Happy New Month September Wishes - New Month Quotes for Him or Her

Happy new month buddy.
may this new month be filled with goodies that will enrich your life.

That's my Happy new month September 2018 wishes and a happy new year too for you my dear.

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Go ahead and start the new month of August with love.

Happy New Month Wishes for September

1. Happy new month my dear,
the very special person in my life, may the ray of sun that ushered today remain a blessing to your life today and forever. I love you.

2. Start today by taking a deep breathe because its the first day of May.
May good fortunes be your all through the new month.

3. Things move and situations changes. last month is gone with its worries and I'm once again wishing you the best of this new month. I love you dearly.

4. Another 30 days awaiting us.
Once more you are presented with a new month to achieve what wasn't achieved in the past month.
Make good use of it dear.

5. Every opportunity that was displaced with the old month has been made fresh again because you have a complete 30 days to make a difference.

6. The height of our friendship will grow higher.
My good wishes for you has been packed and sent through this text.
As you are reading it, may all your wishes come true with the goodness of this month.

7. Just like water from a spring, all the impurities of last month has been washed away and a fresh set of goodies are coming with the new month. Its right at your doorstep. Happy new month.

8. New days and new months are like brothers.
They come and they go but what we achieve in them remains.
Achieve and make the best out of this new month.

9. Stay touching and stay cheery for a new month just arrived with a truckload of joy, peace and a much bigger pack of blessing. Happy new month.

10. We are more powerful than we think.
We can only achieve our best only if we open our minds to possibilities.
Here is another fresh new month to open our mind to.

Happy New Month Messages September 2018

11. Welcome to our month of showing each other love, more than we did last month.
I'm so happy that you and I made it into a brand new month. I just can't wait.

12. My heart is filled with gladness that you are mine.
Yesterday may not be the best, but this new month brings to us loads of fun adventures that our world needs.
I love you, Darling. Happy new month.

13. Congratulations baby for stepping into this new month with me.
As we hope for greater heights from the fresh month, my love for you will grow beyond bound.

14. Unimaginable height, that's where my love for you is, today and all through the new month.
I can't thank you enough for being your best all through last month.
I pray our love for the new month, surpasses the ones before.

15. My love for you overflows like a stream near a river.
I can simply wish you one thing. Aside from good opportunities and good life, I wish for us to be forever.
I love you, sweetheart. Happy new month.

16. My love for you will never stop.
I can't seem to control what is in my heart for you.
You are my morning sun and the purpose for my existence.
Let's enjoy the goodness that comes with this new month.

17. May the new month make you love without doubting, care without minding and smile from your heart.
You are my sweetness and I wish you a happy new month.

18. Launch into this new month with your list of expectations and a little faith for whatsoever you wish for will come true.
Happy new month dear.

19. I pray, the new month makes our thoughts better. Gingers our steps to bring us closer and our hearts to remain together as one.
Happy new month dear.

20. My wishes for the new month,
To love you beyond measure.
To give you the whole of my heart as we prepare to share a memorable future together. I love you, sweetheart.

New Month Wishes With Images September 2018

21. Welcome to the month of joy and upliftment.
May favor be your portion in all your endeavors. Happy new month.

22. Today brings forward another opportunity to make things right. Happy new month my dearest.

23. There are thousands of reason to give up but you give me just a reason to keep living. Happy new month.

24. I can do a whole lot, one of them is telling you, Happy new month my sweetheart.

25. Enjoy the feeling the new month brings and make sure the goodies for this new month consumes you. Enjoy dear.

26. May the new month bring you goodness and good health.
All your targets and heart desires will be achieved as you launch into this new month. Have blissful days ahead.

27. Say hello to the new month with smiles because we are about to enter the most awesome month of the year.
As you read this text today, may you feel the best in all you do throughout the month.

28. Grab the good things that accompanied the new month. Because it comes only on the first day of the month.
Even the good things you couldn't grab, may they find their way to your bosom.

29. May this month be more memorable that you look back and smile at all you have achieved.
All you wished, prayed and worked for will be harvested this month.
Have a blissful new month dear.

30. Success, success and more success in everything you do this month.
May all you achieved in the past months be superseded by this new month's results.
I love you and have a merry new month.

31. Never let negativity ruin the fresh breeze of this new month.
Make every second count by putting a smile on that face.
I love you and wish you happiness all through the new month.
32. Happy new month my dear. I have nothing to give you on this beautiful first day of the month sweet wishes for you. I wish you the absolute blessing of God and the presence of his favor in your life. Have a fantastic new month.

33. You have always been instrumental in my wellbeing and I am happy to welcome you once more to an amazing brand new month. I wish you more peace and happiness. Keep smiling always. Happy new month to you.

34. Welcome to the month of smiles and God’s goodness. You are alive because you are covered by grace. For being such a great and amazing person, I wish you a beautiful new month from the first day of this month to the last day.

35. Your new month will be brighter than the morning sun, beautiful as a butterfly and lovely as you are. Have an amazing month that compliments your beauty. Happy new month to you…

36. Thank you for being the one who brightens my mood when the world seems to be ending. For every encouraging word you say to me, may a smile never leave your face. Go ahead and have a beautiful month of Blessing.

37. You are a blessing because you light up my life with hopes and I gladly exist to give you all the good love you truly deserve. You will have a wonderful month better than the one you just left. Have a great month ahead, my love.

38. I wish many more sweet memories on this new month. I hope you find the awesome opportunities you have been seeking. May there be the manifestation of God’s greatness in your life. Your new month has arrived with love and warmth. They are all for you dear.

39. It is a new month with new adventures and unquantifiable opportunities. Take advantage of this special first day and change something about your life today. There is power in spoken words, say your wishes and watch how it comes to past.

40. May happiness locate you as you start this new month. May good health be your portion and let God’s will speak in your life. Here is a refreshing new month that will crown all your efforts. Happy new month to you my dear. Live life to the fullest.

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