31 Inspirational Love Messages for Him

You need some inspirational love messages for him and some more inspirational love quotes your husband or boyfriend will love you for. You will see our collection of emotional love messages for boyfriend that will make your love life shoot straight to the sky.

Everyone needs inspiration. Even your boyfriend and husband do need to be inspired and getting any one of these inspirational love messages will make his heart flutter. Would want your lover to have this sweet feeling of love? Make sure you send him one these inspirational messages below.

Inspirational Love Messages for Him

1. I don't love you because you are: handsome, sexy, smart, strong, hardworking, a man of your words.
I love you because: with you, I can be nobody else but me, with you I can show my flaws and not regret showing them to you, with you everything seems perfect.

2. While I sit and wonder what love is all about you came and showed me exactly what it's all about. You presented yourself as love. You made it possible for me too and actor and play the role of Juliet while you play that of Romeo. Every step we take together fills my heart with excessive joy and happiness and when you are far from me, I long for your presence. We are stronger together, one for each. You are my desire, you are my love.

3. Every word you say takes me breathe away. There's no one else I want to be with, but you. My mind is always busy, thinking. Thinking of you and the excitement of having you around. I miss you, even though it was just yesterday I saw you.

4. Your love for me is deeper than the ocean, you give me the feelings that I can't describe. In your eyes, I see love, in every single thing you do I see love. And I can't help but conclude you are love.

5. When others told me to love myself first before I could get love from another, you came into my life and proved them wrong. You showed me love and taught me how to love and appreciate myself. You removed the dark wallpapers of my world and replaced then with your love. I couldn't, I just couldn't help myself from falling because love is a beautiful thing and I'm glad I fell, I fell for you.

6. A total stranger were you when you walked into my heart. I wasn't sure I was doing the right thing falling for you. With the love you showed me, the feeling of paradise I felt when I'm with you. I realized it was actually a right decision to fall for you. I love you.

7. When I'm lost you find me and put a smoke on my face. You ignored my flaws and focused on my good.your ears are always open to listen to my rant, my fantasies and desire. Your shoulder was always there for me to lean on and your arms; always ready to comfort me. Even when you are not by my side I still feel you in the air around me.

8. With you, I've found reason to forget the scars of hurt, betrayals and Pain from my heart and live happily. You presented to me a new expression of love and affection. You have never desiring nothing but your love which is like a fountain flowing endlessly.

9. With your affection and wonderful virtues, I feel safe in your arms and assured that loving you was never a mistake but rather a blessing. I feel very excited knowing how much you love and care for me. I love you and wish to be yours now and forever.

10. If I were to pick a lover in my next lifetime I wouldn't hesitate to pick you. With utmost sincerity I will scream and shout that I love you. Loving you is the best feeling ever, you've shown me love and given me every reason to trust you.

11. From the first time I set my eyes on you, I tried hard not to get my eyes stucked on you but I couldn't. Your warm smile captured me, and when you walked up to me to say "hi" I realized that I might have begun to fall for you. After a few memorable times spent together, I couldn't deny I was falling helplessly in love with you. Your gentle touch made me calm, your voice comforted my troubled mind. Your love for me is endless.

12. Since the day you walked into my life my subconscious mind was brought into excitement. You have brought into my life; Joy and Happiness. Every day spent with you is like paradise. Your love, care an affection taught me how to love again.

13. Your touch thrills me and sends passionate shivers down my spine. At your presence I'm all blushy, with you I'm always happy. You showed me a selfless expression of love. My love for you is like sunshine. Thank you for coming into my life and replacing my sadness with Happiness.

14. I feel cosy in your warm cuddle. You have nourished me with your love and affection, put smile on my face and happiness in my heart. With you I know I have nothing to fear or worry about. Even if the sun fails to shine, as long as I'm with you I'm happy. I love you.

15. I feel blessed to have you in my life, you are more lovely than the angel I had dreamt of. Your love cannot be measured, you have resigned my life with your love. I'm not scared of anything because I know you will never stop loving me no matter the circumstances life may bring. I am very lucky to have you and I love you more than you can imagine.

16. Among all the beautiful things God has blessed me with, you are the best. My day revolves around you; it starts and ends with you. The first sight I get in the morning and the last sight I get before going to bed, is you. The love and care that you have given to me is one which cannot be compared to any on earth. Till my last breathe, I would love and cherish you.

17. The love you've shown me is so precious, it comes deeply from within your heart. You are the One and only person who makes me smile consistently, your coming into my life is a very big blessing to me. You came and made it wonderful; every bit of it. Whenever you are around me the sky is Always blue. I love you and wish to be with you forever.

18. It is so rare to find a love like yours, in the morning when I rise you are the first thing on my mind. I can feel your heartbeat every night even when you are not by my side. The way you talk the things you say and how you say them always makes me Happy. You always find a way of making bad situations bearable. How on earth can I not fall in love with a guy like you.

19. Just like lightening, you struck my heart the very first day you talked to me and soon all I could think of was you. Your gentle touch keeps me relaxed, you have shown me nothing but absolute love. Words can't describe how much I love you and what you mean to me. Each and every day, I long for your presence, your gentle touch, your deep voice that keeps echoing in my head when you're gone. Your love for me is unending and so is mine.

20. Every morning your name rings in my head, I see the picture of your smiles everywhere I go. I can't seem to think of anything but you, my whole world revolves around you. Your love for me is so selfless and pure, each second spent with you is worth more than anything in the world. When no one else could fix me, you did. I can't stop loving you and I know I won't regret that. With all my heart I love you deeply.

21. You have taken me as your own, nourished me with your undying love, cherished me, adored me and made sure I never cry. You Have been a helping hand when I needed you most, a place of comfort , a shoulder to cry on and a chest to lean on. I couldn't help myself from falling for you and never have I regretted making that decision. I love you now, tomorrow and even forever.

22. It doesn't matter what mood I find myself in; Happy, sad, or angry, you are always the one I want to see, talk to, hang out with and lean on. You have become a part of me, my heart always races towards you and now I need no one to tell me I have fallen deeply in love with you and I'm not even scared because I know that this would be the best decision I've made in my lifetime.

23. With you I've got everything I need than I'll rather be chasing. When everything wasn't in my favor you came into my life and favored me. You showered me with your love heavily. I feel very lucky to have come across and fallen for you. From deep within my heart I love you to the moon and back.

24. You never cease to show me how much you care for me, how much you adore me and how you feel for me. You do not even need to tell me all these because I can see them. I appreciate you being in my life. You showed me the way and taught me how to love and I have fallen helplessly in love with you. Words can't express how grateful I am to God for sending you my way.

25. Nothing can quench the flames of my love for you, no see can wash the shore where my love for you lies. Nobody can stand in the way of our love. Together we will remain forever, with our love for each other renewed every each day.

26. If loving you makes me a fool, I'll definitely be a fool for the sake of your love. You are filled with so much sweetness and loveliness. You are the special one that makes my heart flutter, loving you has made my life beautiful in many ways. I wish to remain yours now and forever.

27. If the love I have for you can be made into a mountain, it would surpass mount Everest. Captured by your undying love that keeps growing day by day, I'm addicted to you. Being addicted to you is something I don't mind. You have filled a very special place in my which you will remain in forever. Our love is the greatest love unknown to the world. I love you.

28. Words cannot describe what you mean to me, when I think of you my heart is filled with joy, happiness and gratitude to God For sending you into my life. Your reign in my heart is beautiful and sweet. I hope you reign forever.

29. I felt blessed to be among the lucky ones to experience love at its peak. You give love so freely without doubt. You make sure I'm always safe And sound. I can't say all that you have done to capture my heart. I am very Happy to have met you and have my heart captured in yours. My love for you is immortal as it never dies, but remain stronger and better everyday.

30. You might think the starts are the brightest, but you are wrong. My love for you is brighter than the brightest star you've ever seen. My days are filled with joy; the joy of having someone special like you in my life. I always look forward to another day with you as each day spent with you brings much love I can't resist.

31. With you I find the strength and courage to fight the circumstances of life and move on. Having you by my side has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. You have me feeling in a way I've never felt before. Your magical touch enchants my soul and right now I can't imagine how terrible life would be without you. You are the love of my life.

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