45 Emotional Love Messages for Boyfriend

Get the most emotional love messages for boyfriend to fill his heart with the feeling of love. There are also powerful emotional text messages that will make your boyfriend or husband love you more. These emotional love messages for boyfriend will melt any guy's heart.

You should know that when a guy is in love, he is truly in love. These emotional love messages for boyfriend and other powerful emotional text messages are the best you will ever find around.

Grow your relationship beyond the skies by sending him these emotional love messages for boyfriend below:

Emotional Love Messages for Boyfriend

Emotional love messages for boyfriend
1.Having you in my life is a blessing, you make my day bright and shower me with love each new day. You have made me your number one and given me your utmost love which can't be compared to any. You have filled my heart with joy and happiness. I find numerous reasons to smile when I'm with you.

2. You are a combination of all that is good and beautiful, and you have succeeded in filling my life with much goodness and beautiful things. You make me happy and I myself finds it surprising how I always smile. But its all because of you.

3. You came into my heart and took over the throne, you ruled my heart with love, care, affection, and happiness. I feel lucky to have you as my own. You will forever remain enthroned to my heart.

4. With you by my side, I'm not scared of anything that comes my way. One thing I'm very sure of is that I love you and will always do. I'm Never leaving you behind because life makes no sense to me without you.

5. I get butterflies thinking about you. I feel so loved when I'm with you. Into your smile, I lost myself having no plans of finding my way out. I have locked myself in your heart, never to come out again. You are my world and without you, I'm lost.

6. If there's anything I could do just to be right beside you now, I wouldn't hesitate to do that. I miss you badly. you amaze me each day, would do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face always just like you have done to me. You are my forever and I look forward to being with you forever.

7. By mere thinking of you, my heart flips. No one has ever made me feel that way. I always conclude you were made for me. You are my best half, you are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are the part of me I didn't realize was missing, till you showed up. I wish you were here with me to grab my arms and pull me to your warm cuddle.

8. I'm so into you I can barely breathe. Every time I see you I fall in love with you over and over again. Just the thought of you makes me better on a bad day. I adore you and feel very lucky to have you as my lover. Our life together defines the word "perfect".

9. I do not need material things to be flattered by you, all I need is your love that won't fade away. I am very sure that you are the best sweetheart in the world and I feel so lucky to have you. I don't love you because I need you, rather I need you because I have fallen in love with you and can't seem to stop thinking about you. The sight of you every day gives me joy.

10. I cannot imagine my world without you, you're not just my love but also my man. Your love is like a duvet that shields me from the cold weather of life. Your love is the air I breathe, for me to live and love is you. I try to do things just like you, I want to be as amazing as you are. With each day spent in your company, I feel great. I always long for your presence that makes me feel special.

Powerful Emotional Text Messages

Powerful emotional text messages

11. Because of you, I can smile even when things don't seem to go well; that's when you prove to me that there's someone who can take my worries away and that's you. With you, I am rest assured that at the end of the tunnel lies a very bright light.

12. I cannot express my sincere gratitude to you for what you have done for me. If not for you, I wouldn't have known what it feels like to experience real love. You've been there for me even during my awful day. I love you, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

13. I've searched all the dictionaries and Wikipedia looking for the right word that best describes you and your rare love, but I can't seem to find any. The simple thought of you makes me happy. You are so amazing and I can't stop loving you.

14. I feel great joy and happiness whenever I find myself in your company. You have loved me unconditionally and made me a happy woman, you gave me your undivided attention, supported me in hard times. Your love for me is indescribable.

15. A thousand love messages written by the best literal author is still not enough to express my love for you. If I should start counting all what you've done for me and how much you love me, I guess I'll count throughout my life and even in death.

16. You are my friend, my man, my lover, my inspiration and my everything. Your presence in my life is like a dream come true, you have always been the man of my dreams even before I met you. I feel highly blessed to have you in my life. I love and miss you, can't wait to be wrapped in your arms again.

17. Every day I wake up joyfully and give thanks to God for sending a blessing to me. I still don't know what I have done to deserve a man like you in my life. Sometimes I feel I cheated life by having you in my life, but then I guess I'm just lucky.

18. Wherever I go, whatever I do, I always see one or two things that remind me of you and your love for me. Then I start thinking of how far we've come together, how you took my miserable life and turned it into a thing to be envied. All my friends keep reminding me of how lucky I am to have you as mine, even though I am quite aware of that. You turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm glad to have you as my own.

19. You are amazing just the way you are and I love you. You are perfect and even though I try to find your flaws I just can't seem to find them. How well do you have them hidden? Or are you indeed perfect?

20. I stand in the mirror looking at myself as I wonder what an amazing person like you saw in me that you fell deeply in love with me. I have my self-esteem yet I feel you are just too amazing and I don't deserve you. But all the same, I'm grateful and glad to have you in my life.

21. Your presence brings joy and happiness that has no bound. Nothing else matters to me as long as you are with me. Falling in love with you is one of the most beautiful things that has ever happened to me. I love you beyond what words can describe.

22. I can vividly remember when my seed of love for you began to germinate. I can remember how well you watered the seedlings with your endless love and care, which made the little seedling grow into a big tree with many branches.

23. All I need is your love, I promise to be by your side. You are everything I think about, when I'm awake and when I'm asleep I dream about you. I cherish every moment spent with you.

24. No matter how busy or preoccupied I may be, I will still have you on my mind. My feelings for you will remain constant in my mind. You are my most cherished treasured. You make my heart beat in excitement. You are like a candy, spreading out your sweetness everywhere you can reach. Your smile and happiness mean the world to me.

25 As sad as I was, you walked into my life bringing with you, happiness. When I forgot what it felt like to be Happy, I forgot how to smile, you came in and taught me how to be happy. Every day I wake up feeling lucky to have you as my own.

26. Among all the things I'm grateful to God for, is you. Since the day I met you, you've done nothing but filled my heart with happiness. All the years I've spent being sad without you. became history.l, a history that was bound to never repeat itself again as long as you are by my side. With you, I have every reason to smile.

27. I didn't know what being in Paradise felt like until you came and dragged me out of my world of pain and sorrow. You gave me the taste of paradise, placed me in a special place in your heart and so have I. Each and every second with you puts a smile on my face.

28. When I'm with you I feel loved, cherished, adored and happy. No day passes by without receiving love from you, I feel happier with each day passing by. When I'm in sorrow and feel down, you give me your helping hand and put a smile on my face. Being with you gives me the happiest feeling ever.

29. With you I feel alive, you make me feel Happy regardless of what troubles me. I can always open up to you because you are a great confidant. When I look at you, I'm overwhelmed with joy, you never cease to put a smile on my face. I will forever remain grateful to God for sending you into my life.

30. When others choose to give me a lemon, you have my lemonade. When others choose to make me sour like a lime, you made me smile instead. Your love for me is deep and genuine. I always feel blessed thinking of you in my life. I would ensure that I give you as much as you have given to me.

31. Have you ever wondered why I love you? Why I can't stop thinking about you? Why the thought of leaving you never crossed my mind? Why the thought of losing you made me shiver in fear. It is because you make me happy. Every day I smile because I'm with you and you are a wonderful person who makes each day wonderful for me.

32. Every day I wake up in a good mood, every night I go to bed with joy. And it's all because of you. Since you came into my life I haven't had a reason to be sad rather I have reasons to smile consistently l, feel great and be happy. I'm glad to be yours.

33. I keep asking myself; where did you learn how to love so selflessly? How can you see my flaws and still Care for me despite how terrible they are. the happiness you give to me is more than what I can give to you. You've filled my heart with so much joy and I will always look forward to spending every minute with you.

34. Even when I was cold to you, you still found a way into my heart to make me warm. You showed me love that I have never seen nor experienced before. You cared so much about me, wiped my tears and pains away; replacing them with happiness. Now with you, I wake up happy and expectant of the joy the next day may bring.

35. While I was lost in the vanity of the world, you brought me out with your ray of hope. You made my heart warm, even when I feel miserable you always know how to make me happy. I feel empty without you and I really hope our wonderful romance would last till eternity.

36. My past was filled with so many hurts and I had forgotten how to smile until you came into my life and reminded me how to love. Since then I've been smiling all day and all night, thinking about you, your love, your warmth, and your comfort. Every each day you bring happiness to my life and I'm grateful for that.

37. Since you came into my life, you've done nothing but wipe away my sorrow, pains, scars and replaced them with utmost happiness. The love you've shown me is one of a rare kind and I feel blessed to have you in my life.

38. When I first met you, I had no idea you would turn out to affect my life positively. I had thought I wouldn't experience love and happiness again, but then you came into my heart and buried all the sadness underground and filled my heart with love and happiness. I feel very lucky to have you in my life and I'm grateful for all the smiles you've put on my face

39. Now that I'm with you I always feel wonderful, loved & adored. The thought of being special to someone gladdens my heart. I have never ceased to smile since you came into my life. My smiles never fade away, they are renewed each day and are better than the previous day. You have carried me into your world of pure bliss. Thank you for making sure I don't regret leaving the doors to my heart open for you to walk in.

Long Love Messages for Him

Long love messages for him from the heart
40. After my last unlucky experience with love, I was scared. Scared to love the wrong one again, scared of having a repeated history of misfortune with love. I locked the doors to my heart, but your love was so strong that It broke the doors and made it possible for you to walk I ln with your love and care. You cleaned my wounds, healed them. You filled my heart with the happiness I never thought I would experience. And now I am always smiling and it's all because of you.

42. You are the reason I always were a genuine and happy smile. Since you came into my life, I have found joy and comfort. You opened your heart and invited me in, with love and care. You made me happy and since then I haven't stopped smiling.

43. With you love is much more than I had dreamt of, you don't hold back in love. I can never match all you do, but I won't stop trying to meet up with you. Your arms feel like home. Because of you, I go to bed smiling and wake up happy.

44. You have filled my heart with joy and happiness. I look forward to each new day, hoping to spend them with you and get your touch of love that makes me happy. loving you is a joyful thing itself.

45. I had always thought I could never find someone who could understand me and didn't bother to find any. Soon you came into my life and showed me love, and care. You understood all my stress. You were always ready to give me advice on whatever issue I find myself entangled in. I would continue to love and cherish you. I love you dearly.

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