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Have a happy Friday...
That's my wish for you if you need Friday Quotes, happy Friday Quotes, happy Friday messages, happy Friday wishes for friends and family, him or her.

Welcome to Friday, the day between Thursday and Saturday. Fridays call for celebration for those who work all through the five weekdays. That's why we have the "TGIF" acronym which is popular.

For countries whose weeks start from Monday, Fridays are the fifth day of the week while countries that adopt Sundays as their first day of the week have Fridays as the sixth day of the week.
Countries like the Saudi Arabia and the Maldives has Fridays as the first day of the weekend and Saturdays the second day of the weekend unlike in Afghanistan where Fridays are the last day of the weekend with Saturdays as the first day of the working week.
In Iran, Friday remain the only weekend day. But in all, Fridays deserves to be celebrated or don't you think so?

Happy Friday Quotes

1. I may not have wished you anything sweet during the week but this Friday won't go by without me letting you know how special and wonderful my life has been with you in it.
Happy Friday my baby.

2. If nothing matters to me ever in my life, then Fridays are not included.
I want to grow wings and fly away to the land I don't even know.
May the excitement that accompanies Fridays never leave our lives.
Happy Friday.

3. Let the worries wash away with the going week.
Clear your mind off negativity and build up your focus on what matters.
Enjoy the weekend groove and be grateful for making it to the end of the weekend.
Happy Friday.

4. I love everyday of the weekdays but I love Fridays more because I have freedom to enjoy the next day.
Only if I could, I would exchange my Mondays to Fridays to show you how much every Friday means to me.
Happy Friday to you.

5. My love for Fridays can be compared to nothing.
Another word for Fridays is "freedom". What happens on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays matter less to me.
Fridays are my birthday.

6. Fridays comes with the wave of evening chillings, spending time with old pals and having a relaxed mind that there is no work tomorrow.
Celebrate your Friday, because it opens door to weekend.

7. My fun fact, Friday is my second favorite "f" word.
You might not love to know my first favorite "f" word.
Be your best and nothing else matters. Happy Friday friends.

8. If you are still looking for the perfect day to be happy, forget Mondays because they brings in the seriousness of the new week.
Chose Fridays because it ends the seriousness of the week. Happy Friday.

9. Friday brings this sweet feeling in the morning, so keep smiling all through the day and remember that today should be ended with a champagne.
Have a blissful and fulfilling Friday. Happy Friday.

10. The excitement in my heart today was last felt last Friday.
I am ready to make today so amazing that Saturday and Thursday will have no other choice than to be jealous.
Happy Friday friends.

11. Without adding anything, today is totally amazing.
Share a cup of coffee with anyone right with you because the beauty of Fridays starts when the sun goes down.
Have a bliss filled Friday.

12. If I had my way, I would be hugging and kissing Friday because it has gradually became the motivating factor that life isn't meant to be serious all the time.
Happy Friday everyone.

13. Keep all your sorry experience you encountered all through the week at the back door and simply enjoy the beautiful weekend.
Even with a million reasons to cry, search for a single reason to be happy.
Happy Friday.

14. I wish you a happy Friday.
Enjoy every bit of life, no matter how hard it may seem to be.
Show the world that every weekdays may not match you, but Fridays are the heart of the week.

15. The excitement of the the week lies on Friday.
The fun of the week begins on Friday and the best moment of the week is Friday morning.
Have a fantastic weekend devoid of stress. Happy Friday.

16. Look forward to a weekend full of smiles and happiness.
Have a sparkling Friday that will define the rest days of the week.
Happy Friday.

17. Fridays are like rainbows, they come out after a rainy week of working and working.
Show your gratitude to God for making this Friday a possibility.
He alone can lift you higher than your equals.
Happy Friday.

18. There is only one word for Fridays, and I won't be telling you because its better felt than being told.
Happy Friday.

19. In whatever you do, never, never, ever, give up because there is no reward in quitting. Keep working on your dreams and sooner than you expect, you will see results.

20. Only but a few knows that life is all about action. What you do today determines your tomorrow. Change your life today and don't gamble on the future.

Happy Friday Quotes Inspirational

21. Happy Friday to you, remember that we are what we constantly think of so change your thoughts and change your world.

22. You didn't fail when things didn't go right for you. You actually failed and become a failure when you quit. Happy Friday my dear friend.

23. Be happy every Friday because being able to get to Friday means you can get to the end of every battle. I wish you an amazing Friday.

24. On a good Friday like this, enjoy the feeling of the weekend. Spend time with those who make your life come alive. Happy Friday.

25. Thank God for an awesome Friday like this. There is no better time to have a great Friday than now. Its just like a dream come true.

26. Fridays are the best. They come right when I'm exhausted and save my half dead body from being buried with work. It feels good to know its Friday already.

27. It is Friday already and I can't wait to shut myself away from the busy road and frustrated world. Its a Friday to spend with special people. Happy Friday.

28. Fridays are special because the "f" alphabet is specially adored by the world. Have a wonderful Friday and remember to be good to everyone.

29. You cannot relive any day that is gone so live this Friday to the fullest, not because its the gateway to the weekend but because it is just another amazing day on it's own.

30. Always give your 100% in all you do. Give your 22% on Monday, your 26% on tuesday, your 35% on Wednesday. And on Thursday, I give my 13% and 4% on Friday...

31. Firday is the first day to the weekend and not a day to judge your success. You measure your success by the things you do everyday. Happy Friday to you.

32. You get more closer to your destination with each goal you accomplished everyday. Never give up because you are not seeing results today, tomorrow will be great.

33. What makes a successful Friday? Its doing the things that should be done without expecting a quick fix. Have a lovely Friday my dear and may your hardwork pay.

34. Friday is finally here. Open up your mind and receive the goodness that accompanies the day because every time we spend worrying can never be replaced. Have an awesome happy Friday to you.

35. It doesn't matter how much you have on you or how smart others are above you. What matters is your inner peace. If you are happy on this Friday, try to be happy always because happiness is good health.

36. As long as you breathe, manage to grow everyday even if its a little bit and move ahead even if it's one tiny step. Our lives ends when we stop growing and moving ahead. Have a beautiful Friday.

37. Friday is a day to do things you haven't done. Reflect on your week and make amends on things you didn't do well and begin your new week without inference of events of the past week. Happy Friday my dear.

38. When you begin to see every morning as another open door, you will understand that Friday is another amazing day to chase your dreams and achieve your goals. Have a blissful weekend ahead.

39. New vistas, new aims, new plans and new achievements will be actualized next week, but for now, enjoy the beautiful weekend that is facing you. Thank God its Friday already.

40. Be happy with whatever situation you find yourself and make necessary efforts to make it better. Today is a great day. Happy Friday.

Happy Friday Quotes for Work

41. You only succeed with the work you do tomorrow when you do today's work well. There is always a reward for those who work hard. Have a happy Friday.

42. There is no shortcut to becoming successful. You either work hard and be successful or work less and keep working long after the successful people have retired from working.

43. The plan is to get rich and retire young, with plenty of things to show for it... Do your work with your heart and that plan will actualized in your life.

44. The most successful people are not those who work from 20 until their 70's. They are those who do the work at the right time and got the results when it's needed. Happy Friday.

45. The road to a happy life goes through a productive weekdays. With an open heart, do your work and enjoy the serene and comfortable feeling of the weekend. TGIF.

46. You want to get to the peak, you wish to control life. Yea, you do. Just do your work the same way you have been working since Monday.
Have a beautiful weekend.

47. When you do what you love, work will no longer overwhelm you but will make you happy. Have an amazing day at work.

48. Fridays are the doorstep to the weekend so be happy that you will be having some days away from the daily racking of brain. Have an beautiful weekend ahead.

49. Thank God its Friday. Another beautiful weekend that will leave us more refreshed. I know you have waited for so long for this day. Happy Friday to you.

50. Cheers to the freaking weekend. More cheers to this beautiful Friday. May we have more Fridays and more celebration. Happy Friday dear.


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