.
Your thought lightens my soul in the morning.
Keeps me motivated all day and pet me to sleep at night.
This feeling is true, no denying for I am deeply in love with you.

5. My emotion tips off, my heart skips several beats all because of you.
You've transformed my system with your tenderness.
Your smile is infectious because I'm smiling.
All I know is that you're the right one for me.

6. Let me give you all of me
Let me get you into my world
Allow me to share my special moments and awful moments with you. That's what true love entails right?
Allow me to be your superman forever.

7. I will send you my love forever. My heart is channeled to love you back and front.
I was created to be with you, to be in your world forever, to be all you need in this world until the end of our days.

8. Baby! I love you
My sweetheart, I love you very much.
My heart beat, I love you so much.
This is coming deep from my heart and it is exactly how I feel for you.

9. Look no more for the perfect guy for I am here.
I won't promise to be perfect but I'll try to make both of us a perfect pair with the perfect definition of love.

10. Love occurs naturally.
What I feel for you us mystical. I can't explain it in words but if you will listen with your heart, you will understand that life without you is incomplete.

11. I want to show you off to the world.
No gift has the same value as you.
You're a gift from nature and I'm proud to call you my lover and soulmate. I love you.

12. Shut your eyes and ears from the world but never shut your heart even if the world is against out love, the heart knows where it belongs.

13. When I say 'I love you' all parts of my body agrees to it.
When I say I need you, I really mean it because I cannot imagine being in my world alone.
You own my love, you own my heart.

14. In your eyes, I see a thousand stars. In your heart, I hear a thousand beats, but in your world, I see just the two of us.
I don't want you, I need you in my life.

15. Call me Mr right, because I'm the right one for you. Reaching for your heart seemed like reaching for the stars.
I tried and succeeded because you reached for my hand when it couldn't get to the other end.

16. Your love is my inspiration. Your care is my motivation.
Having you in my life is my long-range goal that changed my life.

17. When you fall in love, you either change because of love or love changes you.
On our case, your love changed the way I see the world and I'm happy for sharing a wonderful life with someone special.

18. You're rare because you're special.
There is something about you I can't explain.
It could be your smiles your walk or the way you talk.
I can't yet decipher but I know that thing about you made you the special one I wish to be with forever.

19. I've always wished for bliss, happiness, and joy.
That's why I after you for only you can introduce those things to my world.

20. You don't need to touch my chest to feel its beat.
You don't need to see my heart to see my feelings for you.
You don't need to be close to feel how deep my love for you.

Deep Love Quotes for Him
Deep Love Quotes for Her

21. I have an unexplainable passion for you my Darling, every day you remain unique and special to me because you make every of dream a reality.

22. You remain more than beautiful ever before. All I wish for and will keep wishing for is to spend the rest of my life with you.
Your love keeps me in comfort and happiness, all through the time we have been together.

23. Every day, I need your love. I don't wish to spend any day without it. More than you imagine, I love you with my whole heart.

24. I live every day with joy because my reality is just like what I dream of the previous night.
Your love gives me hope and expectations of having a happy ever after.

25. I call you my dream come true because you are my dream that came true. I can't imagine life without you. I love you.

26. I love you because you specially made me who I am. How can I show my appreciation to such an awesome person? How is it possible not to love every part of you. I can confidently say that I have got an amazing partner.

27. You gave me every reason, every hope, and everything I needed to grow in love. Looking back to where we came from, you have shown me that I can trust my heart in your care. I love you from the bottom of my heart.

28. Everyone knows that my love for you knows no bound. Everything I wish to do it with you. You have made all my dreams a reality and I am happy to be in this with you.

29. Even if our connection gets sour in the long run, I promise to always keep an open end. I promise to reach out to you if you ever need me. I promise to cherish the golden moments we have shared in the past.

30. In my heart, you are the only one for me. I can hide from the world but I can never hide from your love because I never searched for it, it located me instead and I will never let a beautiful thing like this go. I love you so much.

31. I have never felt a fear as strong as this. If there is anything I will be scared of on earth, it will be losing you to someone else. I know that love is a leap, I am willing to take it not because I am sure of a safe landing, but because I believe that you will be at the other side to catch me.

32. I will show you how much I love you with my actions. Do you want the moon? Just a word and I will pull it down to your feet. Do you want to pause the earth's rotation? I swear I will do that in a blink of eyes.

33. I need your love because I deserve to feel complete. I want you in my life because you are the reason I still breathe. My heart is yours for the taking and I won't stop asking for your love, I need it every day.

34. You are so beautiful and packed with awesomeness. It will be a sin not to have you in my life. It will be the biggest loss to my world if I fail to make you my better half. Now you know how I feel, let's make an amazing pair. I love you.

36. My love for you won't die tomorrow, it will grow every day because I will water it with care and affection. With my hand on my chest, I pledge to love you forever, every single day of forever. I will make you feel like the only person in the world as long as I live.

37. My love for you is magical. It gives me strength like Superman and confidence to face even my biggest fears. You don't need to cook up some motivational speeches to push me up to my feet, just looking at your cute face is enough motivation. I love you.

38. My love, you are the apple of my eyes and the one I will spend all my money and time on. You are worth more than a million dollars and I will love you with all my strength. I have always wanted it to be you, I have always wanted to spend my life with you.

39. I can't find the right words but I sure know that I love you. I admire everything about you and there is no doubt that I will shower my heartier feelings for you. You have bewitched my soul and body.

40. My heart is here for you because you are special. You should be kissed, loved and cared for by just me because I am the only one who understands how to care for you, love you and shower you will affections.

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