40 Love Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance

These are the love messages for boyfriend long distance that you will love. These long distance relationship messages for boyfriend should make your boyfriend happy. If you are wondering if these love messages for boyfriend long distance will be enough to make your man happy, there are also some cute things to say to your long distance boyfriend.

There are many ideas concerning long distance relationships. There are several people who believe that long distance relationship is not realizable but we have seen long distance relationships work and lead to happily ever after. The distance faced by two lovebirds have often made little things become the sweetest thing ever. Normal things like holding hands, eating together, taking a walk together and smelling each other's hair often seem to mean a whole lot.

I often feel that the distance between couples make them appreciate the little things we often overlook in a close relationship. Long distance relationships often rely on phone calls, text messages and email to communicate, that is why we compiled these love messages for boyfriend long distance for your lover who is far away from you.

Love Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance

Love messages for boyfriend long distance
1. There is a thousand miles between us but my heart is there for you always because you are everything I need. I love you with my whole heart and there is nothing I won't do to be with you once more.

2. Time doesn't fly anymore. Days doesn't run anymore. There is no sun in my sky anymore, your absence kept my heart feels empty. My lover, your absence has kept my world in the dark. I love you, baby.

3. The distance is killing me. Even if I act like I am fine, my heart isn't because you ain't around and my days are boring. Sometimes I just wish I have the superpower to teleport and be with you anywhere you are now.

4. I can't wait for the day I will be in your arms and have my face painted with kisses from your soft lips. That day will be the best day of my life because I have been daydreaming of having you here with me.

5. There is no competition because you are far away. The distance doesn't separate us because my heart went along with you. I will wait for you to return. You should know that you will be coming back with my heart...

6. The days are long because I keep counting down to the day I will get to see you again. I know we have what it takes to stay tight but I must confess that missing you isn't easy.

7. Minutes turn to hours, hours to a day and days to a week. But the thought of you has never left my mind. I will wait for your return but until then know that my heart beats and waits for you.

8. I know that I will find my way to you someday because I seem to be missing you more than I breathe in air. I hope to see you soon and felt that soothing scent of yours. I just can't wait for you.

9. I now understand that the toughest things in life are not really the things that affect you physically but those little things that affect your emotions. Missing you is the toughest thing I have to face all through my lifetime.

10. I love you here, there and everywhere. So no matter the distance we face, be rest assured that I will always love you. I will wait for you no matter how long it takes and no matter what it causes me.

Long Distance Relationship Love Messages for Him

11. the universe can't keep out apart for so long because the universe knows that our hearts have meshed up to be one that cannot be broken by anything in the world. All I can do right now Is to wait for you to come back to me.

12. My heart contains all the things I want to do to you. I can't wait for the day I will sleep and wake in your arms. I know my heart is safe in falling in love with your charms. I love you every day even if I don't get a chance to kiss those cute lips.

13. If I had a chance to do something right now, it will be to appear right by your side. The miles in between us might be a test of our love, but I don't really care if I failed or passed, all I want to do is be with you right now.

14. the more I miss you, the most I understand that you are the one that my world needs. I love you and I have no word to describe the kind of feeling in my heart. No matter the distance, my love for you is here to stay.
Long distance relationship messages for boyfriend
15. We are never really apart because I know that my heart still beats for you. I know that my life is built around you because your thoughts never left my mind all day long. I love you, baby. I just can't explain why.

16. Soon we will be together, that's what my head tells me but my heart can't wait for that day to come. But my hopes are high because we still share the same sun and the same air. I know that you will be here sooner than I imagine.

17. We are always together because I still see you when I sleep and when I am awake, all I do all day is to daydream about you. I can't imagine a world without you and I can't my life without you in it.

18. Without you here, I feel like I am suffocating. I lay down to sleep and the memories of you keep playing in my mind. I can't wait for that day that my eyes will set on your face and my stomach will experience that butterflies again.

19. Every single day, I pray and hope that we be together real soon. I have missed you way too much that my heart aches whenever something strikes up the memory of you. I know the wait will be over soon and you will hold me to your warm embrace soon.

20. There is no life without you but I am still surviving with your absence because I have the hope that you will come back to me in no distant time. I can't stop missing everything about you.

Long Distance Relationship Messages for Boyfriend

21. When I think of you, I feel like I am missing out on everything on earth. You give me so much happiness and I can't wait to hold your hands once more. I love you, my baby.

22. If I can text you my heart, you will see how much it has aged from missing you. If I could fax you a flower to let you know how much I miss you, you will have a garden of flowers. I miss so much and I can't seem to fit into life without you here.

23. I miss the times we sit around and gist. I miss the moments we smile while looking at each other's face. I miss creating fun memories with you and I can't wait to have you back here.

24. I pray that the distance gets shorter and shorter with the passing of each day. But before the day I get a chance to sleep and wake in your arms, I want you to know that I love you more than anybody can imagine.

25. You mean the world to me and your presence in my life gingers me to face all my fears. I love you and there is no explanation to why I am so into you. My sunshine, I can't wait to have you close to me.

26. Nothing changes as long as I keep breathing. There is no doubt about where my love lie. There is no doubt who I want to spend the rest of my life with. You top the list of my priorities. I love you beyond human assimilation.

27. As long as I think of you every single day, there is no distance that our love can't conquer. I will love and cherish you in my life. You remain the best thing that happened in my life.

28. Distance cannot break our love nor can missing you kill me. I will wait for you my love because I know that what lies ahead for us beats what is in the past. I love you till infinity baby.

29. No matter how complicated our relationship might be at this moment because of distance, I will never give up on you because I cannot survive the thought of living In the world without you as my lover.

30. I am deeply in love with you and I am not lying about this. You bring so much happiness to my world and I am not ready to give it up for anything in this world. I love you beyond anything can measure.

Things to Say to Your Long Distance Boyfriend

Cute things to say to your long distance boyfriend
31. You are the reason I want to keep living forever.
You are the reason why my world has the beautiful colors it has right now. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you.

32. You may not understand how much you mean to me but I promise you that I will not stop loving you for anything in the world.

33. You are my king and I want you to know that your face is the only thing I can think of when I am bored. I can't even imagine being in this world without you.

34. Your love is the motivation and the inspiration to keep pushing through the pressures of this world. I will be waiting to see your cute face once more.

35. I love you and I can equally type it with my eyes closed. Until the day I get to see you again, know that I have never imagined giving up on the love we share.

36. Despite the fact that you are far away from me, my heart has never stopped beating for you. As long as my heart keeps beating, I will wait for you to come back to me.

37. What we have is beautiful and amazing that is why I can't forfeit the memories we have created together. I will love you until my last breath because you are one superman nature gave to me.

38. We are far apart but my heart beats for you. I know yours beat for me because each time I hear your voice over the telephone, I feel the seem feeling I get when we first met. I love you completely.

39. I cannot compare the happiness I felt around you with anything in the world. You have given me the whole world when you became my man. No matter the distance, you will always be my man.

40. Nobody fits in and nobody competes with you. The position you occupy in my heart can be filled by just you. I have always known that you are priceless and I promise never to take your love for granted.

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